The purpose of this testing is to validate and provide density figures for the architectural design for VMware Horizon 7 on VMware vSphere 6.0 and Dell PowerEdge R730 server with the Intel Broadwell processors.

This validation effort also introduces Windows 10, Office 2016 and the new Login VSI workloads described in the Executive summary, so it is expected that there will be changes to overall performance of the system when compared to previous solutions.

A new baseline is required for these new workloads being introduced as outlined in the Executive Summary, and that is the primary purpose of this validation effort. The new Login VSI workloads have an impact on CPU consumption and IOPs, and each of the other changes is expected to have a negative impact on the overall density of the solution.

It is intended that all future validation will be performed on these workloads.

The scope of this paper is to:

  • Explain the configuration and testing methodology for the density testing.
  • Provide test results and performance analysis for the configurations.
  • Provide density limits achieved for the configurations.

Primary objectives for this validation testing were to:

  • Determine maximum density for pooled desktops using Task worker, Knowledge worker and Power worker.
  • Analyze the test results and provide information on the possible resource constraints that limits the density or performances.