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Ask additional questions here.

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  • Hi Scott,

    Couple questions here as an existing EqualLogic customer (and Dell of course):

    We are due for renewal of a support contract (PS100E's) this year. Can we still extend support for these older series', and are the contract support tiers remaining the same, or are they being moved more in line with Dell's current server tiers?

    Secondly, are the upgrade options for the older series' still obtainable, or is the new 5000 series it? In the past year or so EqualLogic added options for in-place, online upgrades from one model to the next (replacing larger drives and the controllers to match). This seemed great for us as it requires no additional rack space or switch ports, not to mention cost-wise better then adding the now 5000series with identical capacity to the mix. I understand the 5000 now simplifies the configuration options and can be integrated with existing models, but curious what our options now are.

    and thanx!

  • Robert, haven't forgotten about you. I sent this to Travis and Marc, should have a response soon.
    Thanks, Scott.
  • Thank you for the info Marc.
  • Hi!
    we get theese questions from customers from time to time , and i havent found any documents that eplains it
    Questions are :
    What happens in a "multiple shelf/equallogic config" when a shelf fails?

    and if it has failed what happens and how when its fixed.?

    hopefullynot going to happen often but its questions that I get often...

    Ola Andreas
  • Hi!

    Yes i know they are independent enclosures , but when they are configured to be in a "three-member, single-pool group. Volume data can be automatically balanced across the pool members" ,I understand this as "spanning'" of the volumes. how do things behave when a enclosure fails ?
    Some details about behaviour and how it behaves when the enclosure is up and running again would be interesting :-)

    Ola Andreas

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for information about setting up replication betweeen two PS5000 but can only find one doc on this on the dell site - "Sizing Replication Space". i want to know more than this, like should you be dedicating an interface on each controller just for replication or can it be shared with other iSCSI traffic. HOw is the data replicated... TCP IP or iSCSI over IP, can you replicate between a PS5000e and a PS5000xv. Is it a 1 to 1 relationship, or can you replicate to multiple destinations etc etc... anyone know where i can get hold of this technical architecture type information?


  • Whilst I'm on here!!! Do all three ports on the PS5000 have to be on the same subnet??? I have a customer who wants to split iSCSI traffic from DMZ and production VMs so they want to have two ports for use by Production VMs on a "production" iSCSI subnet and one port on a DMZ iscsi traffic subnet... they realise by only havine one port on the DMZ iSCSI network that they are not protected against switch/cable failures but only against a storage controller failure..... but i jsut want to understand if i can actually have the 3 ports on different subnets.... again i cant find any documentation along these lines.

  • hi scott,

    for the automated storage tiering, can i understand if a movement from maybe SAS to SSD is based on per volume/LUN basis or block level?

    for example, suppose i have a certain file in a a volume, and only that file is being accessed frequently would the whole LUN be moved or just the file to SSD?
  • My Dell hard drive has been shutting off completely while not being used for the last few weeks.  Also, the mouse doesn't  activate the screen for a long time-sometimes a couple of minutes.  And how can there be updates every time I turn on the screen?