Dell TechCenter Hello everyone, welcome to our Dell OpenManage Essentials v1.2 (text based) TechChat!
Dell TechCenter We'll start a few minutes after 3PM while we wait for more folks to join, we appreciate your attendance
Dell TechCenter where is everyone from?
Bob Laszko Spanky's Portable Services, Escondido Ca.
IT_Guru St. Louis, MO
Dell TechCenter Welcome!
Dell-Rob C Round Rock :-)
Dell TechCenter @Bob - what kind of IT infrastructure does a sanitation service require?
Don Williams Irving, TX
Dell TechCenter Lots of Texas folks in the chat
IT_Guru i'm betting wireless
DougRitzke Beulah, ND
Bob Laszko We have a main data center / office with four remote office connected via VPNs. Normal SMB stuff.
Alex long Howdy folks
Alex long Tulsa, OK here
GNelson Austin TX
Dell TechCenter Howdy Alex. not far from us here in Austin
Dell TechCenter Hi GNelson, welcome back - seen you around a few times
GNelson thankx.I think this will be a very interesting chat today!
Dell TechCenter @Bob cool, thanks for sharing
Alex long I'm anxious to learn about OM Essentials.I don't really know much about that product
Dell TechCenter @Gnelson, yes OpenManage Essentials is always a popular topic
Dell-Rob C Great.We are happy to talk about it.
Abhijit Pathak OM Essentials is Dell's hardware management console
Dell TechCenter @Alex we have a huge number of resources relating to OME at
Dell TechCenter We'll get started in a few minutes with our experts
Alex long thanks
Kevin Houston (Dell) Good afternoon everyone.
Dell TechCenter Anyone care to share about your current experiences with OpenMaange Essentials?How many systems are you monitoring?
Rick 75 systems
Dell TechCenter @Rick and how is it going so far with the systems you have?
Dell TechCenter and has anyone upgraded to v1.2?
Rick lots of little issues I need to look into, but overall pretty good
Nick Will be installing OME soon to manage 300 remote site servers
Abhijit Pathak Thanks @Rick
GNelson we have 123 servers discovered/inventoried, and have used the system updates / compliance part for about 15.. still testing it out
Don Williams 19 systems, have not had a lot of luck figuring it out
Dell TechCenter Are you all familiar with the forum at ?
Dell TechCenter you can get your questions answered by many on the OME team there
Abhijit Pathak @Don have you looked at the tutorials?
Don Williams I have looked at some. They revolve around setting up, deiscovery
HoosierCAB I'm monitoring 27 servers at one job, ~12 servers and a couple MD32xxi at the other. Still on v1.1 at both.
Rick yes on the forum - have discussion going now regarding Broadcom 17.6.0
GNelson My biggest issues are 1. how long it takes for a recently updated system to show as "compliant", even after triggering inventory and 2. lack of good feedback on system update execution history for Windowsservers
Dell TechCenter OK, we are now 5 minutes after 3, let's get started with this text based chat
Dell-Rob C @DonI bet we can get you up and running.Stop over to the forum
Dell TechCenter Today we have a few OpenManage Essentials experts on the line to introduce the new features of OME 1.2 and to answer your questions
Dell TechCenter Leading the chat today will be Abhijit P and Raj, principal software engineers for OpenManage Essentials
Abhijit Pathak @GNelson it typically takes one inventory cycle
Dell TechCenter They will be first going through a slide show outlining new features, then taking your questions
Abhijit Pathak System update process usually kicks off the inventory after completion
Dell TechCenter And with that, I'll let Abhijit and Raj take over
Raj  @Gnelson:After deploying the updates successfully, the inventory is run after 15 minutes. If you chose to run inventory manually, once the inventory is retreived, compliance report should be updated immediately.
Abhijit Pathak Welcome everyone
Abhijit Pathak We will be talking about the new features for OME 1.2
Abhijit Pathak The slide show on the right lists those as bullets
Abhijit Pathak let us know if you have any questions
Abhijit Pathak or feedback
Raj  @Gnelson:Which version of OME are you using ? Are you deploying updates via iDRAC or thru; OS ?
Abhijit Pathak One of the key features is addition of Geographic view for PowerEdge VRTX servers
GNelson v 1.1 (upgrading to 1.2 this Thursday)
Raj  @Gnelson: OME 1.2 contains few critical bug fixes. Prior to upgrade, make sure to take a backup of DB.
Dell-Rob C
Nick Anything specific to installing on 3008 R2 guest running on Esxi?
Dell-Rob C VRTX info
GNelson @Raj ok, thankx
Abhijit Pathak @Nick You will need the latest service pack
Raj @Nick, depends on how many devices you would like to manage, what features you are interested etc. ?
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 added support for Compellent storage devices
Abhijit Pathak It also allows you to receive email notifications if warranty is about to expire for some of the devices
Nick 300 servers, monitor health, push updates F/W and S/W
Abhijit Pathak Another interesting feature is the search bar
Dell-Rob C Search is pretty cool.
Dell-Rob C you can type in "Discover" and it will navigate you to the disc wizard
Abhijit Pathak search allows you to look for discovered devices with names
Abhijit Pathak or any of OME features
Raj  @Nick: 3008 R2 SP1 with 4 procs, 4-8GB RAM..if it is just 300 devices only, use local DB (SQL Express)...
Abhijit Pathak Here is the screenshot of geographic view feature for VRTX
Abhijit Pathak It allows you to see where the devices are physically located and the health status
Nick Thanks that's what I was planning for
Dell TechCenter If anyone wants to see the screen shot on the left up close and person, you can download it at
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 allows you to restrict access for executing updates and remote tasks
Abhijit Pathak based on device groups
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 now installs on Windows 2012
Abhijit Pathak It also supports installtion on Domain Controller
Abhijit Pathak Support for additional devices like Force10 switches
Dell TechCenter We got a lot of requests for Windows Server 2012console support on the last chat, glad to see you guys added that in
Jack 2 Why would you want it installed on a DC?
Dell-Rob C Are there any folks still using ITA ?? :-)
Dell-Rob C @Jack good ques!
Abhijit Pathak @Jack 2 we don't recommend it
Bob Laszko ITA - yes
Dell-Rob C  @Bob....! :)We have to get you on to OME....C127
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 supports re-running of previously executed patch tasks
Dell-Rob C have you taken a look at it?
Raj @Jack...customer's choice...they want to use a server for multiple purposes...DC, network management station etc. ?
Bob Laszko This is my first exposure to it.
Abhijit Pathak OME now has a separate group for Virtual Machines
Dell-Rob C Great.Let us know in the forum if you have any questions.
Bob Laszko Aye. Thanks
Abhijit Pathak Instead of classifying VMs as unknown devices, OME now classifies the hosts and guests in a group
Abhijit Pathak OME also allows deployment of 64 bit Open Manage Server Administrator
GNelson Why would you want to discover a VM in OME?(theres no software/driver/fw updates to deploy, no warranty info to check,...)
Raj @GM...for virtual machines, OME shows the power status and basic info...focus is on the Host, guest VMs are nice to have...
Abhijit Pathak @GNelson many customers have VMs in the discovery range
Jack 2 I have yet to upgrade to V1.2 because of the issues about Explorer10 in the release notes.None that V1.2 has been out for a few to comment?
Abhijit Pathak and they wanted to know those are known devices
Raj @Jack 2, can you elaborate more on IE 10 issues ? OME 1.2 should be compatible w/ IE10
Dell-Rob C Should be fine in IE10. But not in "metro IE10"
Jack 2 What is metro IE10?
Dell-Rob C IE 10 can run from the Modern UI in Windows 8
Dell-Rob C but IE 10 can also be run in Desktop mode
Dell-Rob C this is fine with OME
Dell-Rob C So you can't run OME in IE10 from Windows 8 in the Modern UI / Metro....only "Desktop mode"
Jack 2 Thanks.I understand now.
Rosemond Auguste how is the support for non-dell servers in OME 1.2
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 allows staging the updates using iDrac
Raj is the same as OME 1.1...for non-Dell servers, users can import traps using MIBImport tool and receive events...
Abhijit Pathak You can send the updates to the managed nodes and later reboot the server manually for the updates to be applied
Rosemond Auguste can you schedule the reboot through OME
Abhijit Pathak yes
Raj thing you can try is to discover HP iLO and IBM IMM (equivalent to Dell iDRAC) using IPMI....OME can retrieve basic hardware inventory and health for these devices
Abhijit Pathak @Rosemond the default is reboot option checked
jazz I let someone use my dell laptop now I dont know the user passwords how can I reset them
Abhijit Pathak you can also schedule the reboot using remote tasks
Rosemond Auguste I have tried discovering the HP iLO, but as you only get basic hardware inventory as you stated
Dell TechCenter  @Hey Jazz, we aren't tech support here so we can't help you there. my advice is to go to the Dell community forums to search for an answer or ask a question
jazz I tried using a blank usb drive but it wont resopond what else can I do
Dell-Rob C  @Rosemond.Yes, if you trade in your HP servers for Dell servers you will get more h/w inventory with OME :)
jazz oh ok thanks sorry
Dell TechCenter @Jazz - not sure, we arent knowledgeable about that, we're talking about only the OpenManage Essentials product today
Craig Freemark What is the recommended way expose hardware level events from our Dell Server to SCOM 2012?, Is their a current management pack for dell servers or would we use ome or some other tool?
Rosemond Auguste good one Rob
Raj Does anyone manage PowerEdge M3000e using OME ?
GNelson We have two M3000es, havent gotten around to discovering them yet...
Dell-Rob C :)
Raj @Craig...OME can forward alerts to SCOM 2012...but I need to check if Dell has a plug-in for SCOM 2012 as well
GNelson @Craig - I manage SCOM for us, and there is a Dell Mgmt Pack.If you have OMSA installed on your servers, SCOm will generate alerts for hardware issues
Abhijit Pathak @GNelson you can use SNMP to discover the CMC
Dell TechCenter Here's the link if you need it to that white paper on forwarding Hardware alerts to SCOM
GNelson @Abhijit Would it be better to discover them via the CMC ?or is that not possible?
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 simplified the naming and grouping for M3000e
Abhijit Pathak @GNelson you can use SNMP to discover the blades as well as CMC
Craig Freemark Ok thanks for the info, will look for the management pack, and take a look at the white-paper as well
Abhijit Pathak discovering CMC will allow you to launch CMC console from OME as well as get details about empty/occupied slots in the chassis
Dell TechCenter We've pretty much finished going through the new features of OpenManage Essentials 1.2
Dell TechCenter Is there anything that you are glad was introduced?

 @Craig - Dell MgmtPack fro SCOM:  

Dell TechCenter Anything that you would like to see in the next release?
Dell TechCenter Feel free to ask questions about anything OME related or to give your feedback now
Alex long Does OME support Powerconnect 6300 switches?
GNelson With OME v 1.1, we often get a notification at the upper right corner of the console window that an OME service is not running, and have to restart the this a common problem (maybe fixed in v. 1.2)?
Abhijit Pathak @Alex we have the support matrix listed on the Dell Tech Center
Abhijit Pathak It lists all the supported hardware
Jack 2 Right now if you use the cab file for updates, even the optional updates put a server out of complience.I would like to see OME be able to control the inclusion of the optional and recommended updates.
Raj @GNelson...we have not seen issues related to OME Services not running. It will help us troubleshoot/fix the issue if you can open a support case.
Abhijit Pathak OME supports PowerConnect 6220
Abhijit Pathak 6300 is not listed as supported
Raj @Jack 2...Good feedback...We will take that as a requirement w/ product marketing...
HoosierCAB  @Gnelson:Haven't had that issue with either of my installs
Abhijit Pathak @GNelson it may be a problem with specific device in the discovery range. As Raj suggested opening a support case may help us troubleshoot it better
GNelson OK, thankx
Abhijit Pathak OME 1.2 supports in place upgrades from previous versions (1.0.1, 1.1/1.1.1)
Rosemond Auguste Is the upgrade from OME 1.1 to 1.2 in place
Rosemond Auguste oh okay
Rosemond Auguste thanks Abhijit
Abhijit Pathak you are welcome
Raj Any other questions on OME 1.2 ?
Rosemond Auguste yes
Rosemond Auguste sir
Dell TechCenter Has anyone not started using OpenManage Essentials yet?If not, why not?
Rosemond Auguste in OME 1.1
MichaelD I've gotten it installed, but always seem to get sidetracked when going to actually configure it.
Rosemond Auguste there was no way to create a separate folder (OU) for printers
Rosemond Auguste example
Rosemond Auguste I have different regions
Dell TechCenter  @MichaelD - sounds like that's a job related problem instead of a Dell problem:)
Rosemond Auguste i want to group my printers by regions
Rosemond Auguste is that possible
Rosemond Auguste in 1.2
Raj can definitely group it based on regions using one of the device attributes (Device name, location etc.)
Raj @Rosemond...Select "Manage->Devices" and right click to select "New group". Follow the instructions in the wizard...
Dell TechCenter

If you all want to go

again offline, Rob has written a great post outlining what's new in OME 1.2 here

Dell TechCenter oops
Dell TechCenter here's the working link
Dell TechCenter As you all know, OpenManage Essentials 1.2 works with Dell PowerEdge VRTX - anyone preorder one?? :)
HoosierCAB we thought about it, but didn't. My K-12 job will be thinking hard about it next July for a storage and virtualization nodes refresh :)
Dell TechCenter @HoosierCAB we will make sure to bug you about it next July then! why didn't you guys end up ordering one?
Raj We are also very active on Dell Tech Center forum if you have any questions
Dell TechCenter yes, we have 6000 or so posts in the forum since it launched
Dell TechCenter 5 minutes or so left on the chat. final call for feedback on OME, questions, or sugguestions.
HoosierCAB  @DellTechCenter:No money in the budget for this year, got too good of a deal on 3 R720s at the day job in March.
HoosierCAB and we have another 2 years of support on (another vendor's) storage array.
Dell TechCenter 3 R720s, that's what we like to hear
HoosierCAB k-12 had 2 R720s delivered today, gotta get those up and running ESXi 5.1 by Aug 1, so we hand me down the 1 year old R710s to HyperV duty.
Dell TechCenter @HoosierCAB sounds like fun
Dell TechCenter will keep you busy
HoosierCAB thanks for the details on OME 1.2, something else to add to the "needs to be upgraded" list.
Dell TechCenter no problem, thanks for joining
Dell TechCenter 4PM - At this time, we're going to close out the chat room.Thank you very much for joining and giving your feedback about OME and asking good questions.Tomorrow we'll have the transcript posted at
Dell TechCenter between chats, you can always find us on Twitter at or send us suggestions at
Dell TechCenter thanks and have a good evening everyone