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HDMI to Vga port

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HDMI to Vga port

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i have dell laptop and i only have HDMI port but here in pakistan, all of the other instrument like projector, monitors have vga port. now i am in a great trouble converting hdmi into vga. i bought a cable which have hdmi on one side and vga on other but it is not working on any vga machines. may b there are some colour or graphics changes which i have to made but i am not aware of these changes. 

i am using windows 7 64 bits. my laptop is 5521 i5. 

plz help me

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  • Ok, first thing to do is to hook up you're HDMI to a device. Power on the device, possibly the projector would be best for now.

    Once you're laptop is on and hooked up to the projector. Make sure the projector is on also.

    Go to the control panel, appearance and personalization, display, change display settings. Next to DISPLAY: <---------> There will be a box, see if you can choose from you're current laptop screen and the projector. If so, change it to the projector, hit apply and see if the video changes to the projector.

    Another way to check this out is to right click anywhere on your desktop, choose you're display adapter (graphics) properties. In this menu, depending on your graphics......see if you can find and change the output of you're video.

    I hope this helps.