(Updated Dec 11, 2012 - v3.1)

With the Dell Troubleshooting Tool you can gather more information on failures and discover a network devices (for example: Dell servers, clients, or any other network resources) in the management console (for example: Dell Management Console, Dell OpenManage IT Assistant, Dell OpenManage Essentials etc.).

You can also find causes for discovery related problems for remote devices, run a protocol specific test for the remote device, and verify results.

The Dell Troubleshooting tool also has the ability to: Configure e-mails, Check for the availability of ports, run a command on a remote box, send and listen for SNMP traps, and check for warranty status. If you are a “Dell Management Console” user then you can make use of the “DMC logging” and “DMC Services” test cases under “Miscellaneous (Local Box)” tab.

For more information, visit the Dell Troubleshooting tool wiki page @