We recently conducted a study (via Principled Technologies) that examined the maximum scalability of a converged infrastructure solution for Microsoft collaboration applications, SQL Server, and VDI using an Active System 800 and Dell EqualLogic storage. The results of this study have been published in a paper titled: “Dell Active System 800 Converged Infrastructure Solution: VDI and Collaboration Performance”.

The primary findings of the study reported in the paper are:

1) Scaling up to a 16 blade configuration of the Dell Active System 800 will support enterprises up to 1800 concurrent users for desktops (VDI), collaborative application – email (Exchange), messaging (Lync), content management (SharePoint), and Database Applications (SQL Server), while delivering increased workload throughput and consistent performance levels

2) Active System 800 power consumption (Watts / User) showed a 34% decrease as the system scaled to from 8 blades to 16 blades

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