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Dell TechCenter: Welcome to chat.! Taehwa

Dell-Vinod: hi eveeryone, we will get started in few minutes

Dell-Vinod: hi taehwa, which organization do you represent??

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Lucky Dell: Increasing power costs is a top concern for data center managers

Lucky Dell: Data centers increasing indensity and requiring more performance per Watt, more power at a higher efficiency is required.

Lucky Dell: WinRM tool is used by Power Console Administrators for remote power managementof Dell PowerEdge™ M1000e chassis systems

Dell-Saritha: @Taehwa - What kind of remote management tools do you use?

taehwa: hi

taehwa: we use SCOM

Dell TechCenter: Hello and Welcome.

taehwa: System center products

Lucky Dell: @taehwa - you use WSMAN API's in SCOM?

taehwa: usually SCVMM use WinRM and WSMAN

taehwa: I'm a support engineer

Dell-Saritha: @Taehwa which organization are you from?

Dell TechCenter: Shall we go ahead talking how WSMAN support poermanageent? or something?

Dell-Saritha: There is no audio.. it's only a text chat

taehwa: okay

Lucky Dell: ok

taehwa: is it started? I cannot hear anyghing

taehwa: good

Dell-Saritha: There is no audio.. it's only a text chat

taehwa: okay

Lucky Dell: Windows Remote Management (WinRM) tool is a Windows command line utility which allows remote management of servers by using WS–Management protocol

Lucky Dell: WSMAN is secure for remote power management requirement

Lucky Dell: Scriptable remote power management through WS–MAN helps in developing Automation framework by Python Scripts and common APIs which can be utilized by management console

Lucky Dell: This white paper provides details of remote power management by WSMAN

Dell-Saritha: @Azrin - Welcome to the chat, which org are you representing?

Lucky Dell: for winrm commands details below link can be used

Lucky Dell: It is possible to obtain hardware data fromWS–Management protocol implementations running on non-Windows operating systems such as Linux.This allows operating systems from diverse vendors to function together.

taehwa: which vendoer use WSMan?

taehwa: how about HP and EMC?

Lucky Dell: @taehwa-WSMAN is open standard it used by HP

Lucky Dell: WSMAN is used across many companies

taehwa: I was thinking HP has own standard like iLO so they prefer iLO

Lucky Dell: As WSMAN is open standard ,API developed can be used by any consoles

Dell-Saritha: The equivalent product of iLO in Dell is iDRAC

Lucky Dell: WinRM client on management system remotely connectsto WS– Man service running on CMC for remote power management

taehwa: SCVMM use WinRM to manage hyper-v host and VM

Dell-Saritha: Have you used PowerEdge M1000e CMC?

taehwa: not yet

Dell-Saritha: We have more on that here :

taehwa: is there any online or offlien training course for it?

Dell-Saritha: We have some videos on the features on PowerEdge M1000e CMC

Dell-Saritha: and whitepapers here

taehwa: please share them


Dell-Saritha: Our most recent release for PowerEdge M1000e was CMC 4.5 in Dec 2013

Dell-Saritha: here's the link for that as well


taehwa: thank you

taehwa: this link is not working

Dell-Saritha: Link on white paer is here:

Dell-Saritha: Sorry, here is the link for CMC4.5:

Dell TechCenter: Can you see the link and the page , Taehwa?

Dell-Saritha: All the support manuals for this are at:

Dell-Saritha: We have some interesting features on PowerEdge M1000e

Dell-Saritha: Replicating Server Configuration Profile:

Dell-Saritha: Another feature that is widely used is Multi Chassis Management

Dell-Saritha: Here's a video on that as well: Propagating Leader Chassis properties to member chassis :

Dell-Saritha: PowerEdge M1000e can manage upto 8 member chassis

Lucky Dell: @taehwa-Any questions related to CMC.,WSMAN or WinRM ?

Dell TechCenter: Feel free to ask any question.

Dell TechCenter: to make your life easy.

taehwa: I need to watch video and read writepaper first :)

Dell TechCenter: Good. Please watach and send us any question.

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Dell TechCenter: @taehwa and please join next chat oppotunity.

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