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Dell 703w printer

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Dell 703w printer

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When the printer is connected to the computer via USB cable using Dell Toolbox I am able to print, scan and copy.  But when I switch to wireless connection with the printer I am only able to print.  The icons for :Scan" and "Copy" no longer work.

Computer is running Vista. 

Looking for any ideas as to why and how to fix.

I am using the latest drivers available from Dell and also the latest firmware for the printer

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  • Hi dburket,

    Please try the belw mentioned steps:

    1. Check if Bi-directional support is enabled. If not, enable Bi-Directional support from printer properties. (From Printer Properties – chose PORTS tab – Check the box for “Enable BiDirectional Support).
    2. Disable Firewall in antivirus program and check; if you are able to scan after firewall is disabled in the computer, then printer needs to be given exceptions in firewall settings.

    Please post the results.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil D

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