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Error configuring second iSCSI port on MD3000i

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Error configuring second iSCSI port on MD3000i

  • Using Dell Modular Disk Storage Manager, iSCSI tab, Configure iSCSI Host Ports.
    There is one RAID controller installed. ISCSI port 0 is configured and is in use. The out of band management NIC is configured and in use. I am receiving the error above when trying to configure iSCSI port 1 on this RAID controller.

    I have inherited this DELL MD3000i being used to provide an iSCSI volume to the local file server. Unfortunately the file server is directly connected using a crossover cable instead of going through the local gigabit switch. I wish to use part of the array to provide iSCSI volumes to two other nodes but I need to have both NICs enabled for throughput.

    I get this error if a cable is connected to iSCSI NIC 1 or not.

    This error happens if the file serevr is shut down and no iSCSI connections are active as well.

    Am I missing something here?

    Error message follows:
    Application version: 03.35.G6.45
    Storage array management version: 03.35.G6.45
    Storage array name: [removed]
    Firmware version:
    Management class: devmgr.v1035api01.Manager
    ERROR DATA Command sent to RAID controller module in slot: 0
    Host name: [removed]
    IP address: [removed]
    Return code: Error 2 - The operation cannot complete because either (1) the current state of a component does not allow the operation to be completed, (2) the operation has been disabled in NVSRAM (example, you are modifying media scan parameters when that option (offset 0x31, bit 5) is disabled), or (3) there is a problem with the storage array. Please check your storage array and its various components for possible problems and then retry the operation.
    Operation when error occurred: PROC_setIscsiInterfaceProperties Timestamp: Oct 24, 2011 6:28:24 PM
  • You get that error if the port isn't hooked up. MD3000i's are funny when you change subnets on these ports and often require a power cycle for the port to become active again. No all the time on the power cycle though. Best of luck.
  • I will try power cycling the MD3000i after hours tonight them to see if that helps. I plan to dhut down the server currently using the iSCSI volume first as well as making sure the port is attached to the switch.
  • Power cycle did not help. Both power supplies were turned off. 30 seconds passed. Both supplies turned back on. No change in behavior. Any other thoughts? Time to open a support case?
  • So you plugged in the port and can't ping it after the power cycle? In the past when I got this error everything would be reconfigured after the power cycle and the port hooked up. I would say something is wrong and time to call in Dell support for sure.