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touchpad not working - it's brand new

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touchpad not working - it's brand new

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my touchpad on my xps 10 does not work. as soon as I bought it I used it and it is a good tablet but the mouse part on the keyboard including the buttons don't work


i'm having to use a mouse and im wondering if the touchpad was disabled from the factory and how to reenable it.

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  • can anyone answer this?

  • Depending on your version of windows (I'm assuming Windows 8).

    The best thing to do is check out device manager, ensure it sees your touchpad and that it is working correctly.

    If this is good, then head to control panel, hardware and sound, check for mouse or touchpad options.

    Ensure that it is enabled.

    Also one more thing to do is to re-check your keyboard function keys. Some functions will allow you to enable and disable the built in mouse pad.

    Hope this helps.