Lance Boley:Welcome everyone ...

  Lance Boley:Just going to give folks a couple more minutes to join us ...

  Lance Boley:Welcome everyone ... Today we are going to talk about what is new with the Dell Kace K2000

  Lance Boley:We have Alex with us today to talk about what is new with the K2000

  Lance Boley:Alex, the room is all yours

  Dell-Alex:Thanks Lance.  Hey folks, my name is Alex and I'm the K2000 product manager.  I've been with Dell KACE since the early days and Lance has invited me here today to chat with you guys about the new release for the K2000

  Mark Philipp:Is there audio for the meeting today?

  Dell-Alex:Nope, just chat today

  Dell-Alex:So a little background on the K2000 3.6 release

  Dell-Alex:it contains two of the biggest features we've added to the K2000 in several years

  Dell-Alex:One is multicast imaging; and we go a little bit further than the competition by fully integrating it with our second major feature,

  Dell-Alex:which is the brand new task engine.  The task engine is really three different features rolled into one..


  Dell-Alex:first being deployment scheduling, which allows you to schedule your imaging tasks for say.. 2am, and not have to be there

  Dell-Alex:second is our task sequencer, which allows granular control of deployment tasks


  Lance Boley:Hi Jackson ... Welcome

  Dell-Alex:and finally, the big thing; a real-time task engine that tracks all your deployments, and exactly which task each individual machine is at




  Lance Boley:@Jackon ... please go to for help with your laptop



  Dell-Alex:K2000 3.6 was made available to everyone via download last week, and so far the reception has beene extremely positive.  Lots of pent up demand for multicast imaging and task sequencing.

  Lance Boley:Alex, really like the new task based functionality in the new release, great addition.

  JACKSON:Service Tag or Express Service CodE I DONT KNOW WHAT IS THAT


  Dell-Alex:We basically looked at Microsoft SCCM.. and decided to take it several steps further

  Dell-Alex:it's all real-time, and really easy to remediate

  Dell-Alex:Specifically, you can now literally multicast a deployment to an entire subnet of machines... and track every single one's progress at the K2000 web console.



  Lance Boley:So Tom, what do you see customers using today, and what are their pain points.

  hypervfan:Most of the customers I work with use SCCM today

  hypervfan:And they get it at pretty good pricing if they have the right agreements with Microsoft. But digging into SCCM can take some time to get good at

  Dell-Alex:Yup, SCCM is pretty attractive pricing on the surface.. it's a great one-sheet presentation

  Dell-Alex:but then when you dig into it, just like you said, it takes time to get good at it, and heck, it takes a lot of time and effort to even get it up and running how you want it to

  Dell-Alex:not to mention the hardware build-out needed to get SCCM up and running in the first place

  Dell-Alex:The K2000 (and K1000) are appliance-based, and very quick to implement.

  Dell-Alex:You can literally get your shipment of the K-series appliances from FedEx in the morning.. rack it up, and be managing your endpoints by mid-day.

  Dell-Alex:...and be reimaging an entire computer lab by that night.

  hypervfan:In SCCM you have task sequences to get the different setups, how is that with Kace?

  Dell-Alex:Exactly the same; you can have a base image, and create deployments with different task sequences.  That way you don't have to deal with the boring task of recreating a gold master for every hardware profile

  Dell-Alex:Or situation, such as accounting versus IT versus exec versus sales

  Dell-Alex:However, our task sequencing goes a step further; it's not just limited to a fire and forget like SCCM.  You really can track, at an individual task and machine level, the progress of the deployment after you've created it.

  Dell-Alex:And of course, I love to plug the fact that the K2000 can image Apple OSX, and Red Hat, in the same fashion

  Dell-Alex:For a BYOD IT situation.. that's the dream.  IT doesn't need to change their processes for each platform.. it's the same process for all platforms

  hypervfan:Is the Kace for deployment only, or can it maintain already deployed systems as well?

  Dell-Alex:The K2000 is a deployment solution.  The K1000, which fully integrates with the K2000, is our management solution.  It essentially takes over once the K2000 is done deploying to an endpoint

  Dell-Alex:The K1000 handles inventory, patching, security scans, assets, service desk, software deployments, automated scripting, alerting, remote control, etc.   Essentially the full lifecycle of an endpoint in any organization.

  hypervfan:At what sizes does the K2000 fit in?

  Dell-Alex:What do you mean?  Organization-wise? 


  Dell-Alex:Ah both the K1000 and K2000 are scalable from 100 nodes to well over 20k

  Dell-Alex:What's nice is both the K1000 and K2000 also have ways to address remote physical sites

  Dell-Alex:without having to spin up a full-blown server class endpoint at those sites

  hypervfan:How does it handle that?

  Dell-Alex:The K2000 uses a remote virtual appliance that you can spin up on a workstation to handle things such as remote PXE booting.. as well as synchronize deployments so that you're not sending those deployments multiple times on your WAN

  Dell-Alex:The K1000 simply uses fileshares that you can make available, and you just designate a client endpoint to handle the synchronization tasks.

  hypervfan:With th K2000 and remote sites, is everything handled by the virtual applicance, or is it more of a helper with the files needed and the rest of the traffic goes to the appliance?

  Dell-Alex:The control traffic goes to the appliance, for the real-time updates.  The remote site appliance acts like the helper to minimize bandwidth utilization

  hypervfan:Is it possible to pre load the virtual appliance and send to the remote site?

  Lance Boley:If you want/need some more info on the K2000 check out more on the KACE K2000 product page:

  Dell-Alex:Yep, you could even create an image with the virtual appliance ready to go


  Lance Boley:Also, check out the Smarter and Faster Large Scape Imaging – webinar:

  Dell-Alex:A great whitepaper overview of what the K2000 is all about can be found here:

  Dell-Alex:You'll find quite a bit of resources for our products on  Our support portal and knowledge base are all viewable.  There's also a very active community of KACE-addicts at!

  Lance Boley:I think we are just about out of time for this week. 

  Lance Boley:Thanks Alex for dropping by and chatting with us about Kace

  Dell-Alex:No, thanks to you Lance.  Hopefully I'll be dropping by more often in the coming future.

  Lance Boley:Sounds good ...

  hypervfan:Thanks for good info

  Lance Boley:Thanks again everyone for joining us today ... talk to everyone next time.