This document presents the results obtained using Windows 10, Office 2016, Login VSI 4.1 workloads, enhanced screen resolutions and shorter logon intervals. It is expected that each of these 5 changes to the previous PAAC testing standard will have an impact on the performance of the systems under test.

A Virtual SAN Ready Node is a validated Dell Server configuration in a tested, verified hardware form factor for Virtual SAN deployments, jointly recommended by Dell and VMware. This makes the process easier for the customer and from the vSRN compatibility page link they can select any of the Dell Hybrid configurations depending on their requirements. There is also an option of having the ready nodes factory installed so ESXi and Virtual SAN would be installed/configured in the factory/merge center. This also comes with pre-selected Horizon OEM VMware SKU’s for licensing and support of Horizon 7 on Virtual SAN.

The scope of this paper is to:

  • Explain the configuration and testing methodology for the density testing.
  • Provide test results and performance analysis for the configurations.
  • Provide density limits achieved for the configurations.

Primary objectives for this validation testing were:

  • Determine maximum density for pooled desktops using LoginVSI Task Worker, Knowledge Worker and Power Worker workloads.
  • Analyze the test results and provide information on possible resource constraints that limit the density or performance.