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Lance Boley Thanks for joining everyone ... Welcome todays chat on Firmware Updates
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Lance Boley We have Raja with us today to tak about it more ...
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Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Good Afternoon everyone.... and a happy new year
Khaled Omar to u too Raja
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 I am one of the Engineers here are Dell working on iDRAC7 and Lifecycle Controller... and firmware updates is one of the primary areas that I work on
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Today I plan to cover a few new features that we have released with the latest iDRAC7 firmware and you are welcome to ask any firmware update questions in general
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 1. Firmware Rollback from the iDRAC7 Web Interface
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 2. Repository Based Updates to update multiple devices at the same time
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 3. Auto Updates to schedule updates to automatically happen at your desired system down time
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Does that sound interesting to everyone ?
Rasmus Haslund Yes indeed
Didier Van Hoye It does :-)
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 great... feel free to ask any questions as they come up
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Firmware Rollback has been a feature that we have supported from the LC (F10) console and via WSMAN as well
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 with the recent firmware release we have extended this feature to the iDRAC7 Web Intreface as well
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 what exactly does that mean ? you can now login to the iDRAC7 web interface and rollback all firmware versions to a version that cached in LC if you desired to do so
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 The iDRAC7 web interface has always supported rollback for the iDRAC firmware alone... are you familiar with this feature ?
Didier Van Hoye I have never needed it :-)
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Great... we dont generally recommend downgrading to a previous firmware release unitl and unless it is really necessary
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 but there have been certain corner cases where customers had to use this feature and I can go over a few scenarios if required.
Khaled Omar maybe corruption in the new firmware or the upgrade process requires this rollback
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 exactly... and also to maintain all servers at the same firmware level... newer machines ship with the latest firmware from the factory
Didier Van Hoye I once hear we could use XML templates for BIOS settings
Didier Van Hoye Could you elaborat on that
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 and it might not match with the firmware thats running on all other machines in your DataCenter... at which point you can use the rollback feature to downgrade to a desired firmware level
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 The firmware rollback from iDRAC7 is just an extension of the iDRAC7 rollback feature, which now enables us to rollback all firmwares, that is NIC, BIOS, RAID etc along with the iDRAC7 firmware
Khaled Omar why we focus on rollback the newer machines and not updating the old firmwares to the latest one ?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 The firmware rollback lists out all rollbacks that are available along with the version it would rollback to... you can pick and choose the ones that you want to rollback...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Great question Khaled....
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 most customers have a test bed of known machines, devices and firmware levels that they rely on....
Dell_Selva Subbiah @Didier - Yes you can use Configuration XML template for BIOS settings and more
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 they go over an extended test cycle before upgrading their machines to the newer firmware levels....
Dell_Selva Subbiah here is a video that talks about that feature - http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/m/videos/20437569.aspx
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 hence when they just buy once new machine to add to their data center, they rollback / downgrade that particular machine to a known firmware level that has been tested in their environment
Didier Van Hoye Thx
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Khaled, does that answer your question ?
Khaled Omar and this rollback can be done for multiple devices simultaneously ?
Khaled Omar yes
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 that is correct, if you are performing the rollback from the iDRAC Web interface, you can choose more than one device to be rolled back to a previous version at the same time
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 The rollback feature is tied in well with the existing job control and logging mechanisms and hence you can monitor the status of the rollback as they are being performed
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 if there are no other questions about rollback, I would like to move on to the next topic - Repository Updates
Khaled Omar is there any new feature to the web interface related to this rollback process ?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 yes this is part of the iDRAC web interface.... Once you login to the iDRAC web interface, navigate to the Update and Rollback Tab on the left
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 On the right you should see the Update | Rollback Options, choose Rollback
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 You should see a list Components, their current version and the version that is available for rollback
Khaled Omar you can make reports regarding all the rollbacked devices ?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 yes, once you select one or more device for rollback and click Install, the job queue and the lifecycle log should have corresponding entries for each rollback that is being performed
Khaled Omar good
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 great...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 moving on to Remote Repository Updates
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 How many of you like to find out which device on your machine is out dated, go to support.dell.com and find the update thats applicable to that device, download it
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 and install it one at a time
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 ?
hypervfan Always good with stuff that can be automated :)
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 exactly...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 I always found that process to be very time consuming and error prone... as I might download the wrong file, the file that not applicable etc...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 and hence we came up with the idea of a remote repository based update....
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Remote Repository Update provides the mechanism to update a wide variety of firmware and applications installed on the PowerEdge server at the click of a button. This feature uses an update repository created using the Dell Repository Manager to download and install the updates. The repository could either be ftp.dell.com or a user generated repository on a local network share.
Didier Van Hoye So basically we can phone home & get the latest DUP to be installed one by one ...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 exactly...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 we also went one step further... i always found calling home very stressful, parents your know :) , what about phone a friend ?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 we all like to phone a friend right... help me when I am in trouble kinda stuff....
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 what does that mean here ?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 not only can you get updates from ftp.dell.com ... but you can instead create a local repository on your secure local network and download all the updates from that local share...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Remote repository updates provides a simple and easy way to automatically figure out the latest updates that are available for your PowerEdge server and install it all at once at the click of a button.
Didier Van Hoye So we can use our existing local repository for that?
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 yes you can, a local network share that contains all the update packages
Khaled Omar local repository will be great incase of large number of devices
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 for the iDRAC to compare the packages that are available on the local network share with the versions that are installed on your machine, you need to create the local repository using the Dell Repository Manager
Khaled Omar i mean updates for devices
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 which creates an index file of all updates that are avialable, the devices it is applicable to and their versions
Didier Van Hoye Ok, that's cool, we know the repository manager
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 awesome...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 so you could use repository manager to create a replica or a sub set of ftp.dell.com  thats specific to the machines in your data center
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 copy it to a local share, point the iDRAC to that share
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 and thats it...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 the iDRAC now compares the versions thats currently running on it host with the one thats available on the local share...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 downloads and installs the updates
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 again... these are linked to the job queue and lifecycle log infrastructure, thereby enabling your to track these updates
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Remote Repository Updates is supported via the iDRAC7 Web interface, WSMAN, RACADM and the Local (F10) Lifecycle Controller UI
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 that brings us to our third topic, auto updates...
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 with the latest firmware, you can automate this update process to happen every so often as you desire
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 you can setup the iDRAC to go query your local repository every so often for updates
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 and also install any updates that are available
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 For example, you can now schedule updates to happen the last day of each month at midnight. Once the scheduled time is elapsed, the iDRAC will query the remote repository for a list of available updates and compare it to the versions that are currently installed. If new updates are found, the iDRAC will download the update packages and update the corresponding devices.
Khaled Omar from ftp.dell.com  and local repository ?
Didier Van Hoye So basicaly you add new servers, configure autoupdate and it will get all the firmware you've got in the repository automatically
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 yes, if your iDRAC has access to ftp.dell.com , you can configure it to look for updates on ftp.dell.com  and install them as they are available
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 exactly Didier
Khaled Omar better to make test for the updates before automate the process
Khaled Omar so i mean will be less used for me
Didier Van Hoye sure, but if you at 10 servers of same make to esiting 100 in DC you can just leave them afeter racking and they could be update by the next morning for you
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 you can also manage the updates by only updating the local repository with tested firmwares.... thereby your machines only pick up known and tested frimwares for updates
Khaled Omar sure
Khaled Omar but after test
Didier Van Hoye Yes
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 we will be updating our tech center with whitepapers for these new features in the coming weeks...
Dennis Smith Awesome! We would like to thank Raja for going over all these features with us today and you guys for joining!
Dennis Smith Any last questions before we wrap up this chat?
Khaled Omar thanks
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 I hope this was a useful session and that I answered your questions, please write to us with any further questions you may have and we will be happy to assist you
Didier Van Hoye Thx Raja
Dennis Smith As always, the chat will be posted later for recap...and if you have any questions feel free to post them on our forums!
Dell_Raja_Tamilarasan 2 Thanks everyone...
Dennis Smith no chat next week...see you guys in 2 weeks!
hypervfan Thanks
Didier Van Hoye OK
Didier Van Hoye thank you
Didier Van Hoye see you next tille
Didier Van Hoye time