I have been using my PC with no problems for a few days, but recently I have encountered a seemingly unfixable problem. I am sure it is not a virus, as the only websites I visited were youtube, Steam, and downloaded some things from Steam. Upon turning on my computer, it advances as normal, with the DELL logo black loading screen. However, when it reaches the screen where it would have a background picture and the password box, it instead goes to the "No HDMI input" I am sure this is not a problem with the cable, as it shows the images before this screen and the monitor works fine if connected to any other computer. If I restart the PC at this point, it says "Preparing automatic repair" and then "Diagnosing your PC" under the dell logo, before saying that my pc "Did not start correctly". There is now the option to choose to restart, which does nothing, or go to "Advanced options", but I have tried all of these and they either lead to the same result or a black screen of death, which I had changed back. Nothing I can do has any effect, and no-one else seems to have the same problem as I do! Can anyone help? I would be forever grateful! Thanks!