Hi, there might be a better place for this but I'm tired and annoyed and about to throw my laptop through the window due to the complete lack of assistance so far.

I have a week old Inspiron 15R 5521 with touchscreen. 3 days ago the touchscreen stopped working after I put it to sleep. Many troubleshooters and a complete reset to factory settings later and I still have no touchscreen. I've updated everything, reinstalled the drivers, basically done everything I could find listed on these forums that had been suggested to other people. Still no joy. So, someone please tell me how to fix this because it's a week old, bought for uni and I don't have the money to pay for massive repair jobs. Given the lack of success so far I am currently looking at my only option being returning it and getting a new one. Not ideal since I leave in a week and need the laptop for then.

Thank you.