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Password Reset?

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Password Reset?

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My friend's son was using her Dell Inspiron laptop and the next day she was locked out. She asked if I could help as she can no longer get online without a working computer.

When it boots this is the message:

This computer system #____________ is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access this computer without the correct password.

She's never had a password that she recalls, nor has she needed one to access her laptop... until now.

Dell wants $128.00 to reset the password... not !

Can anyone please help us?

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  • Let me start this off by saying sorry to hear that, no one likes to be locked out of their computer.  I work for Dell, but this is not my area of expertise.  The Dell TechCenter forum you posted in is for enterprise / data center (mostly server) questions.

    Sounds like your friend's son put a BIOS password on the laptop (which is an added security measure that only allows those with the password to access the computer... seems like it's working).  If he can't remember what password he put on it, I'm not not sure if this is going to be an easy fix.  

    Online there are lots of sites that have suggestions, but I haven't tried any of them.

    Sorry, good luck.