I have two 500 GB HDD's for my RAID 1. This is my setup to run the OS.

Physical Disk 0:1:0

Physical Disk 0:1:1 

I have four 1TB HDD's for my RAID 5 (Storage). 

One of  of the 500GB drives (Physical Disk 0:1:1 ) accidentally popped out and was put back in, but a 1TB HDD (Physical Disk 0:1:2) took over for the RAID 1.

When I go to put the 500GB drive in as a 'hot spare' it warns me that it is smaller than some of the drives on the server.

Can someone please point me to an article, or please explain how to get the 500GB drive back into the RAID 1 and put the 1 TB drive back in as a Hot Spare?

PE R620 Server 2012R2

Perc H730 Mini Controller

Thank you very much!