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Juniper NS5GT replacement - suggestions?

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Juniper NS5GT replacement - suggestions?

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I'm on my third generation of NetScreen/Juniper firewall + VPN products, but my current NS5GT comes up EOS in December. As such, i need to replace with something more current and that i can get support on.

Use case is for a SOHO with under 10 users, needs to support VPN access, will be the primary DHCP server, and obviously perform as router and firewall. My ISP link is 100M so it needs to support at least that much throughput as well.

Other details:
No wireless wanted/needed on unit

TIA for any/all suggestions

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  • At this point i have it narrowed down to the following choices I think:

    Netgear UTM25
    SonicWall TZ215
    Juniper SSG5
    Juniper SRX110

    Trying to get an accurate feel for what all of these will cost for unit with 3 year subscription and support.


  • narrowing list further based on research today.

    Per Juniper forum:
    -The SSG5 appears to be end of sale, and somewhere towards end of life-cycle so its out
    -They recommend the SRX100H2 not SRX110, as apparently i don't need the extra stuff on 110

    Final three -
    Netgear UTM25
    SonicWall TZ215
    Juniper SRX100H2