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Dell PowerEdge R720

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Dell PowerEdge R720

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  • Start server with minimal configuration for boot, and then proceed with adding parts back in to find trouble:

    Minimum To Post

    Minimum Components

    The minimum components to allow the Dellâ„¢ PowerEdgeâ„¢ R720/R720xd to complete POST are as follows:

    One Power Supply

    Control Panel (for power button functionality)

    Working cable connection between control panel and system board

    One Processor (CPU) in socket CPU1 (minimum for troubleshooting)

    One Memory Module (DIMM) installed in socket A1

    System Board

    Backplane (for R720xd)

    Example of usage:

    No POST no video

    Remove CPU2 - see if difference

    Try CPU2 in CPU1 socket only