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  Jeff Sullivan: Hey Folks!

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  Dell - Michael Pacheco:  Hello, Everyone!  Welcome to today's TechChat on Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for Microsoft.   = )

  hypervfan: Hi Jeff

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  Jeff Sullivan: Lance just tweeted about this chat if you folks wanted to RT:  https: //

  Lance Boley: We are going to get started

  Lance Boley: Today we have some Dell experts here to talk about the Host Integration Tools for Microsoft

  Lance Boley: Chuck and Michael are here to tell us about the new features and to answer your questions.

  Lance Boley: Chuck and Michael do you want to kick things off ...

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: As you all know, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has many new storage features.

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Namely:   Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX), UNMAP (Thin Provisioning) and Storage Management Provider (SMP) - amongst a few others.

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: If you are not already familiar, Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for Microsoft - are a set of tools that you can use to optimize the use of Dell EqualLogic storage from Microsoft Windows.

  Dell - Chuck Farah: ODX - offloading the data transfer from the host to the equallogic array...much faster

  cooksarah9: defining TLAs is always a good idea Chuck!

  cooksarah9: Thanks

  Dell - Chuck Farah: unmap - freeing up space that is freed up by the os on the array...

  Dell - Chuck Farah: SMP allows us to tightly integrate with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 as well as the new file services user interface

  cooksarah9: welcome MichaelD

  MichaelD: Afternoon

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for Microsoft (HIT/Microsoft) benefits include:   Streamlined Management with PowerShell cmdlets (manage Dell EqualLogic storage from Microsoft PowerShell),  Robust Application-Consistent Data Protection and Quick Recovery of SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Hyper-V , CSV and NTFS

  cooksarah9: do we have anyone using the EPA yet?

  Lance Boley: Good afternoon Michael ...

  cooksarah9: oh, maybe I should define EPA

  cooksarah9: early production access

  hypervfan: Got a customer using it

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Other benefits include:   Integration Operation with providers such as Virtual Disk Services, Storage Management Provider and HPC iSCSI Provider -- as well as a Device Specific Module for multipathing MPIO (so that you can take advantage of high availability and improved performance with your iSCSI connections)

  cooksarah9: what do you mean by new file services user interface?

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperV fan - have you heard any feedback from your customer on HIT/Microsoft v4.6 EPA?

  hypervfan: Looking good so far. Also had to use 4.5 even though it was not supported, as the customer wanted to get started

  Dell - Chuck Farah: in windows server 2012 and windows 8 disks are now managed through a new gui - which also uses a new storage architecture known as SM API just simply allows the equallogic volume to be created, discovered and managed through the operating system as opposed to having to go to the equallogic group manager

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: To add to Chuck's comment... SMP is Microsoft's 'new' version of Virtual Disk Services (VDS).

  MichaelD: Are all the configuration settings exposed? i.e. replication, snapshots, RAID preference?

  cooksarah9: nice, so does it streamline the process of provisioning volumes?

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Michael.. can you elaborate on that question?

  hypervfan: Yes, using it with SCVMM. Working as expected

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD - most basic operations are exposed such as creating,deleting volumes and snapshots replication is not

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Excellent, HyperVFan.  Thank you for the note.

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperV Fan -- are you familar with Auto-Snapshot Manager / Microsoft Edition?

  Dell - Chuck Farah: to continue replication is not with native commands/user interface..but is however with the powershell cmdlet module provider

  Dell - Chuck Farah: for Equallogic

  hypervfan: But I would like to get support for Microsoft systems out earlier. A lot of our customers are keen on getting started with new Windows features, and not good always having to tell them to wait because HIT is not supported for that version or feature yet

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: MichaelD - Application-Consistent Replication is also a feature of Auto-Snapshot Manager.  So, you can replicate your SmartCopies (Snapshots, Clones, Replicas) to secondary PS Series Group.

  hypervfan: Now about the Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition, but have not had customers seen the need for it over here yet

  hypervfan: now=know

  Dell - Chuck Farah: - miked question far raid preference that can be set through the equallogic cmdlets...the resiliencysetting would be mapped to the member raid policy

  MichaelD: So GUI for basics and PoSH/Group Manager for the rest, k

  Dell - Chuck Farah: mike d on you comment GUI you are referring to the File services or VMM GUI (native gui)?

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HIT/Microsoft v4.6 EPA can be downloaded on the Dell EqualLogic Support site at:

  hypervfan: How are the plans for Dell about  Windows 2012 R2 and SC 2012 R2 products support? Will it be ready at release or close after?

  MichaelD: the file services GUI

  Dell - Chuck Farah: MichaelD - yes the file services GUI does the 90% rule of management...the intent is to make life a little simplier by providing native api into eql from the os or application such as VMM

  Kyle Walczak: hyperfan:  I am the poduct marketing manager for EQL HIT. Is your question regardingthe HITs or all products

  hypervfan: Most important is HIT, but in general all. : )

  Kyle Walczak: We always target to have new OS support within 90 days of their release, but we really try to get it sooner

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: With the Dell EqualLogic SMP Provider in native Windows Server , you can obtain volume/pool info, create new volumes, create snapshots, thin clones/template volumes, clone a volume, change volume access controls, offline a volume, delete a volume -- and also perform some interaction with the PS Series arrays by blinking the lights on specific disks and such.

  Dell - Chuck Farah: miked - continued the powershell has both native storage commands and specific equallogic commands ....also windows server 2012 offers new iscsi session managment simplification...

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: With the Dell EqualLogic SMP Provider in SCVMM2012, you can manage volumes on PS Series groups (create volumes, etc..), you can assign volumes to host groups in VMM, rapidly provision VM's from templates residing on EqualLogic volumes, migrate VMs between hosts and clusters, and also perform VM storage migrations to different destinations

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: To clarify:   SCVMM2012 SP1 and Rollup Pack 1 are required

  MichaelD: In Server 2012, is the UNMAP command supported on replicated volumes? 

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Dell recommends not using UNMAP on replicated volumes - that is documented in the Dell EqualLogic PS Series Firmware v6.x Release Notes.

  hypervfan: Would like it to be quicker than 90 days, would like it to be more as it is for VMware : )

  hypervfan: People over here in Europe are adopting Hyper-V and the products around it very quickly, and having to wait for HIT is not good

  Kyle Walczak: We will early production access code out there for customers

  Kyle Walczak: We should have HIT support at about the same time as Dell releases it for our server line

  MichaelD: Shame, would like to be able to reclaim unused space on our file server volumes but not at the cost of not replicating.

  Dell - Chuck Farah: is anyone using Systems Center Virtual machine manager?

  hypervfan: Installing SCVMM for customers when they need it

  Dell - Chuck Farah: hypervfan - do you have the v4.6 epa? they can use rapid vm provisioning

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: MichaelD - typically, the end result for re-thining on a volume that is configured for replication -- is that , even though a lot of time might be taken, no space is actually re-claimed.  This is true for Windows, VMware, abd Linux..

  hypervfan: Got it installed yes, but have not tested that yet. People just starting to get back from vacation over here

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD yes its  a bit of a challenge...since unmap is a SCSI T10/as well as T13 standard we have to write zeros to the destination...which may cause a delay for large changed the guidance is to actually schedule the rethin through a powershell cmdlet

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Interested in Dell EqualLogic Beta Programs? Here is your chance to access the latest products and influence product features! Beta Program benefits to you normally include the ability to gain early access to new products and features as well as the opportunity to provide feedback directly to Dell Development teams. 

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: If you are interested in Dell EqualLogic Beta Programs, please send an email to with the following information:  •Name •Company name •Street Address •City •State/Province •Country •Postal Code/Zip Code •Email •Phone access information •Please indicate your area(s) of interest:  Dell EqualLogic PS Series, Dell EqualLogic FS Series, Microsoft integration, VMware integration, Linux integration, SAN Headquarters •What features are you most interested in? •Confirm you abide by the beta requirements for equipment and non-production use •How much time do you have available for beta testing per week of beta? •What is your Dell EqualLogic Support site Username? Dell will review Beta requests and let sites know if they have been selected. Dell has limited equipment available to aid in Beta testing. Participation requires valid Dell NDA and Beta Agreements to be executed for all selected sites. Beta software can not be used in a production environment.

  hypervfan: I would be more than interested in beta testing, but haven't got access to any spare EQ unfortunatley

  cooksarah9: Wow....that is some fancy cutting and pasting!

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: LOL.  Sorry for the cut/paste.  I should have provided the URL.  Lance will be sending that shortly.

  Lance Boley: Here is the link for those that want more info on the EqualLogic beta program - http: //

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Thanks, Lance!  = )

  Andrea: what version of sharepoint and exchange are supported?

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD - are you using auto replication (async) or syncrep or both?

  cooksarah9: BVTechnie, we thought we lost you!

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Good question, Andrea.  HIT/Microsoft v4.6 EPA newly includes support for  Application-Consistent data protection and quick recovery of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Exchange Server 2013..

  BVTechie: you did... unfortunately

  BVTechie: I'm in a QBR... and got sidetracked

  cooksarah9: ahhh....multi-tasking!

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Andrea... SharePoint  Exchange Server are both supported by Auto-Snapshot Manager / Microsoft Edition.

  Dell - Chuck Farah: QBR sounds a bit painfull

  BVTechie: for an engineer, yes...

  MichaelD: Chuck - async between our groups in our different DCs; wouldn't mind being able to do syncrep between groups though

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperVFan... it sounds like you support multiple customers AND you use HIT/Microsoft a lot.

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperVFan... do you use HIT/Microsoft's HIT Groups and Remote Installation capabilities?

  hypervfan: Yes, I'm mainly working with Microsoft products, and quite a few customers use Dell servers/storage

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD - ok good to know ....i was curious about how far down the replication path you have gone

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperVFan... with HIT/Microsoft, you can manage mutliple Windows hosts via a single instance of ASM/ME.  What's great is that you can also remotely install (in parallel) and configure the HIT across all of your Windows servers.

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD for syncrep thats is actually a pool to pool (of a volume) synchronous replication - actually within the same group

  MichaelD: We've been using it for the last 4 years or so since migrating our VMware environment to EQL.

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperVFan -- additinoally, you can remotely upgrade and manage EqualLogic settings, including MPIO - from one common (ASM/ME) interface.  It's a FANASTIC feature for Server/Storage admins supporting larger environments.

  hypervfan: @Dell-Michael_Pacheco:  Have started looking into that part. Done some lab tests on it

  hypervfan: Looking good, just need to get more into it : )

  MichaelD: chuck - Yeah, but having 20GbE between DCs just for our iSCSI network I'd like to be able to do syncrep between groups : )

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: HyperVfan - Please always feel free to contact me offline for more information.  It would be my pleasure.  = )

  Dell - Chuck Farah: michaelD - ahh so you are an expert on replication!

  Lance Boley: Alright I think we are just about done for today's TechChat.  Thanks everyone for joining us today.

  hypervfan: Might do that. Always good to get some expert insight : )

  MichaelD: Thanks Chuck, Michael, et al.

  cooksarah9: Thanks everyone!

  Lance Boley: Talk to everyone next time ...

  Dell - Michael Pacheco: Thank you for the great questions!  = )

  hypervfan: Thanks for good info

  Dell - Chuck Farah:  thanks all ...also if you need to contact me i am available chuck_farah@dell.comcom