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Configure iSCSI Targets for Dell Equallogic for Redhat 6 OS

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Configure iSCSI Targets for Dell Equallogic for Redhat 6 OS

  • Hi Guys,

    I really need help on how to get documentations on how to configure ISCSI target for Dell Equallogic PS4100 using RedHat 6 OS. I just installed already the iSCSI initiator and I dont know what the next step to create and initialize additional volumes on the server.

    thanks in advance for the immediate help.
  • I fill the gaps that were missing on the documentation with my post about using the HIT for Linux with EqualLogic arrays. It was written with respect to Redhat 5.5, but this should be enough to get you going.
  • Hello Folks,

    Any news about this post my needs is to have a Redhat Enterprise linux 6 on cluster with a EqualLogic PS6110XV the whole architecture is a blade M1000e encluser : two PE M820 Server and 5 PEM620 (the M820 that are concerned with the Redhat Cluster)

    what I am looking for is an updated support matrix like this one :

    where I can check the support matrix regarding PS6110XV, redhat 6 and PE M series HBA.

    Any advise will be really appreciated,

    Thank you

  • The documentation is on the EqualLogic Support site, (support account required to log in).  For general Linux connection procedures go to the Tech report section (resources> tech reports), and select the Linux link, there you should see “Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Dell EqualLogic PS Series Arrays”.

    If you what to use the HIT for Linux you can download the documentation from the support site there too.



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