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ESX , Md3200i , 45 seconds latency on high I/O

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ESX , Md3200i , 45 seconds latency on high I/O

  • Hello,

    I'm experiencing 45 seconds latency with ESX (4.1 and 5) when there is a high load (for example when making a clone of a VM) . Dell supprt says it's our config, but hey do not point the exact finger. For me it looks like there is a problem with the PV and ESX just times out after 45 seconds. The ESX server does not respond anymore after some time, needs a hard reboot and then all is ok again, until the next high IO.

    We've set it up as described in the white papers provided by Dell. Does anyone recognize this behaviour ?

  • Your best bet would be to have support check your config and try to narrow it down. I would suggest making sure everything on the PV side is up to date firmware wise. I throw out some feelers to our engineering team to see if they have any ideas, but their suggestion may be the same.
  • Thanks. Support is already looking into it, all firmware is up-to-date. Switches are Powerconnect, and also configured to best pactices (and checked by Dell today) . Esx was also checked by dell. We are now in the stage of colleecting logs and putting load (again) on the md3200i.

    Just posted here to check if anybody had seen this before an prevent me from inventing another wheel.
  • 45 seconds? Wowsers..... Lots of ports on these right? If possible simplify it all and hook up the Host nics right to the ports. No switches involved.

  • @rolthof, did you ever get this resolved? This appears to be happening in our esx 5 environment since the latest FW update we did a couple of weeks ago. We are currently running for the MD3200i. Everything seemed to be running fine before with ESX 4.1 and 5 until the FW update. What's weird is that it is random latency. It happens once and awhile and now seems more frequent :(



  • Any way to roll back the FW on these?   I have never tried it.