Shawn (rolltidega): Hey hey Dennis

Dennis Smith: Hey Shawn.....

Dennis Smith: Hey Everyone

hypervfan: Hi all

Dennis Smith: Will be getting started in just a bit...

Dennis Smith: Hey Tom

Dennis Smith: How's the week going for everyone so past Monday, so good right :)

Dell_JoeG: How about them Spurs!!!!

hypervfan: Good here. Got rid of Exchange 2003 yesterday, so a good start :)

Dennis Smith: boo spurs :)

Shawn (rolltidega): what is this "basketball" sport?  :-)

Dennis Smith: Nice Tom....not a fan 2003 I take it :)

Dell_JoeG: *slaps Dennis outside the head*

Shawn (rolltidega): I am an Atlanta sports fan. We don't make it past the 1st round in the playoffs!

Dell-PPrabhu: Hi everyone

hypervfan: Always good to get rid of unsupported systems

Dennis Smith: @Shawn hahahhaaha

Dell_JoeG: Hey DEll-PPrabhu

Dennis Smith: Hi Pritesh

Dell-Sri: Hello Folks

Dennis Smith: @Shawn, how did you like the Falcons draft

Dennis Smith: Hi Sri

Dell-Sri: Miami 3 peat

Dennis Smith: We are going to give it until about 3-4 after the hour before we start

Shawn (rolltidega): @Dennis I liked it.  We shall see what happens when football starts!

Dennis Smith: give people time to get in

Dennis Smith: @Shawn, we shall see opening week :)

Dennis Smith: in atlanta lol

Shawn (rolltidega): Very true!

Satish Singh: Hello everyone

Dennis Smith: Hey Satish

Dennis Smith: Ok guys, today we are going to be talking about OpenManage Mobile...if you are not familiar with OMM you can visit

Dennis Smith: To start things off i will turn it over to Sri, who can tell us a little more about OMM

Dell-Sri: Hello Everyone

Dell-Sri: I am the Product Manager for OMM. The app was rleased March 4'th and you can download it from Google play store

Dell-Sri: I have Pritesh Prabhu and Rob cox here with me to answer any technical questions you may have

Dell-RobC: Hi guys, new product but do we have any OMM users yet?

Dell-RobC: :)

Dell-PPrabhu: it is useful for anyone who would like to manage their OMEssentials console via a mobile device

Dell-PPrabhu: (Android only at this point)

Dell-PPrabhu: or even the Dell iDRAC

Dell-RobC: Yeah, you can use it even if you are not an OME user

Dell-PPrabhu: we have over 1000 downloads in about 2 months

Dell-RobC: via the iDRAC as Pritesh mentions

Dell-PPrabhu: ssome of the ket features are the ability to view devices/groups of your network via a mobile device

Dell-PPrabhu: viewing individual device details

Dell-PPrabhu: power options of servers and iDRACs

Dell-PPrabhu: and also push notificationss for OME alerts

Dell-PPrabhu: the intention is for  you to be able to manage your network when not onsite

Dell-PPrabhu: and get notified when something goes down

Dell-Sri: one could connect directly to the iDRAC of any 12G server

Dell-Sri: all the features pritesh discussed above are also available on the direct iDRAC connection except the push notification

Dell-Sri: push notification is enabled via the REST API support in OME 1.3

Dennis Smith: Take a look at the poll to the right and tells which mobile device you are currently using...please and thank you :)

MichaelD: Where's the "all of the above" option :)

Dennis Smith: lol

Dell-RobC: here is the link to the app


Dell-RobC: Do any folks use any mobile management applications?

MichaelD: VMware's Watchlist app somewhat

Dennis Smith: woohoo, new poll :)

Dell-RobC: @MichaelD not heard of it, can you let us know a bit what it does?

Dennis Smith: for those that aren't familiar with mobile watchlist

MichaelD: It connects to your vCenter and allows you to view the status of the VMs in your environment as well as power off/on/restart

Dell-RobC: cool...thx... is it free or $ ?

MichaelD: free

LE: I can use it only for G12 servers? or also for storages and network devices (switches) which are present in OME?

MichaelD: It doesn't let you see the console of the VM yet, but hopefully that's coming down the road

Dell-RobC: @M sounds pretty nice, will check it out

Dell-Sri: LE, OMM app has visibility to any device that is monitored by OME

Dell-Sri: so that includes storage, Networking, Firewall appliances and third party devices

Dell-RobC: So guys if you are an OME user you should really check out OMM

Dell-RobC: It is super easy to setup

Dell-RobC: If you don't use OME but have a 12G server, you should try it as well.  You just connect to the iDRAC and you are in business

Dell-RobC: we have a great support forum for help, so don't be shy


Dell-RobC: and

Gerry Forde: sorry bit late will it only run on android devices

MichaelD: When connected to the iDRAC, do you have the ability to view the console and interact with the OS/BIOS?

LE: Is a specific contract support necessary to monitors to the system? Prosupport Plus or lower serivce contracts?

Dell-Sri: yes, as of today we only support Android

Dell-PPrabhu: Gerry - iOS support is in the works. No final date yet...

Dennis Smith: FYI, you can select multiple answers in the new poll

Dell-Sri: michale, we cannot kaunch the iDRAC console from the mobile device yet

Dell-Sri: interacting with the OS/BIOS is supported via VNC as of today in iDRAC

Dell-Sri: we plan to integrate this feature into OMM in the future

Dell-PPrabhu: @Michael - as of today we can get all FW details and log entries from the iDRAC

Dell-PPrabhu: @Michael  - and perform power optionss

Dell-Sri: @LE no contract is required for the mobile app

Dell-Sri: it is free

Dell-RobC: By the way, the site has a video and whitepaper

Dell-RobC: which you guys may find interesting to see the look and feel of the product

Dell-RobC: In addition to showing the health of your monitored devices, it can forward hardware alert/failures to your device as well when you are away from the office

MichaelD: Just presuming that all power operations have a confirmation step prior to being performed, to protect against errant clicks and inquisitive children.

Dell-PPrabhu: @Michael - yes...that is correct

Dell-RobC: So just curious, what kind of hardware monitoring software do you folks use to keep an eye on your servers or desktops/notebooks?

BVTechie: Is access to the app password protected? LDAP? logins timeout?

Dell-PPrabhu: The app by itself is passwrod protected

Dell-PPrabhu: 15 min timeout...

Dell-PPrabhu: not LDAP...this is a local password

Gerry Forde: hp imc and system center

Dell-PPrabhu: the access details to the OMEs and iIDRACs you have connected to are saved...

MichaelD: We have OME partially setup and SCOM for most of our monitoring.

Dell-PPrabhu: however if you wish to power control a system...then you are prompted for the password a security measure...

Dell-RobC: @Gerry which product is IMC?

Dell-RobC: is that like SIM?

Dell-PPrabhu: so you don't b*tt-dial a server reboot

BVTechie: password set on mobile device, globally in OME, per device/user?

hypervfan: No hardware monitoring as of now, one of the things I hope to get in place

Gerry Forde: hp Intelligent Management Center

Dell-PPrabhu: @BVTechie - password per device

Dell-RobC: @hypervfan sounds good. come by and I can help you out

Dell-RobC: @Gerry ah ok nice

Dell-PPrabhu: the OME password is a must to connect to an OME...but that login is prompted for only once...when you access the OME for the first time

Dell-RobC: @Gerry How many devices do you have under management between IMC and system center (a range is ok ) :)

Dell-PPrabhu: (New poll up...about mobile devices at a datacenter)

Gerry Forde: about 1000

Dell-RobC: that physical + virtual?  or just physical?

Gerry Forde: use it alot with or networking hardware

Dell-RobC: I see, switches and load balancers and such

Gerry Forde: you can load in mibs and it will monitor most hardware

Dell-RobC: Yeah, that's really helpful when you have a lot of vendors

Dell-RobC: Yeah, that's really helpful when you have a lot of vendors

Dell-RobC: FYI OME can import MIBS also so you can get formatted alerts from non-Dell h/w

Gerry Forde: its not cheap

Dell-RobC: right

Gerry Forde: going to try ome just need to get some time !!!!

Dennis Smith: New poll to the right - How many devices do you manage

Dell-RobC: Ha, yep, I hear ya

Gerry Forde: any plans for ome as a central management for all dell hardware

Dell-RobC: @Gerry Well today it does monitor most of the Dell h/w such as PowerEdge, PowerVault, Networking, and such

Dell-RobC: But it does not really do the management type stuff as much, mostly monitoring

Dell-RobC: So OME will monitor most of our stuff, but we still right-click launch the particular managmenet tool such as iDrac console or Compellent software, etc.

Dell-RobC: not sure what the plans are around that

Gerry Forde: how about virtual hardware sdn etc

Dell-RobC: @Gerry Right, so OME and OMM are primarily about h/w monitoring....

Dell-RobC: We do discover and monitor the Virtual ESX/HyperV host

Dell-RobC: and enumerate the guest OS's

Dell-RobC: but beyond that, not much on Virt (we have another VCenter Plugin for that)

Dell-RobC: and I'm not sure what we are doing with SDN at the moment

Dell-RobC: Are most folks using fairly modern Android OS's?

Dell-RobC: Or anyone hanging on to really old Android phones :)

hypervfan: Latest version here

MichaelD: latest as well

BVTechie: latest... we are techies you know :-)

Dell-RobC: Yep!  Ha, yeah, I'm sportin the latest HTC One M8 with KitKat :)

Dennis Smith: No one still rocking the nokia flip phone

Dell-RobC: I think you meant MS flip phone

Dennis Smith: lol

Dell-RobC: I still see a few flip phones around

Dell-RobC: good battery life!

Dennis Smith: Anyone got any questions for these guys...hit them up while you have them :)

Gerry Forde: @ Denis I bet its the one from the matrix

Dennis Smith: @Gerry haha, prob right

MichaelD: You mentioned upcoming IOS support, any chance for Windows Phone support?

Dennis Smith: Windows phone always feels left out :)

Dennis Smith: love mine btw

Dell-Sri: Windows support is not currently in the roadmap, we will watch how the market moves

Dell-Sri: the current expectation is 12-14% market share by 2016

MichaelD: I'm guessing 8.1 will help adoption, the dev release resolves a lot of issues I was seeing.

Dell-RobC: I hope so....I'd love to see MS picking up some speed this year

Dell-Sri: i think the Enterprise market for windows tablets is promosing

Dell-Sri: that will drive usage a bit higher

Dell-RobC: Yeah the Venue Pro (8 inch Win tablet) is very cool

Dennis Smith: Venue 8's are nice...I have the win and android versions

MichaelD: Got 2 coworkers with Surface 2s and 1 with the Venue Pro 11; both are nice but feel a bit big for extended handheld use

Gerry Forde: testing the venue pro and  the xps 11 love  the xps 11

Dell-Sri: 7 inch tablet seems be the widely accepted form factor and are very dominant w.r.t sales numbers

Dell-Sri: XPS tablets and all in ones are very very nice

Gerry Forde: how much of the feature's of the client app work on the mobile app would you have to boot a laptop to investigate an alert

Dell-RobC: If you manage mostly client (Desktop, notebooks)....

Dell-RobC: they will show up in OME and then also in the OMM mobile client

Dell-RobC: so you can see the health state, etc., in OMM of your client devices

Dennis Smith: ok guys, looks like we are out of time for can continue this conversation on :)

Dennis Smith: Join us next week for a chat on Dell Wyse Device Manager version 5, same time and place!

Dell_JoeG: Good job Dell-RobC, Dell-PPrabhu and Dell-Sri

Gerry Forde: thanks guys

Andy_Bezwerchyj: Thanx

Dell-RobC: Thanks all!

Dennis Smith: The chat transcript will posted online in a few days

Satish Singh: Thanks Dennis, and thank you everyone for your time and participation

Dennis Smith: thanks all!

Dell-PPrabhu: thanks every one

Lee @NBITServicesUK: Thank you all

Dell_JoeG: Thanks Gerry!! Good questions and great session

hypervfan: Thanks

Dell-PPrabhu: do write to

Dell-PPrabhu: if you ahve more questions