EqualLogic PS6210, Firmware ver 7.0 and SANHQ with SupportAssist

Dennis Smith:Hi Everyone! We will get started in just a few minutes

  Layla Khorsand:hello

  Dennis Smith:Hi Layla

  MichaelD:Afternoon gents

  Layla Khorsand:arwe we going to have audio as well?

  Dennis Smith:Hey Michael, how's it going

  Marius Sandbu:Great I managed to get the kids of to their beds before this started ;)

  Dennis Smith:Just texts for now :)

  MichaelD:It's going, in the "hurry up and wait" phase of several projects

  Layla Khorsand: are we going to have audio as well??

  Layla Khorsand:oh ok

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  Dennis Smith:Ok guys, so today we are going to be talking about the EqualLogic PS6210 and SAN HQ 3.0 We have some great people here to answer all your questions! :) So I will turn it over to them and let them introduce themselves

  Dell-Dylan:Hi folks, I'm Dylan Locsin, product manager in Dell Storage, working on EqualLogic and a variety of other fun things.

  Dell-d_glynn:Afternoon / Evening all, I cover a lot of the VMware intergratons with the EqualLogic platform, VSM, MEM, SRA, and some other TLAs

  Dell-Jeff:Hi, Jeff from Dell Technical Marketing here - recently ran PS6210 testing at scale for wide variety of member types including SSD and Hybrids

  Dell-d_glynn:So before we jump into any canned material, and questions people want to ask?

  MichaelD:With v7 of the firmware are there any expected performance benefits for older arrays?

  Dell-d_glynn:Bt the way, if anyone is coming to Dell Enterprise Forum next week in Frankfurt, do swing by the Hands on Labs

  Lowell:any planned increases on group/pool connection limits?

  Dell-Jeff:There are now two images 64bit and 32bit - but V7 was a performance improvement on the newer 6210 controllers, especially with SSD enabled systems

  karthik konaparthi:Hi Everyone, I am Karthik Konaparthi from the EqualLogic Product Marketing team...........

  Dell-Jeff:Spinning drives saw some write improvement

  Dell-Jeff:no changes to group pool connection limits

  Dell-d_glynn:Not at this time Lowell

  MichaelD:How about with the management UI?  We've seen some extensive lag/latency in Group Manager loading in our primary production group

  MichaelD:5-10 minutes at times for all data to be populated

  Dell-Jeff:you mean startup of the GUI - are you inband or out of band management?

  Dell-Jeff:how large is the group?

  MichaelD:From launching the GUI to volume information being populated.  in band

  MichaelD:7 members, mix of sata/sas/hybrid units

  Dell-d_glynn:that would not be expected behavour MichaelD

  Dell-Jeff:does seem like a long time - have you ever talked to support?

  Dell-Jeff:or tried a different server to launch Group Manager from?

  MichaelD:Yeah, they typically just restart the management process.

  Dell-Jeff:what firmware are you on?  V5,6 or 7

  Dell-d_glynn:Lowell, this tech report covers the options you have that should help you re-configure your environment to stay wihin the pool & group limits


  Dennis Smith:I am sure the question they are forgetting to ask you Michael is "what did you do wrong" :)

  MichaelD:6.0.7 currently, started the migration to 7 in our production pools yesterday

  Dell-d_glynn:Geeee thanks Dennis :)

  Dell-Jeff:curious Michael - the 7 members - one pool or several?

  MichaelD:2 pools, 1 array is kept separate for Exchange

  Dell-d_glynn:MichaelD, let me know if you feel you are not getting a good enough answer from Tech Support, and we can look into this for you - drop me an email d_glynn@dell.com


  Dell-d_glynn:On of the features in the new firmware is the AccessControl Policies

  Dell-Dylan:I have a question for our users on this group - who is running 10G SANs now, who's looking to transition from 1 to 10 and who is firmly on 1GBE for the future?

  Lowell:mixture of legacy 1gb and m1000e based 10g members

  Dell-d_glynn:this enables the re-use of volume Access Controls, so no longer will you need to be defining ACLs for every volume, just select from the ones you created earlier

  Dennis Smith:For those that are new to are chats, these are interactive so feel free to throw all kinds of questions at these guys ;)

  MichaelD:We are running a mixed 1/10 Gbe SAN and working to move all 1Gbe hosts to backup duties.

  Dell-Jeff:so my take is Hybrids can shine brightest when in a pool with other like members - or very large members that hold high percentage of the volume pages

  Dell-Jeff:not very large members that is taking pages away\

  Dell-d_glynn:Yeah, that not is important :)

  Mark Corry:all 1gb now moving to mixture of 1 and 10gbe this summer.

  Marius Sandbu:all 1 gb as well, but moving soon, guessing q4

  MichaelD:Am I right that the 6210 can fail over between TwinAx and 10Gbe connections?

  Dell-d_glynn:For those migrating from1gb to 10gb do read http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/storage/w/wiki/2640.deploying-mixed-1-gb-10-gb-ethernet-sans-using-dell-equallogic-storage-arrays-by-sis.aspx

  Dell-Jeff:typically one would not be connecting both since you would need more switch fabric

  Dell-Jeff:SFP has priority - and vertical port failover is active

  MichaelD:The Storage Review article on it yesterday was unclear; it mentioned the vertical port failover but also failing between the two media types.

  Dell-Jeff:so both are true - and each media type can do vertical port failover -

  MichaelD:k, bit of a corner case setup but nice to know it can be done

  Marius Sandbu:by the way is HIT 4.7 released yet ?

  Dell-Dylan:@MichaelD - what Jeff said - there is 'vertical port failover' to the other controller's same port, but not between the types of physical ports.

  Dell-d_glynn:4.7 is currently in EPA, I don't have a GA data to hand

  Dell-Dylan:what the PS6210 does do is autonegotiate down to 1GbE when you're using the SFP+ ports.  So those of you who still need to add storage, but aren't yet making the jump to 10GbE (but will) might find that useful.

  Dell-Dylan:Sorry - I was wrong

  Dell-Dylan:10GBase-T ports autonegortiate.


  Dell-Jeff:actually you can get very high performanc on the two ports at 1gig as long as frame size is 32K or lower - past that - you have change of saturating physical interfaces in random and certainly in sequential

  MichaelD:Are there any thoughts of moving away from java for the management console? 

  MichaelD:I know we all love java and would hate to see it go away... ;)

  Dell-d_glynn:Yeah, lots of thoughts about Java :)

  HoosierCAB:is the 10gig/1gig autonegotiate only on the PS6210 or is it also available in the older 10gig EQL models?

  Dell-Jeff:on 6210

  Dell-d_glynn:Marius - I'll work on getting a GA data for you - drop me an email so I can follow up, but I do know it is soon

  Marius Sandbu:Thanks!

  MichaelD:I do like the new look/feel of the 7.x firmware, nice to see some common design language being used across the enterprise product lines

  Dell-Dylan:I'll let the GUI guys know. Thanks @MichaelD.

  MichaelD:slightly off topic, but do you know how progress is going on the plans to have a common management interface for Equallogic and Compellent?

  Dell-Jeff:Its only Tuesday...

  Dell-d_glynn:Just slightly off topic

  Dell-Dylan:Well, I can't really comment too specifically - but I'd say Common Management is most definitely in our plans...

  Mark Corry:Does the new OpenSSL problem  affect the EqualLogic array?

  Dell-Jeff:there are some recorded webinars that talk about multi-member / multi-generational groups and adding SSD / Hybrids to those groups - looking for the links... but good info

  Dell-Dylan:Starring.... Drum roll, the inimitable Herr Junker. Also appearing next week on tour in Frankfurt, Germany.

  Dennis Smith:So what are some use cases for the EqualLogic PS6210 array?

  MichaelD:VDI/SQL/Virtualization in general :)

  Dell-Jeff:so the Hybrid now has twice the capacity on SSD and Spinning drives and 2-3X the performance on SSD enabled systems

  Dell-d_glynn:Better, faster, stronger is the short answer

  Dell-Jeff:multiple Hybrids in a pool together scale near linear - we achived 1.2M IOPS 4K 100Read on migrated to SSD workload on XS

  Dell-d_glynn:for example comparing the hybrids, the 6210xs does over double the number of VDI desktops compared to the previous gen

  MichaelD:I was impressed with the performance numbers Storage Review got in their comparison of the PS6210 and PS6110 hybrid arrays.  The extra cache & other architecture changes made a dramatic difference

  Dell-Jeff:once load spans to spininng drives the average IOPS is lower - 70/30 about 50K per member


  Dell-Jeff:50K for SSD migrated 70/30

  Dell-Dylan:@MichaelD - I forgot one of your prior questions about performance enhancements from v7.  While it's hard to quantify, v7, with its 64 bit kernel does unlock some memory on the prior PS6110/PS6100/PS4100/PS4110 units that their 32 bit kernel couldn't address.  So you're going to have more memory available for system operations like caching, etc.

  Dell-d_glynn:Good point Dylan

  MichaelD:On the SSDs are they SLC or (e)MLC drives?

  Dell-Dylan:SLC Mixed Use drives

  Dennis Smith:Ok guys, a few more minutes left in the chat. Any more questions for these guys?

  Dell-Dylan:But of course, we choose drives based on their ability to meet the specific customer needs that the EQL line addresses, so the drive types we use may and will change over time.

  MichaelD:Yeah, but they veer further off topic and are probably in NDA land :)

  Dennis Smith:If you think of any questions later you can ask here: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/storage/f/4466.aspx and we'll make sure they see them :)

  Dennis Smith:Michael you can post those in our rockstar forum :)

  Dell-d_glynn:Ask away Michael - we'll skate as close to that NDA line as possible

  Dell-Dylan:that's not foreshadowing, just an FYI to say that if some other SSD drive tech looks like a better value in terms of performance/capacity/relability for you, we'll pick it up.

  Dell-Jeff:so FATPOD - a term for Flash at the Price of Disk - more fun reading to seek out...

  MichaelD:Is the dedupe and compression technology coming to the EQL arrays in the near (6-12 months) term?

  MichaelD:I know its supposed to show up in Compellent in May

  Dell-Dylan:OK, you're in NDA land now...  But you can get Dedupe and compression in EQL TODAY when using the FS76*0 NAS appliances.

  LB:What did I miss?


  Dennis Smith:The whole chat :-p

  LB:ah ...

  MichaelD:I figured I was off into NDA land  with that :)

  Dell-d_glynn:Still useful to ask

  Dell-Dylan:Go Huskies. (that's for @EdSwindelles)

  Dennis Smith:Ok guys, thanks for joining and we hope to see you next time!

  Dennis Smith:The transcript will be posted online in a few days for your reference!

  MichaelD:Thanks guys!

  Dell-d_glynn:Always fun

  Marius Sandbu:Thanks!

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  thejman:Cool Tech Tuesday chat!