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Dell Inspiron mini 10 -- An application error has ocurred...

  • I have this lovely mini since December 2009 as a Christmas gift from my parents.
    From the first day I keep getting the following message after powering up the pc
    ~Message from the webpage
    An application error has ocurred...
    Error `length` is null or not an object.
    Page: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Dell/DellComms/gs_agent?common/widgets/ss_wdg_glossary.js
    Shortly before this message to appear on the screen a white square comes, closing half of the screen.
    No matter what I am doing - this white square stays on the screen.
    What to do? Should I send the pc back to the store?
  • I have meet exactly the same problem... Anybody else can say the solution for this problem?