Dell’s highly efficient power supplies help reduce power consumption and operational expense in the data center


Businesses and government agencies continue to expand their need for IT equipment due to an increase in data processing, communication, financial transitions, and storage of digital records. This increase in IT demand for equipment is placing a strain on the data center’s power infrastructure due to the increase of energy required to power more IT equipment. Reducing data center power consumption, however, would help reduce operational expenditures and make way for IT expansion.

Power consumption, in a typical IT system, is an aggregate of the energy used by the processors, hard drives, memory, cooling, networking, and power supply losses just to name a few items. This paper targets the power losses associated with the AC/DC power supply units (PSU) in a server. We’ll begin with a brief overview of typical PSU performance and the challenges associated with traditional system power configurations, followed by Dell’s generational PSU performance improvements related to the areas of PSU efficiency and right sizing.