In this chat we reviewed questions such as what is WSMAN and what are RACADM, how are WSMAN and RACADM different, and what are they useful for?


Click here to download the WSMAN vs RACADM PowerPoint presentation used in this chat.



Dell TechCenter Hello everyone, welcome to the Dell iDRAC Remote Scripting - RACADM vs WSMAN chat
Dell TechCenter who do we have with us today?
Scott Tracy Scott Tracy
Mike_B Mike Behrens
Paul 2 et al
Doug Ritzke Doug Ritzke
Tony Phan Tony Phan
Paul Paul Wagner
Dell TechCenter where are you guys from?
Paul NJ
Scott Tracy Austin
MikeW Mike Whims - Ohio
Mike_B Nashville
Dell TechCenter Welcome Scott, Mike, Paul, Doug, Tony, Paul, and everyone else
Dell TechCenter We'll get started here in 3-4 minutes
Ed darrah 2 Ed Darrah, Bentonville, AR
Doug Ritzke North Dakota
Mary Hillabrand Mary Hillabrand, New York - hello!
Dell TechCenter today's chat will be text only, but we will have a PowerPoint slide that we will chat about (text only)
Dell TechCenter Wow, lots of people from all over the US!
Dell TechCenter anyone international on the chat?
Dell TechCenter Also, what are you all primarily interested in learning from today's chat?
Doug Iler - Dell and our hosts staying up late from Banglore to share the knowledge -- thanks guys
Mike_B I am interested in what these tools can do for me to make administration easier.
Mohnkern Bare Metal Deployment application
MikeW Automation is great!
Chris 2 Yep. Automation. We're hiring in Austin btw, if anyone knows someboday who needs a better job. :)
Ed darrah 2 I’m looking for what RACADM commands I can use today instead of the WS-man scripts I have made.
Chitrak_Dell Sure we will try to touch upon these topics during our presentation today
Dell TechCenter OK thanks for the feedback everyone
Dell TechCenter let's get started
Dell TechCenter thanks for joining the Dell TechCenter iDRAC Remote Management / Scripting with RACADM vs WSMAN chat today.
Dell TechCenter Today we'll be talking (text only though) about how to simplify remote configuration through the Dell iDRAC by creating scripts using both RACADM (Remote Access Controller Admin) and the WSMAN standard.
Dell TechCenter With us from the iDRAC Interface team we have: Doug, Prakash, Prashanth, Chitrak, Bala, Ajay are all here to talk iDRAC and answer questions.
Dell TechCenter Ajay_Shenoy will be starting our chat today with a PowerPoint presentation, so I'll now turn the chat over to him.
Ajay_Shenoy Hello everyone
Ajay_Shenoy I will be walking you through RACADM and WSMAN tools today for system administration
Ajay_Shenoy I am assuming, you are familiar with iDRAC - Integrated Dell Remote Access controller used for remote management of Dell PowerEdge servers
Ajay_Shenoy iDRAC helps system administrators to remotely manage servers - configure, update, deploy etc..
Ajay_Shenoy There are various tools you can use to talk to the iDRAC
Ajay_Shenoy iDRAC GUI, IPMI, RACADM, WSMAN etc. We will specifically look at the command line tools
Ajay_Shenoy Lets start with RACADM
Ajay_Shenoy RACADM is a Dell command line tool
Ajay_Shenoy It can be used only with Dell Poweredge servers
Dell TechCenter for more information about how to download RACADM, you can find instructions on the Dell TechCenter page @
Chris Legg Is there a way to script RACADM from C#?
Ajay_Shenoy It can be used inband on the managed system or out of band from the management console
Chitrak_Dell @Chris, RACADM is better suited for a command line interface. WSMAN however provides SOAP-XML driven scripting mechanism
Ajay_Shenoy racadm does not provide a programmatic interface/library
Ajay_Shenoy it is a binary that is available for linux/windows
Scott Tracy Does WS-Man have a way to configure chassis?
Chitrak_Dell @Scott, yes we provide WSMAN support on our Chassis controller as well
Aleksandar what are the benefits of RACADM compared to WSMan?
Ajay_Shenoy @Aleksandar we'll cover that in the next slide
Aleksandar thanks :)
Chitrak_Dell @Scott: you can find more information here
Ajay_Shenoy RACADM can be used for inband scripts..from the OS or from a pre-OS environment to configure the iDRAC. - This is something that WSMAN cannot do
Ajay_Shenoy RACADM can also be used for out-of-band scripts - remotely
Ajay_Shenoy It uses plain text output and a rich commandset making it ideal for scripting
Ajay_Shenoy It is very simple to learn; there is online help that can be invoked by typing help against each commandn
Ajay_Shenoy This architecture diagram illustrates the 3 flavors of racadm
Ajay_Shenoy 1. remote racadm over https
Ajay_Shenoy 2. local racadm over IPMI
Ajay_Shenoy 3. Firmware racadm over SSH/Telnet
Ajay_Shenoy firmware racadm provides a racadm shell where you can use tab completion and "cd" based navigation
Ajay_Shenoy We can look at a typical use case for racadm
DELL-Sumeet B Ajay, can you explain what you mean by "racadm does not provide a programmatic interface/library"?
Dell TechCenter You can download the BIOS & NIC Configuration using RACADM paper at
Ajay_Shenoy @Sumeet...racadm can be scripted. However, it does not provide LIBs or DLLs that you can link into your C/C# Programs
Ajay_Shenoy In the whitepaper, we can see how RACADM can be used to configure BIOS, NIC and RAID settings
Chitrak_Dell @Sumeet, WSMAN is a web services driven protocol where you get service information through WSDL files. WSDL acts as a header file for consoles to consume
Ajay_Shenoy In the next slide we will move on to WSMAN...any questions on racadm before that?
Chris Legg So, if we need formatted program-readable (no screen scraping) output we should use WSMAN or IPMI?
Ed darrah 2 In looking at the #2 local racadm, RHEL/CentOS and SUSE are supported. Will Ubuntu 12.04 LTS be added? And will Linux have a RACADM only statically linked build at some point like windows?
Ajay_Shenoy Correction - -the whitepaper above covers BIOS and NIC configuration only
Chitrak_Dell @Chris WSMAN will provide a standard SOAP schema based output which is program readable
DELL-Sumeet B @Ajay, when you talk about LIBs/DLLs provided for C/C# programs, are you referring to something like the Python WSMan API?
Doug Iler - Dell @Ed - we're looking into Ubuntu but not clear on when we'll add Racadm support at this time
Ajay_Shenoy @Sumeet...Yes..We do not offer headers and APIs for racadm
Ajay_Shenoy Moving to WSMAn..
prashanth_dell @Ed : regarding the second question
Ajay_Shenoy WSMAN is a DMTF protocol for remote management
prashanth_dell what do mean by statically linked (for windows.)
Ajay_Shenoy It is based on web services. A service client looks up the registry for available services and invokes that service
Ajay_Shenoy All queries and responses are SOAP-XML packets
Ajay_Shenoy WSMAN queries and responses go over a secure HTTPS interface
Aleksandar Can I use PowerShell's CIM cmdlets to manage iDRAC?
Chitrak_Dell It follows DMTF standard DSP_0226. You can get the specification from
Chitrak_Dell @Aleksandar, yes you can
Ajay_Shenoy The data that is managed via WSMAN follows a data format specified by a CIM schema
Ajay_Shenoy There are 3rd party tools that can be used to send WSMAN requests - WinRM by Microsoft
Ajay_Shenoy Openwsman CLI for Linux
Ed darrah 2 You can install just RACADM command in windows but in Linux you need to install a few other RPM’s. With the mind set of installing RACADM on a management stations to send commands to remote systems the other parts of OMSA aren’t needed and adds extra software dependency.
Chitrak_Dell 2
Chitrak_Dell @Aleksandar:
Ajay_Shenoy The main advantage of using WSMAN is the programmatic interface..You can integrate WSMAN into your C#/Java programs
Scott Mitchell what version(s) of iDrac are needed to do BIOS and NIC configuration?
Aleksandar @Chitrak_Dell thanks
prashanth_dell @Ed: got it.. yes we have that as a Roadmap item ..B135
Ajay_Shenoy @Scott...On 12G iDRAC7 1.30 or higher
Scott Mitchell thx
Samori Self 2 Has anyone used RACADM or WSMAN to script the configuration of the Broadcom Nic partitioning feature?
Ajay_Shenoy @Samori..WSMAN can be used to script it
Tony Phan Can you register for event notification on a new log entry is created in the SEL log in C#?
Dell-Aditi Satam @Aleksandar:sing Microsoft Windows PowerShell CIM Cmdlets with Dell iDRAC
Chris Legg Where is the WSMAN "Eventing" feature documented?
Samori Self 2 ok thanks
Dell-Aditi Satam @Aleksandar: Using Microsoft Windows PowerShell CIM Cmdlets with Dell iDRAC
Ed darrah 2 @prashanth: Thank you
Ajay_Shenoy @Samori...the NIC profile describes the partitioning feature
Ajay_Shenoy WSMAN scripts are available on Delltechcenter for commonly used configuration, update etc activities
Ajay_Shenoy The best practice guide contains detailed workflows for BIOS, NIC, RAID configuration/update
prashanth_dell @Samori:equivalent support is provided by RACADM via NIC configuration
Aleksandar @Dell-Aditi Satam thanks. I don't have access to iDRAC, but as PowerShell MVP I would like to try your PowerShell cmdlets. Do you have an emulator or some way to make that available to me?
Chitrak_Dell @Chris:We will be releasing a whitepaper on eventing shortly. However it follows the standard subscription mechanism defined in the spec. For more info you can look at
prashanth_dell @Samori:
Ajay_Shenoy MOF files and WSDL files that may needed for developing consoles that use WSMAN are provided on the delltechcenter page as well for iDRAC
Ajay_Shenoy The use cases and workflows for WSMAN are detailed in the web services interface guide
Chris Legg what iDRAC FW level supports WSMAN eventing?
Dell TechCenter Download the helpful documents about WSMAN scripting + iDRAC (hosted on Dell TechCenter):Lifecycle Controller Web Services (WS-Man) Interface Guide for Windows Controller Web Services (WS-Man) Interface Guide for Linux
Ajay_Shenoy is the one-stop-shop for all things WSMAN
Dell TechCenter Sorry pasting in the links again - Lifecycle Controller Web Services (WS-Man) Interface Guide for Windows
Dell TechCenter Lifecycle Controller Web Services (WS-Man) Interface Guide for Linux -
Ajay_Shenoy In the table, the differences between RACADMa and WSMAN are highlighted
Chitrak_Dell @Chris: WSMAN events are supported from 12G idrac7 1.40.40 and higher. 1.40.40 has job session related events. The upcoming release has full WS-event support
Chitrak_Dell @Chris:WSMAN events help in scripting for jobs which take a long time to complete and the script need not be blocked for the job to be complete. It will be asynchronous
Ajay_Shenoy We are at the end of the PPT..any questions?
Chris Any thoughts or plans about improving the command help structure of racadm, or improving backwards compatibility from version to version?
Dell TechCenter we can take questions for the next 10 minutes --- or give us feedback on how you use RACADM or how it could be improved
Paul 2 Will we be able to get this PowerPoint at the end of the session?
Ajay_Shenoy Someone earlier had a question on bare-metal OS deployment. This can be done via WSMAN - the best practices guide has a detailed workflow on how OS can be installed by mounting a network ISO and booting to it.
Paul 2 A copy of this transcript would be nice too...
Dell TechCenter @Paul uploading the ppt right now
Tony Phan Does WS-Eventing supports event notification for SEL log changes?
Chitrak_Dell @Mohnkern: WSMAN scripts can be used for bare metal deployment. You can use WSMAN scripts to configure your network and raid configurations as well as installing operating systems and updaitng all your device firmwares
Ajay_Shenoy More on scripting with WSMAN -
Chitrak_Dell @Tony Whatever is logged in SEL also comes out through WS-Events.
Doug Iler - Dell @chris - please email  so we can assist you re help and compatibility
Dell TechCenter If anyone wants to download the WSMAN vs RACADM PowerPoint used in this presentation, it is now available at:
Chitrak_Dell @tony:What all events we require can be configured via iDRAC GUI and WSMAN
Dell TechCenter We have 5 minutes left in the chat, any final words? questions? feedback?
Aleksandar thank you for your presentation, chat, and links
James Stephan where do i find out more about using the idrac for bare metal deployments
Dell-Aditi Satam Aleksandar: I dont have an emulator but the paper has guidance on how you can write cmdlets for different profiles
James Stephan I work for dell and am having some major issues getting support or help can I email you and ask questions
Chitrak_Dell @James: Sure, please email us
Dell TechCenter Thank you for joining everyone. In the next day or two, the transcript of this chat will be available in the archive section of
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Doug Iler - Dell thanks everyone
Ajay_Shenoy Thanks everyone for participating in this chat
DELL-Sumeet B thanks guys
Chitrak_Dell Thanks everyone
prashanth_dell thanks everyone..