Dell TechCenter Hi Didier, glad you could join
Dell TechCenter I like the (Belgium) part of your screen name today
Kevin Bishop Lot's of Dell people here today - Greetings from Virginia Tech
Dell TechCenter Hey Kevin - how's everything in Virginia ?
Kevin Bishop perfect weather today
Dell TechCenter More Dell people is like a higher student to teacher ratio eh?
Dell TechCenter you should be able to get your questions answered fast
Dell TechCenter high of 99 here in Austin... at least it's not 106
Kevin Bishop I was hoping to just watch today. We have our brand new M1000e waiting in the floor ready to be setup on the 23rd
Dell TechCenter Awesome - hope you learn a lot today
Lance Boley Hello everyone ...
erson hi all
Kevin Houston (Dell) Hello everyone.
Dell TechCenter @Kevin Bishop - how many blades are in your M1000e? hopefully the blade profile capture / deploy option will be useful
Dennis Smith Hey everyone! Happy day after Monday
Dell TechCenter Hi Erson, Kevin Houston (this is Peter)
Dell TechCenter @Kevin H, we missed you on the VRTX chats, we referenced your blades made simple pages several times
DELL-RogerF Hi everyone
Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining today everyone
Kevin Houston (Dell) Thanks, Peter. has received over 8000 views on VRTX pages.
Dell TechCenter Just a couple of weeks ago, the M1000e CMC 4.4 firmware was introduced and today we have the Dell CMC engineering team on hand to answer questions and talk about the new features
John A. - Dell That is great news Kevin.
Dell TechCenter If you are a regular to our Tech Tuesday chats, you'll recognize some of the Dell names on the chat today
Dell TechCenter Kicking it off today will be DELL-RogerF, who has some slides on the CMC 4.4 to share with us
Jeff Sullivan Hello Hello
DELL-RogerF We'll start with a couple of the new features and end up with the big one on all settings profile capture
Dell TechCenter @Kevin H - that's awesome, you had an extremely comprehensive page. hope you got a lot of traffic from our page
Kevin Bishop @Dell TechCenter - Sorry about that, we are only starting off with 4 M620 for HyperV, 3 will be clustered.
DELL-RogerF FIrst up we did a few enhancements to the GUI for troubleshooting in IOA
DELL-RogerF Since Dell's acquisition of Force 10 we've been able to get some additional features in their products
John A. - Dell @Kevin Bishop - what management tools, if any, are you going to use with that M1000e (beyond CMC)?
Dell TechCenter @Kevin B - very cool. you said starting off, are you thinking about scaling in the future?
DELL-RogerF One of the obvious things people wanted to see was the status of links without having to login to the IO Module
Kevin Bishop @ John A. - All Dell has told us about is SAN HQ, but that may be for the EQL. We haven't talked about management for the Blade system yet
DELL-RogerF So we were able to expose the info in the slides when you click on the specific IOA link in the left hand navigation
John A. - Dell @Kevin B so you're just going to use CMC for setup right now?
Kevin Bishop @Dell TechCenter - Yep we are putting all our eggs in the same basket LOL. This will be our premier infrastructure for about 17 Departments, we will have a failover system
DELL-RogerF We also added a couple security enhancements. First you'll see is the reminder that root is still using the deffault password
erson And done, first chassi upgraded from 4.31 to 4.4
Kevin Bishop @John A. I assume, it's still in it's Box on the floor right now, getting it setup on the 23rd
DELL-RogerF Options on the login as well as via racadm to ignore the reminder
John A. - Dell So, KevinB-so, after you get it up and running, you might be interested in our integration with MSFT System Center, depending on your larger management framework and IT environment
Dell TechCenter @Erson of course you were an early adopter. we expect it from you
DELL-RogerF Another change was to add a security tab for quick access to many of the settings
Dell - SunilD @erson - how many chassis do you have in your config?
Kevin Bishop that is awesome, i'm also in charge of bringing up configman 2012
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) System Center integration, PoSh is good one to keep in mind & communictae about. Big thing people are paying attention to right now before making purchasing decisions
Dell TechCenter @Kevin Bishop - ) thanks for sharing - sounds like you will be having some fon on the 23rd
Dell TechCenter fun
DELL-RogerF Next feature in the deck is the all chassis firmware report
Kevin Bishop @ Dell TechCenter - oh yeah we get the Dell Engineer for four days =)
DELL-RogerF Two view options view by component, i.e. show the BIOS version for all the blades
erson Dell - SunilD: I have two chassis and range of blades like M710, M610, M710HD, M620
DELL-RogerF Other scenario is to show all the components of a single blade
John A. - Dell @KevinB - hope that helps!
DELL-RogerF Now to the big ticket feature of 4.4 - all settings blade configuration profile capture and deploy
erson So the profiles are saved to the FlexAddress SD?
DELL-RogerF @erson Correct.
erson Do you need FlexAddress Plus or is FlexAddress also fine?
DELL-RogerF Need to have the Plus cards both for FlexAddress and Extended storage
Dell TechCenter @Kevin Bishop wow. well you guys are surely an important account so good to hear you get so much of the engineer's time
DELL-RogerF The extended storage card would go in the backup CMC
erson Ok, need to order myself a FlexAddress Plus card for my pre-"FlexAddress Plus" then
DELL-RogerF It's also possible to export the profile from the SD card to an external share
Kevin Houston (Dell) @Roger - once you export to external share, can the profiles be used in other M1000e chassis, or are the profiles exclusive to the chassis / blades captured?
erson Can I edit the XML profiles and make new ones myself?
DELL-RogerF @kevin big point there that they can be shared
DELL-RogerF @erson can edit, look at the TechCenter articles on how to do it
Dell TechCenter All, if you want a little more information about the latest CMC release (where to download it, white papers, videos outlining fuctions) visit our Dell TechCenter page @
DELL-RogerF Typical use for editing would be to make a subset, say BIOS only by deleting everything else
DELL - BrianC @kevin No the profiles are not exclusive to the chassis/blades. However, the settings contained within may refer to hardware that isn't present in the targets.
DELL-RogerF Hey Brian can you tell us about the different types of profiles as you were the developer?
erson Four demo-videos up on Dell TechCenter youtube -->
erson on CMC 4.4 features
Kevin Bishop wow awesome youtube link
Alex Long can the CMC be upgraded without interrupting service to the blades themselves?
erson Alex: yes
DELL - BrianC @everyone:There are different types of profiles dependent on the server they were created from
DELL - BrianC For 11G blades, only the BIOS and boot order are captured.
DELL - BrianC For 12G blades, All settings are captured
DELL-RogerF @Brian 12G all settings had a pre-req LC version didn't it?
erson Can I deploy a profile on an empty slot? (hint: yes)
Randy Brown Does the SD card used for storing profiles need to be a Dell provided card? Can a user replace this with a off the shelf SD card for more storage capacity?
John A. - Dell @Alex. you can update the CMC without interrupting the blades themselves. You can do this via the CMC gui or with command-line scripting. We recommend updating the CMC first before applying server updates too.
DELL - BrianC @Roger Good point, one needs the latest version of LC
DELL-RogerF @erson. Yes you can assign a profile to a slot as part of QuickDeploy settings
DELL - BrianC on the 12G blade
erson Dell-RogerF: the key there is "empty slot"
Dell TechCenter In case you guys are enjoying these powerpoint slides so much, that you want a copy for yourself, we just made them available at
Dell - SunilD @Randy - only Dell provided card can be used on the CMC
erson So, the next step is to make a program to make profiles without having the server then. And the Dell TechCenter could provide recommended profiles for different types of servers and use cases.
Kevin Bishop Thank you Dell TechCenter
DELL - BrianC @erson - the slot doesn't need to be empty to assign the profile. But the Quick Deploy action won't occur unless the blade is insterted
Dell TechCenter @Kevin B - thanks for joining us :)
Randy Brown Can an OS image be deployed from the SD card?
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) I like @ersons idea for a profile editor with a validation
DELL-RogerF @erson great idea to share profiles on the TechCenter
DELL-RogerF Randy:you can do an OS from an iDRAC SD but not from the CMC SD
Randy Brown OK. Great thanks!
DELL-RogerF BTW, these profiles are standard across the 12G PowerEdge line, its not just a blades feature
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) Good to know :-)
Kevin Houston (Dell) Got to run - thanks guys.
erson I'm quite fond of the new support for Broadcom 57840S-k Quad Port 10Gbe Blade KR NDC and Mellanox ConnectX -3 Dual Port 10 GbE Mezzanine card.
DELL-RogerF See you Houston
Dell TechCenter @Erson - that's an interesting idea
Dell TechCenter @Kevin h - thanks for joining today
erson finally some use for all those internal 10GbE ports on the Force10 MXL IOM and the I/O Aggregator
erson I'm assuming that Broadcom 57840S-k is the NDC that had the codename Regulus that was in the release notes for 12G bios upgrades a while ago
John A. - Dell @erson I can research that if you need to know
John A. - Dell just let me know
erson Doesn't matter, I'm fine with knowing that quad-port NDCs are coming (and hopefully mezzanines as well)
DELL-RogerF FYI you can also display the settings of a blade or a saved profile in the CMC GUI
erson Interesting to bring an Mellanox 10GbE mezzanine as well since the fully ConnectX-3 with 40/56Gbit inifiniband and 10GbE ethernet with RoCE is already available. Guess it will bring down the prices for those looking for SMB 3 with SMB Direct.
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) Indeed
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) Been doing RoCE now with Force10 on W2K12R2
erson About the VLAN Manager, I think you should mention on that page in the CMC that it only works with the I/O Aggregator IOM
Dell TechCenter Has anyone checked out the White papers page on Dell TechCenter? Are there any topics you would like covered in the future? Http://
DELL - Tandava @erson, Kevin B, Alex, everyone What are the new features you would like to see in the upcoming CMC releases
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) But DELL will need to get the info out there on RDMA/SMB3.0 config on the switches
erson In the M1000e you need the Force10 MXL, I/O Aggregator or the M8428 for SMB Direct support (DCB, PFC, ETS)
Kevin Bishop SMB that already supported?
erson or the infiniband switches M4001T/F though
erson Kevin Bishop: if you have the right nics and switches = yes
Alex Long I'm still really new to the M1000e so I'm not fully familiar with the existing features :)
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) I'm doing that right now in Lab for Live Migration & CSV
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) Yup
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) But support or even knowledge of existence with the DELL network peops is hard
John A. - Dell @erson - regulus is the Broadcom 57840S-k Quad Port 10GbE Blade KR NDC
erson @Dell TechCenter:There is an idea for a techchat.... SMB 3 with Dell Hardware
Kevin Bishop hmm we have the Force10 MLX and PowerConnect 8132F switches i beleive
David What version do I need to be at to upgrade to 4.4?
erson Kevin Bishop: then you're all set on the switches side of things…
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) 8132F should do DCB (PFC/ETS)
GeoffN We still have some M600 blades. Based on what you said earlier about the saved profiles on 11G servers only including BIOS settings and boot order, can I assume there is no profile support for M600s?
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) It becomes interesting with DCBx between force 10 & PC
DELL-RogerF David:can start from any version and get to the latest
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) Pretty much still uncharted territory even after a year
erson the broadcom 57810 is rumoured to have RDMA support, haven't looked into it yet. The Mellanox mezzanines most definately support it though for both 10GbE ethernet and 40/56Gbit inifiniband
Dell - SunilD @David: for CMC, typically you can update from any previous version to latest. Do you know what version you are at?
David So, if I am one of the older version I can go straight to 4.4?
Kevin Bishop our problem is our EQL doesn't yet support SMB3.0 and we haven't unboxed them yet
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) its shows up as such when you query for RDAM support yes
Dell - SunilD @David - yes
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) with correct drivers/firmware
DELL-RogerF @David - correct
erson Kevin Bishop: the EQL is block storage so no SMB 3.0 unless your using the EQL NAS gateway?
DELL - BrianC @GeoffN I'm sorry profiles aren't supported for M600. Need iDrac 6 or 7
erson Kevin Bishop: if you're looking into using SMB 3.0 for storage of Hyper-V and SQL using SOFS (Scale Out File Servers) using Win2012(R2) then you could just hook up EQL storage behind those file servers and then use SMB 3.0 from the file servers to your Hyper-V and SQL Server hosts
GeoffN What about capturing firmware info to show on the firmwar report. Should I expect to only see info gor 11/12G blades or will it be able to pull that info form the M600s?
Kevin Bishop @ erson - nope we do not have a EQL NAS Gateway.
John A. - Dell @GeoffN - you'll get whatever information is available, depending on server generation (and LC generation)
Kevin Bishop good to know erson, thank you for the info
erson Here's the page with the CMC manual for 4.4 -->
John A. - Dell so for M600, you'll get a subset of the information that a 610 or 620 would make available
erson also contains release notes and some other stuff
Dell TechCenter Also, the release notes for CMC 4.4 - Notes_en-us.pdf 
erson @Dell: are you planning to support additional IOMs with the new VLAN Manager in the CMC or just the I/O Aggregator?
John A. - Dell @erson....that NDC should be available pretty soon
Dell TechCenter
Dell - SunilD @erson - just I/O Aggregator
Dell TechCenter Hey Alexander!
alexanderjn If there was a way in the CMC interface to do firmware updates for all compoents in the same manner as with the LC interface on a balde (i.e. querying a repo, & pulling from there) instead of only uploading indivicual files that'd be nice
alexanderjn Hi :)
Dell - SunilD @alexanderjn - yes
alexanderjn wow I'm typo-ing all over the place today
erson @Dell - SunilD:then you should definately add some information in the next CMC update to the VLAN Manager page that it only works with I/O Aggregator. Otherwise people will be fooled into thinking that it something they can use. I'm guessing people doesn't want to dig through the CMC user guide to find that out.C171
Dell TechCenter @Alexander - Good to see you drop in
alexanderjn sorry I'm late, been updating M610 blade firmware all day & lost track of time
Dell - SunilD @Alexanderjn - answered too soon...stay tuned for that feature
erson @alexanderjn:Go to Server Overview and the Update for the server component update page
Dell TechCenter @alexander - the irony :)
erson ahh, read that too fast
erson you can't query a rep and so forth, only individual files
Dell TechCenter @alexander - no worries, feel free to ask away now, and we'll post the transcript later so you can catch up tomorrow
alexanderjn @erson - yea, though I find is ususally behind by a rev or two
alexanderjn (sidenote:anyone with QME8262-k/QME8242-k CNAs, get the latest firmware & drivers)
alexanderjn @DellTechCenter thanks!
erson alexanderjn:yeah, I've noticed that so I'll always download the individual files from the support pages and use the component update in the CMC
John A. - Dell @alexanderjn - the problem youa appear to be bumping into is that our file catalog is built on a routine cadence. You can repository manager (newest version) to pull newer individual files from when you're not up to date so that you have
Dell - SunilD @erson - thanks for the feedback on that I/O agg page. Will take a look at messaging.
John A. - Dell typo fix: "you can USE repository manager..."
alexanderjn @JohnA - any thoughts on adding storage in the CMC to be a local catalog?
DELL-RogerF @alexander storage constraints.
John A. - Dell @alexanderjn space constraints make that a difficult proposition
Dell TechCenter conversation still going strong, coming up on our 2 minute warning
Dell TechCenter Ask your final questions now before the chat ends!
alexanderjn manager of managers for > 8 chassis?
Dell TechCenter questions or suggestions to the CMC team while they are paying attention :)
erson @Dell - SunilD: can't find anything in the VLAN Manager in the CMC about only supporting the I/O Aggregator so it should definately be added in there somewhere, preferably in the top notices box so that you don't get your hopes up on using it with other IOMs
DELL-RogerF @alexander looking at growing the number next year sometime
DELL-RogerF @alexander could use OpenManage Essentials today for >8
erson I have a suggestion...
Dell - SunilD @erson - sure. Will rework messaging.
erson Keep up the good work CMC team, you're doing a great job!
alexanderjn Is the expanded storage for the CMC still an added cost?
DELL - Tandava @erson Thank you. Waiting for your suggestion
DELL-RogerF @alexander yes, for the SD card
John A. - Dell @alexanderjn - yes it is
alexanderjn 'cause that's something Cisco marketing can target
erson so, basically next to nothing
erson Dell can't charge you much for their special SD card
Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining everyone. keep checking  for the latest updates
alexanderjn OH! The inventory reporting is only available in group mode, any idea why?
DELL-RogerF Charging for the SD in the M1000e is historical. It's included in the VRTX.
Dell TechCenter also, we'll post the chat transcript at  tomorrow
alexanderjn I had to add chassis into a group before getting access to the inventory report feature
Dell TechCenter If you guys have any more feedback - Alexander you have my email (Peter)
Dell TechCenter you know where to find us on Twitter too
DELL-RogerF @alexander stay tuned for improveents to inventory
alexanderjn ;)
alexanderjn Thanks guys :)
John A. - Dell bye. thanks everyone
DELL-RogerF Thanks everyone! Talk to you on a future chat
Didier Van Hoye (Belgium) thx and bye
Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining everyone! see you next week for the OpenManage Essentials chat
Dell TechCenter OpenManage 1.2 - new version
erson see you next week
DELL - BrianC Bye everyone! Thanks for joining!
Dell TechCenter lots of new features outlined on
Dell TechCenter
Dell TechCenter bye all!