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Satish Singh: hi all

David Grover: Hi!

Satish Singh: hello david

Gerry Forde 2: Hi All

Dennis Smith: Hi all

Satish Singh: hello everyone, we're going to give everyone a few minutes to join before getting started

Jose: Hello!

Satish Singh: hello Jose, welcome

Eric Selken: hello all!

Satish Singh: We're going to give folks about 5 more minutes before starting

sara rayman: Hello everyone, I'm glad to see this session is being recorded... will it also be available for later veiwing as my supervisor couldn't attend?

Satish Singh: yes, it will be available later

Satish Singh: you will be able to find a link to it from TechChats at

sara rayman: Great! Thanks.

Dennis Smith: Great group of people here today! Hope you brought your questions :)

Joey Ware: it'll be good to see how WDM has changed, haven't used it since 2008

Jason Masson: Are we getting T-shirts? ;-)

Bill Fleming: Hi Sara!

Satish Singh: Virtual T-Shirts, all around

Jose: Any type of cool swag i'm cool with.

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Joey Ware: I'm rocking the polo Nike dri-fit today since it came in yesterday

Jose: Even if it's free virtual stuff lol

Dell_JoeG: I'm sure we could all use a vBeer too.

Gerry Forde 2: now you talking Joeg

Jose: lol for ***!

Satish Singh: all right, I think we can get started folks

Dennis Smith: Here's a pic of Joey's swag :)

Satish Singh: Hello all, welcome to our TechChat on Dell Wyse Device Manager version 5 (WDM 5) and Dell Wyse WSM.

Marius Sandbu: so this presentation will be avakl

Satish Singh: The presenters today are Jigar Shah, Dell Wyse WDM Product Manager, Manish Bhaskar, Dell Wyse WSM Product Manager, and Eric Selken, Channel Marketing Manager, Dell (Moderator)

Manish Bhaskar: we cant hear you

Satish Singh: yes marius, it will be available

David Grover: yes!

Jason Masson: Yes!

Bill Fleming: yes!

Steve Roque: Yes

Gerry Forde 2: yes

Dell_JoeG: Now we can hear you

sara rayman: yes

G: yep

Jason Masson: loud and clear now

Harley: yes

Jose: yes

Satish Singh: I should have un-muted myself :)

Steve Roque: I can't hear that well...

Gerry Forde 2: sound gone very low

Satish Singh: I am asking him to speak a bit louder

Harley: Audio is a little choppy

Bill Fleming: Manish, Your not coming through loud enough for everyone.

Satish Singh: you can also turn up the volume

Satish Singh: you're fading out a bit :)

Satish Singh: oh yah

BVTechie: yes

Steve Roque: Much better

Gerry Forde 2: much better

Gerry Forde 2: whats the benifts of wsm over windows rds ?

Jose: I use WSM in our library labs, such as our Adults, Kids, and selfcheckout labs. Works great!

Jason Masson: Sounds like XenClient with the image delivery.

Jason Masson: ahhh got you

Marius Sandbu 2: So WSM is using streaming OS like PVS ?

Jose: Yes

Marius Sandbu 2: Sounds like something I need to demo! :)

Eric Selken: @Marius, you can request an eval at:

Eric Selken: Downloads)

Jose: Patching is very easy, although i do run into activation issues from time to time.

Nayef Hamarsheh: hi Manish, are you going to touch on the new release of WSM? cureently I know 6.2.

Bill Fleming: what was that feature called?

Satish Singh: all, Eric, Manish, and Jigar will keep responding to questions periodically as there is a decent amount of material to cover

Satish Singh: wanted to make sure folks didn't think their questions were being ignored

Satish Singh: we will also share contact information at the end

Nayef Hamarsheh: what about applications in the disconnected mode?

Gerry Forde 2: what are the server requirements ? do you need large gpu large memory etc

Gerry Forde 2: nice

Gerry Forde 2: whats is the license model

Manish Bhaskar: WSM uses the same licensing model as regular desktop

David Akers: Is someone talking it is very soft?

Gerry Forde 2: sound gone again

Eric Selken: audio is very low

Manish Bhaskar: All of dell Cloud Desktops come with Diskless COA

G: cannot hear

Joel Knowles: no sound

Steve Roque: I lost sound also

Marius Sandbu 2: no sound

Steve Roque: Yes

David Akers: yes

David Akers: heya Joel

Gerry Forde 2: @manish how do you license wsm

Manish Bhaskar: You do need Client SA (just like regular desktop)

Marius Sandbu 2: no slide

Jason Masson: We can hear, but its very low

Manish Bhaskar: which will give you access to volume licensing

Jason Masson: sounds distant.

Manish Bhaskar: All applications licnese based on the vendors processes

Joel Knowles: sound low and breaking up

Alan: Cannot hear clearly

Jason Masson: hardly hear anything.

Steve Roque: Voice is cutting in & out

G: yep..breaking up..cannot understnad

chris_anderson: can't barely hear

Gerry Forde 2: better

Manish Bhaskar: @Gerry was my answer clear

Manish Bhaskar: With WSM you DO NOT need VDA

Pablo G: The sound is coming and going, making hard to hear

Jason Masson: Sounds very muffled

Gerry Forde 2: @manish trying to understand the cost model

David Akers: alot my end

David Grover: please send us the recording link afterward. It's impossible to follow with all the drops by Sonic Wall.

Manish Bhaskar: @gerry, the cost of WSM cloud desktoop clients ranges from about $400 (D00D/Q) clients to customizable Optiplex form factors

Manish Bhaskar: all of these devices come with needed MSFT COA

Manish Bhaskar: which is basically license to run windows

Manish Bhaskar: On top of this you do need client Software Assurance to provide you the Volume licensing

Manish Bhaskar: Client SA is the same one used for regular desktop deployments

Gerry Forde 2: @Manish we have moved from igel's to D90D7 do I need to buy extra license to run wsm

Manish Bhaskar: WSM itself (the Software) is licensed at $129 for enterprise per client (as in end device)

Jose: Manish is it good practice to point the master image back to our KMS server for activation of windows?

Manish Bhaskar: and $99 for education

Manish Bhaskar: its perpetual licensing

Manish Bhaskar: D90D7 does not have the right windows licenses to run full Windows

Manish Bhaskar: This is a MSFT restriction.

Manish Bhaskar: If you want to run WSM powered full windows on D90D7, you would need to get VDA

Manish Bhaskar: with VDA you don't need to have any client COA

Manish Bhaskar: from a HW perpective sure you can use WSM to power a D90D7 easy

Manish Bhaskar: @jose, absolutely. WSM has the feature that will enable windows licensing on the image for you. Its a check box that you can select on your image

Manish Bhaskar: If you do that the image will automatically look for a KMS server and activate windows

Jose: Thank you Manish!

Manish Bhaskar: @jose you can also enable specific KMS servers if needed

Nayef Hamarsheh: would wsm 7 support linux streaming?

Manish Bhaskar: No WSM 7 does not support Linux

Manish Bhaskar: We have it in our rdmap but there has never been a strong biz case for linux desktops

Jose: Manish i do have an issue activation my Office 2010 products. I have to opprearm my image before i finalize, but with only 5 rearms i do have to pull my master image periodically. Is there a best practice for this issue?

Manish Bhaskar: @jose, the office products should be exactly like VDI deployments. I will send you some documents


Jason Masson: Maybe was already said and I missed it, but are we going to be able to get these slides after the presentation?

Bill Fleming: Manish, What are the desktop requirements for application layering in WSM 7?

Manish Bhaskar: @bill, same WSM clients as before can layer applications. The dependency is basically the end client should be capable of running the application

Eric Selken: @Jason, send me an email at and i'll get you the slides

Manish Bhaskar: As an example if you try to run a high perf game on a D class client its going to be bad experience, but the same game running on optiplex with WSM app ayering will scream

Bill Fleming: OK, but doesn't WSM 7 have the ability to stream an applicaiton to a non streamed OS--ie, standard desktop PC?

Manish Bhaskar: @bill application layering itself does not put additional load on the clients

Manish Bhaskar: @bill, yes with WSM 7 you can layer apps on standard desktop. To do this you wuld need to install the WSM client on the desktop

Manish Bhaskar: thats it

Manish Bhaskar: after that as soon as you login, WSM 7 will layer the applications

Manish Bhaskar: Its not application streaming like before, its a new technology called layering which is much higher performing

Bill Fleming: Will the current licensing model (Dell/Microsoft) still apply if only layering apps and streaming a full desktop?

Satish Singh: Everyone, as we only have a few minutes left, here is the contact information for both presenters, and eric

Satish Singh: J_M_Shah@Dell.Com, Manish_Bhaskar@Dell.Com,

Manish Bhaskar: Yes for streaming and app layering all existing licensing apply

Satish Singh: I'll add this again at the end of the chat

Bill Fleming: ok, that's good to know.

Manish Bhaskar: For layering on standard desktop, the OS continues to be licensed the way the standrd desktop was licensed

Manish Bhaskar: The apps are licensed based on the vendors licensing model

Jason Masson: yes, one stop shop would be good

Bill Fleming: Manish, can you talk to the new Peer assisted deployment feature in WDM 5?

Bill Fleming: sorry, Jigar!

Dennis Smith: Thanks everyone! We'll have the chat transcript and recording up this week! Check for the transcript

Gerry Forde: Thanks Guys

Dennis Smith: thanks guys!

Joel Knowles: thanks

Satish Singh: If there are any additonal questions, please contact Jigar, Manish, and Eric at the following email addresses

Satish Singh: J_M_Shah@Dell.Com, Manish_Bhaskar@Dell.Com,

harry nong: hello .why D90D7 can't video frequency ?

harry nong: and p25 can do that.