Lance Boley:Welcome everyone ... We will get started in a few minutes.

  Rasmus Haslund:Hello all

  Gerry Forde:Hi

  Lance Boley:Hello ... Welcome Gerry & Rasmus ...

  BVTechie:hello from the frozen tundra of New England...

  Lance Boley:Hello ...

  Dennis Smith:Hey guys



  Shawn (rolltidega):Hi everybody!!!

  MichaelD:Afternoon gents

  Lance Boley:Welcome everyone ... today we have experts on the line to chat about iDRAC Enterprise

  Lance Boley:I will turn it over the the team to kick things off.

  Lance Boley:Welcome Michael and Shawn ...

  Rajesh Patel:Welocme everyone, Hi This is Rajesh Patel from Dell Development team for iDRAC7 Enterprise

  Khaled Omar:hello everyone

  Rajesh Patel:We would like to give you introduction to the VNC support feature added as part of recent iDRAC7 release

  Rajesh Patel:As you must be aware of virtual console feature available with iDRAC7

  Rajesh Patel:Virtual console feature enables user to control host video from the remote management system

  Rajesh Patel:This would allow you to see physical video of the host server and control KVM from there

  Lance Boley:Does everyone use iDRAC in their Dell servers today?

  Rasmus Haslund:Yes!

  Gerry Forde:yes

  Shawn (rolltidega):If I have blades that are iDRAC6 can those be upgraded to iDRAC7?  Seems like all the new features are iDRAC7. :-(

  MichaelD:Don't use the iDRAC regularly, but it's a life saver when problems arise.

  Lance Boley:@Shawn, no it is hardware specfic

  Rajesh Patel:With the existing vConsole feature there is need of Activex/Java based plugins on the client side to launch vConsole

  Rajesh Patel:With the introduction of VNC server support on iDRAC7,

  Lance Boley:So @Michael, what do you like best when you use it?

  Rasmus Haslund:Man I wish you guys would make iDRAC java plugin work with Google Chrome :) It just downloads the jnlp file but with incorrect extension, meaning I need to rename the file to include .jnlp and THEN I can launch it

  MichaelD:Remote power cycling, remote console access, mounting ISOs

  Shawn (rolltidega):I use the iDRAC regularly for sure.  Especially to watch servers reboot and such.

  Lance Boley:So who uses VNC?

  Gerry Forde:we use it alot ultravnc

  MichaelD:I have in the past, but have always disliked it's lack of native encryption

  Rasmus Haslund:Used it in the past as well, but found faster alternatives.

  Rajesh Patel:Any standard VNC client (open source) can connect once VNC server is enabled on iDRAC7

  Lance Boley:So would using VNC to access your Dell server be a plus ?

  MichaelD:Currently only use it with our XenServer VMs (via XenCenter) when updating images.

  Rajesh Patel:We have SSL encryption support with this VNC

  Rajesh Patel:so it works in either mode with/without SSL encryption

  MichaelD:IMO it would depend largely upon performance and features.  VNC historically has been sluggish on redraws

  @JGamblin:We use the VNC protocal with SSL encryption.  Without is would be crazy to use.

  MichaelD:Good to hear it supports encryption

  Rajesh Patel:VNC performance is equivalent to legacy vConsole

  Lance Boley:I just like the fact I can pull up my open source VNC client and not have to open the web interface.

  Lance Boley:What about mobile?

  MichaelD:Will you be able to attach remote media, or access media attached via the legacy console?

  Gerry Forde:i find the performance of vnc much better than the likes of dameware,rdp etc

  Rasmus Haslund:I like that there is no need to login to web interface

  Rajesh Patel:It supports mobile based VNC client

  Rasmus Haslund:Gerry: You must be joking, VNC faster than RDP?

  Lance Boley:@Michael ... you mean the web interface?

  Rajesh Patel:VNC client dose not have vMedia like legacy vConsole feature as of today

  MichaelD:@Lance - yes,

  Lance Boley:Okay, so you attache media like before, just use VNC to access the console.

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:To configure the VNC  server using the inetrfaces, once we configure the VNC configuration( Like Enable/disable, Port, Password, Encryption enable/disable, Timeout),  VNC server will start running on IDRAC.. There on we don't need to login to any GUI interface to access the Remote console Screen..

  Rajesh Patel:that's correct

  Rajesh Patel:There are VNC clients available for Mobile devices, we can use them as well to connect to Host console from mobile

  Lance Boley:@Rasmus, Gerry, has his networked tuned for performance :-)

  Lance Boley:network that is

  Lance Boley:Who uses mobile, either tablet or smartphone to access there servers?  Or do you every need to?

  Lance Boley:their servers ... (I can not type today)

  Gerry Forde:yes servers never seem to give trouble 9 to 5

  Ben Gray:I do- eaiser to access the server remotely on my smartphone when I'm out and about than lugging my laptop around.

  Ben Gray:rather than*

  MichaelD:Device of last resort imo. More likely to tether my laptop & phone

  Lance Boley:So @Ben would a mobile VNC client help you ?

  Ben Gray:I use whatever's availalbe.  Just get the job done.  Mobile VNC client would be another useful addition to the toolbag, for sure.

  Lance Boley:@Michael, I know you always carry a laptop, but for those you don't this would be a great option.

  MichaelD:The problem with phones especially is the limited screen real estate and doing precise input with a finger.

  Rajesh Patel:This feature is available on 12G servers with iDRAC7 1.50.50 version

  Dell_Ajit P:Any iDRAC7 version later 1.50.50

  Ben Gray:I agree.  The mobile VNC client would need a zoom feature, like PocketCloud has.  And it works great for VNC and RDP.

  MichaelD:Rather than a movile VNC client, what about HTML5. Detect the device (or display resolution) and adjust layout accordingly.

  Lance Boley:So if customers do not have that version can they flash the iDRAC7 and get it?

  Rajesh Patel:yes, they need to flash iDRAC7 1.50.50

  Rajesh Patel:and get this feature  enabled

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@Michael, HTML5 is currently not implimented and but its in pipeline for next releases.

  MichaelD:Good to hear :)

  Lance Boley:I am really excited about this, and can not wait to test it out in the lab with our Venue 8 tablets.

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@Lance, At the end of your test, you will love it for sure..

  Lance Boley:I am sure, this will really make lab work for me smooth and easy.

  Lance Boley:So how do we configure the VNC server option in the iDRAC?

  MichaelD:Is 1.50.50 available for download today?

  John A - Dell:@Michael - actually get 1.51.51

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@lance, You can configure VNC server using GUI, Racadm and Wsman..

  Rajesh Patel:VNC server can be configured using iDRAC GUI or RACADM CLI or WSMAN interface available iwth iDRAC7

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:In GUI, You can navigate to IDRAc settings->Network -> Services to configure

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:In racadm, "racadm get idrac.vncserver" command to get config data

  Rajesh Patel:minimal configuration required would be to enable VNC and set VNC server password

  Rajesh Patel:and you are ready to connect any standard VNC client available to get server console

  Lance Boley:Very nice, so the setup can be scripted with RACADM and multiple servers.

  MichaelD:For blades, is it in the pipeline to be able to configure this via the CMC like is currently possible with the iDRAC?

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@Lance, Yes. we can use scripting to configure on multiple servers

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@Michael, From CMC, You can do SSO directly to IDRAC and Configure it just like other configuration....

  Gerry Forde:I am using system center looking at openmanage can you connect direct from openmanage?

  MichaelD:I was thinking more of an integration with the current "Deploy iDRAC" page under Chassis Overview->Server Overview->Setup->iDRAC

  MichaelD:Give the iDRAC it's IP and enable VNC all in one shot.

  Lance Boley:@Michael .. .not today, but good idea

  Rajesh Patel:@Gerry openmange does not have this feature today

  Lance Boley:So what does everyone think, something you will use?  I know I will.

  Ben Gray:Yes

  Rasmus Haslund:Yes, a welcome addition

  Lance Boley:We got just a few more minutes.  Are there any more questions for the team?

  Gerry Forde:@Lance yes

  Rasmus Haslund:Just the one from previous regarding Google Chrome, iDRAC and jnlp files missing the jnlp extension

  MichaelD:Definitely something to try out, especially when not needing remote media/power control

  Lance Boley:@Rasmus, just configure the iDRAC for VNC and you will not have to worry about Chrome and java.

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:@Rasmus, Java works with google Chrome as well. we dont need to change the extension... May be Chrome settings might be limiting in this case..

  Rasmus Haslund:Lance: That will only help for iDRAC7, but since there is no 6 -> 7 upgrade path it would be nice if that was fixed anyway

  Rasmus Haslund:@AppaRao: Just try it yourself and see what happens

  MichaelD:I've seen the same when forgetting I'm in Chrome

  Rasmus Haslund:The new VNC feature is great, however having VNC should not mean adding support for Java plugin with Google Chrome not happening :)

  Lance Boley:I have not had any issues that I remember with Chrome.  I can take a look next time I am in the lab.

  Rasmus Haslund:Lance: I have seen this many many  times at many different customer sites. I dont remember it ever working as expected with Google Chrome.

  Lance Boley:Thanks everyone ...

  Rasmus Haslund:Anyway, great tech chat as always! Thank you for providing this update

  Gerry Forde:Thanks

  Ben Gray:thx

  Dell_AppaRao_Puli:Thanks Everyone..

  Lance Boley:Sure thing.  Chat with everyone next time.