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max iSCSI connections - logon to target out of resources

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max iSCSI connections - logon to target out of resources

  • Our setup:
    2x PS6000XV Array's - single pool.
    Network raid 50 : 12.55 TB (total)
    Firmware v : v5.04 (Release 156082)
    Current number of connections: Array 1: 380, Array 2: 375 (total iscsi connections 755)
    Client with issue: windows 2008 R2 -
    iSCSI NICS : 2x Broadcom 5709 Dual Port

    I have a windows 2008 R2 client which acts a vmware backup proxy - the server has iscsi presentations to all the vmware vmfs volumes (same storage pool / 21 VMFS Luns).

    I noticed that the last volume I presented to the backup proxy only has 1 connection to the iSCSI Array... After some diagnosing I noticed that if I disconnected one of the vmfs LUNS via the iSCSI initiator and reconnected the LUN where I only had 1 connection I would get the correct amount of connections which is 4 – but then the second LUN would only have 1 connection.

    For reason on the windows 2008 r2 client I cant have more than 85 iSCSI connections - is this correct ? I know I haven’t reached a limit on the PS6000 storage pool because the firmware release on the Array supports 1024 max iSCSI connections per pool.

    Update: I have created a couple test volumes and presented them to the client. when I attempt to connect to the volumes I get the following error message:

    Log On to Target
    Out of Resources.

  • i am seeing this issue also..anyone on here have any advice? im nowhere near  the limit. 2012 server his is happneing on