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Expanding disk on Equallogic

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Expanding disk on Equallogic

  • I'd like to see what is the procedure for adding 8 disks to a PS6000/PS4000 array, when it has only 8 disks.

  • Disk Installation Guidelines and Restrictions
    • Install only disks of the same type, speed, and spin rate in an array. The color
    of the handle release button indicates the disk type (black for SAS; gray for
    • Make sure the disk is oriented in the position shown in Figure 2-4, with the
    handle release button to the left.
    • You can use disks with different sizes in an array. However, the smallest disk
    in the array will determine how much space can be used on each disk. For
    example, if the smallest disk is 400GB, only 400GB of space will be available
    for use on each disk.
    • Make sure to insert a disk fully in the chassis before pushing in the handle.
    • When correctly installed, a disk will be level with the front of the array. If the
    disk is protruding from the array, reinstall the disk.
    • After installation, make sure the disk power LED (top) is green or flashing
    • There is a two-minute delay between the time you insert a disk and the time
    the disk is automatically configured into a RAIDset. This time interval allows
    multiple disks to be simultaneously configured in an array, which is more
    efficient than installing a single disk, configuring it, and then repeating the
    process. For example, when you install a disk, the timer starts. If no other
    disks are installed, the disk is configured after a delay of two minutes. If you
    install another disk before two minutes have elapsed, the timer is restarted.
    • If you install a disk during RAID reconstruction or verification, the new disk
    will not be configured until the operation completes.

    ***** Use ONLY Dell Replacement disk and carriers designed for your array. Perform during a non-production hours / maintenance period with all data backed-up