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Hi everyone.

I have a very weird problem with my laptop (DELL INSPIRON15). When I play games, it runs great for a few mins. THen, it starts to slow down drastically. When I alt-tab to desktop and back it runs smooth again. But the slowdown occurs again. Its getting annoying. and my gpu only runs at 67 celcius only. This just happens like recently. Heres my system information.

MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7-3537U CPU@2.00GHz
6.0 GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics (switchable with ATI 8730M graphics for gaming)
1TB HDisk

and so on. Please help me with this :D

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  • Hi Khidz93,

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Catalyst control centre.

    Refer the following link which has steps to uninstall Catalyst control centre:

    Now, install the drivers from the below link:

    Awaiting your response!

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh R
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