I have a Dell PowerVault 220S with PERC 4/DC Card in IBM Server. PowerVault has got "ST3300007LC Cheetah 10K.7 Ultra320 SCSI 300GB" drives with D703 firmwares. I would like to update the firmware to D705 to check if the performance problems go away.

Latest firmware for these drives is available in
Dell SCSI Hard Drive Firmware Utility : DELL_SCSI-HARD-DRIVE-FIRMWAR_A09_R182831.exe

I have created a bootable CD from "dddp.exe" and booted from this CD. Unfortunately, this seems to be working only with Dell Servers. I see that it is certified with PowerVaults, but I can't get it working. The utility says: "Based on settings, there are no tests to run". Is this because my server is not a Dell Server or this is a generic error or I am completely missing a point here? The tool doesn't even say that this is not a supported system.

It doesn't show any drives when I selected "Information". It just shows the controller. I have called Seagate support and they refused to give firmware for the dell hard drives. I have also talked to Dell Support but I could not get any help but a suggestion to try in these forums.