dell_ramabisa: Hi folks, The general introduction on CMC. CMC is Chassis Management Controller Placed in M1000e chassis will help manage all the blade servers and Chassis infrastructure such as IOMs, FANs and PSUs

Dell-Saritha: The Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) is a systems management component designed to manage one or more Dell PowerEdge systems containing blade servers. Unlike a tower or rack server, a blade server cannot run by itself; it requires a compatible blade enclosure. What makes it compelling to many customers is that blade servers are typically optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy while still providing ample computing power.

dell-pradeep: @edy more info on IOA can be found here -

dell_ramabisa: There are two CMCs for high availablity in case of any problems with any CMC.

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Dell-Saritha: The latest firmware of PowerEdge M1000e CMC 4.5 is here :

Dell-Saritha: Has anyone used CMC4.5?

dell-pradeep: for more of the introductory details the following link will also help -

Mohd: We are looking to buy new server, one option is blade

dell_ramabisa: Some of the good features in CMC include Blade cloning, Multi Chassis Management, DRM based Server Update or single click update, Quick Deploy of Blades/iDRACs, Enhance Cooling mode for Gen3 fans etc

Dell TechCenter: Thanks Mohd!

dell_ramabisa: Blade cloning or Blade profile replication where you can replicate one blade configuration to other blades in Chassis

dell-pradeep: @Mohd - CMC supports different blade server configurations and you could choose specific blade server depending on your consolidation plans and based on workload

dell-pradeep: blade servers provide a denser and consolidated solution

edy: this blade cloning I guess only for the config.. isnt it?

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dell_ramabisa: Multi Chassis Management is a feature where CMC in leader chassis takes a leader role and manages 8 more Chassis

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edy: not relate to entire server O/S and data cloning..

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dell-pradeep: @edy blade cloning is for the blade server configuration

Mark Anthony: our CMC firmware version in 4.45, what if we want to update the firmware is there any downtime for that?

Gwen Salvilla: question

dell-yogeshwar: Hi Edy

dell-pradeep: @edy this includes nic, bios settings for example

Gwen Salvilla: how about Raid configurations?

dell_ramabisa: @ Mark, No server down time but Management will not be available during CMC firmware update

Mark Anthony: @dell, that's cool.

dell-yogeshwar: @edy: As you pointed correctly, blade cloning is not related to data in blade

Dell-Saritha: @Gwen Salvilla We have Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform, where Raid Configurations are supported

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Dell TechCenter: PowerEdger VRTX

dell_ramabisa: The other latest coolest feature in CMC 4.5 is to update all blade components with a single click in CMC

Dell-Saritha: We have some interesting features in CMC4.5 To address the complexity and costs associated with System Updates, in CMC 4.5 Dell offers the one to many system update solution using the Dell Repository Manager.

DELL_Yugesh: The One to many update feature simplifies the update using customizable-bundle firmware, so that your system administrators can deploy faster and more easily.

DELL_Yugesh: Update from a network share provides the flexibility to update all the 12G server components at the same time with a single catalog either from a CIFS(Common Internet Filesystem ) or from NFS (Network File System)Share.

dell-pradeep: @Gwen yes raid configuration profile is also exportable

dell_ramabisa: CMC 4.5 also supports Gen3 fans with Enhanced Cooling Mode Support.

dell_ramabisa: Enhanced Cooling Mode of Gen3 Fans will help chassis cooling needs of very high dense sevuers configurations

DELL_Yugesh: prior to CMC 4.5 to update firmware together for all servers in a chassis you must download the firmware individually and select the component (BIOS, LC, IDRAC, RAID, NIC and so on) location.

dell_ramabisa: The customer has option to enable/disable this Option

Dell-Vinod: @All - any questions so far??

DELL_Yugesh: Using the new feature in CMC 4.5 Firmware Update using Network Share mode you can export the inventory of all the servers in the chassis and provide this as input to Dell Repository Manager (DRM)to create customized repository of only the servers present in the chassis.

dell-pradeep: @gwen the exported profiles have different attributes and will not uncomment the attribs that need to cloned per your configuration

Mark Anthony: on the individual component update like BIOS, LC and etc so if we want to update like BIOS, no downtime? :) i keep on asking this since this is critical to us. tnx for reply.

DELL_Yugesh: @Mark: there will be downtime to update the BIOS

DELL_Yugesh: @Mark: you have an option to schedule the update just before rebooting your server

Dell-Saritha: @Mark there is no downtime to update LC

Mark Anthony: ok.

dell-pradeep: @everyone - with respect to cloning, CMC automates the cloning functionality through ConfigurationXML leveraging LifeCycleController on the blade servers, more info on server configuration using xml files and sample scripts are here -

Dell-Saritha: @Mark: Once the updates are scheduled, the updates will be applied at the next reboot

dell_ramabisa: The other feature in CMC is Quick deploy - when a blade is inserted in to the chassis, iDRAC network will be configured, iDRAC root user will be configured. Blade profile will also be applied automatically after taking confirmation from LCD prompt

dell_ramabisa: This saves lot of time with deployment of the blades

dell_ramabisa: The other feature is flex address where the blade network components use CMC MAC addresses instead of Hardware MAC addresses

dell_ramabisa: This will help when a faulty blade is replaced

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Dell-Saritha: Here's whitepaper on FlexAddress feature:

Dell TechCenter: Please also follow

Dell TechCenter: We will post feature vevent info.

Dell-Saritha: helps solvesuch resource availability issues associated with changes in system configurations.FlexAddress simplifies management of network and storage resources in the data centers

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Dell-Saritha: Data Center Power Requirements and manage power from CMC

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Dell-Vinod: @all - please go back and try CMC 4.5, i am sure you will lot of interesting featutes..

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Dell-Saritha: How do you folks use PowerEdge M1000e CMC - general usage..?

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