How to configure VMware ESX Classic server to show OMSA and VMware agent data for OpenManage Essentials discovery.

On ESX Classic 4.0 server, the VMWare SNMP provider is its own daemon (vmware-hostd) and does not register with the system default SNMP daemon (snmpd), requiring a management console to request VMWare SNMP data on another port than what OMSA registers with (snmpd). This document includes steps to configure the VMWare SNMP daemon and the system default SNMP daemon so that they both can provide SNMP data on the default SNMP daemon port 161.

The objective of this configuration is to allow ESX4.0 server to be managed through a single default port 161 using SNMP protocol. To do this, snmpd is configured to use the default port 161 and vmware-hostd is configured to use a different, unused, port (e.g. 171). Any SNMP request on the VMWare MIB branch will be rerouted to vmware-hostd using the proxy feature of the snmpd daemon.

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