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Two Newbie Questions

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Two Newbie Questions

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I am waiting on my first Dell to arrive but I have the following questions:

First: Which type of uninterruptible power supply does the Dell XPS 8700 require?

  • Quasi-sine Wave
  • Stepped approximation to a sine wave
  • Sine wave

Or any of the three

Second: When I ordered the Dell desktop, the sales rep said that I could install additional memory without voiding the warranty. Is this true?

I tried to get to tech support to ask these questions but it appears that unless one already owns a Dell and has it on-hand, one cannot ask a technical question.

Thanks in advance for replies.

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  • While normally I just like to answer the question, I would like to direct you to a similar topic on the Dell Community Forums, as there are links to recommend products and other information contained in the post

    The general consensus though is that you need a Pure Sine Wave UPS at around 920 VA.

    As for modifications to the system by adding memory, you can ABSOLUTELY do this. There seems to be a myth floating around that doing anything to your system voids the warranty. This is not true. You can take your system apart and change out every component if your want. The only thing to really keep in mind is that any damage you do to the system may not be warranty covered (damage meaning any incompatible components, alterations to safe operations, alterations to structure of system, breaking something, etc) and that the different components you use are not normally covered under a Dell warranty unless you purchase them directly from Dell with warranty in tow.

    Hope that helps :)


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