MichaelD Afternoon gents
Dennis Smith Hey everyone!Going to go ahead and open the chat room a little early
Jeff Sullivan Hello Hello
Roger Foreman Afternoon all
MichaelD So how much fighting was there to unbox the VRTX?
Ignacio Hernandez Hello!
Dennis Smith It was in a case...so just picked it up :)
Jeff Sullivan it was more about fighting the sales guy to get it
Jeff Sullivan apparently they'd rather sell these then let us play with them... go figure
Jeff Sullivan :)
Dennis Smith when we order ours, we'll see when we order ours
Fred Denison Any ideas when pricing will be available?
MichaelD Always carry something shiny with you to distract sales guys :=-D
peter_tsai hello hello
hypervfan Hi
Dennis Smith Going to give it just a minute more for people to join then we'll get started
Shawn Cannon (@rolltidega) hey everyone
peter_tsai Hi Tom, Michael, Corey and Shawn - good to see you all
HoosierCAB howdy all
MichaelD Afternoon Peter, thanks for teasing us with the tropical paradise photos :P
Jeff Sullivan at least it was a nice change from the usual food ***.:)
hypervfan Started looking at Bar Rescue here now, and they are helping out a bar in Austin :)
Dennis Smith @Fred I have no idea what the price will be for the units...should see something soon
Didier Van Hoye Evening
Didier Van Hoye Wel over here it is :-)
Khaled Omar Hi all
hypervfan Hi Didier
Didier Van Hoye Hi there!
Dennis Smith Hi Didier & Khaled
peter_tsai haha i'm back now, no more tropical beach pics (unfortunately for me)
Roger Foreman Pricing should be out any day now.I would point out that most of the $$ in the price are for the blades and disk drives which can already be priced online.
Didier Van Hoye Hello Dennis, Peter
HoosierCAB I've seen a couple articles reference "$9,999" for a minimal config of 2 blades and a little storage, but no idea how accurate that is
Lance Boley Looks like a good crowd today ...
Khaled Omar hi dennis
peter_tsai Hi Didier, good to see you - was writing you an email just now
Dennis Smith Ok guys, today we are going to be talking about the systems management features of the new PowerEdge VRTX...Roger Foreman is our guest and he is the Product Manager for the CMC
Didier Van Hoye Ah cool :-)
Lori Servis Have you started yet?I can't hear anything yet...
Dennis Smith @lori today will be text only
peter_tsai @Tom - never heard of Bar Rescue - is it a Gordon Ramsey show too?
Lori Servis ok, ok
Tim Antonowicz I'm focused on the vSphere certification.I want to see if this will be supported to cluster the blades and storage together for customer sites
Dennis Smith Roger can you tell us about some of the system management features of VRTX
Roger Foreman Hi everyone.
Tim Antonowicz Yeah, I'm always focusing on the virtualization side of things... <one trick pony>
Roger Foreman I'm assuming folks have read a little on VRTX
hypervfan @peter_tsai A bit like Gordon Ramsey, but this guy rescues bars
Fred Denison Read watched drooled....
Jeff Sullivan FYI -- Roger was responsible for the launch of TechCenter.
Khaled Omar yes, amazing all-in-one product
MichaelD ditto to what Fred said
Dennis Smith If you haven't you can visit the Dell TechCenter page on VRTX here http://del.ly/VRTX
Cy Jervis Bar Rescue is a great show. :)
Roger Foreman Since it uses M1000e blades all the iDRAC and OpenManage tools work with those right out of the box
Roger Foreman That enables the Microsoft plugins as well as the one for vCenter
Roger Foreman Since we don't have audio I can't share one of its biggest features - that it's quiet enough for any office.Or home ;)
Didier Van Hoye That's pretty impressive, being that quiet
Tim Antonowicz I'll attest to the 'quiet'.Saw one at the DellEF, and you couldn't tell it was running, it was so quiet.
Jeff Sullivan Actually, we're piping in the sound of one right now ;)
Dennis Smith I can vouch for that..It's about as quiet as my desktop at home
Jeff Sullivan or rather, we're simulating the sound of one righ tnow
Roger Foreman The M1000e CMC was also used as the base for the integrated management to give it management of everything in the box at a glance.
Farouk What modular blades are supported and can I utilize my previous blades M710/610's? - my understanding is no
Roger Foreman Same as the M1000e the home page is context sensitive so hovering over the picture of the VRTX it will tell you more about a component
MichaelD The M520/M620 is supported now, any plans to support the 1/4 height and full height blades in teh future?
Roger Foreman Couldn't fit in the M420 due to constraints on the fabrics.So a long wait for that
aus_effendi Is there an ETA for when it will have 10G ethernet?
Dennis Smith Do the blades need anything special or do they just work?
Roger Foreman Difference in the blades is the mezz cards with those for VRTX having special ones for the B & C fabrics to talk PCIe for expansion out the back
Didier Van Hoye That would be awesome => 10Gbps for east-west traffic in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V clustering scenarios
MichaelD @aus You can do 10G now by adding a 10G PCI-E card to the backplane
Didier Van Hoye And while on that subject
Roger Foreman Internal 10G switch is on the roadmap for early next year
Tim Antonowicz You can add 10Gig PCIe cards in the back and map them to blades.Add 8 x dual 10Gig cards, map two to each blade, and you have some serious bandwidth there.
Didier Van Hoye Addsupport / clear documentation for SMB 3.0 RDMA => DCB (PFC, ETX, DCBx ...)
Didier Van Hoye that would make it shine like liquid gold
Thomas Bryant Hey Dennis :-)
@kylemurley Hi Dell peeps. Exciting stuff here. I had 1 Q re:PCIe resources that are shared across the compute nodes within the chassis, can devices be hot 'added'/removed similar to the capability of the frontloadable PCI Express modules
Dennis Smith Hey Thomas
Roger Foreman Along the performance lines we're also seeing significant gains when using the shared storage vs. network storage for Vmotion
Thomas Bryant Came in late, but are the blades for VRTX the same as M1000e?
Roger Foreman Adding a PCI requires a reboot of the server node to recognize the new adapter at this time so not quite hot plug
MichaelD @Thomas Yes & no, only the M520/620 currently supported
Thomas Bryant  @MichaelD That's what I use already, so perfect. :-)
Daniel_Bowers Other than the Fabric B and C mezzanine cards, are they the exact same blades as used in 1000e?
Fred Denison Really sad my Partner team said "we dont know anything yet" when asking some of these questions...
Roger Foreman Same blades but later firmware.If there's enough demand we might be able to come up with a kit to convert M1000e to VRTX
@kylemurley @Roger. Thx. I can see how the mngmnt sw might allow for 'hot' assignment but wasn't sure if the 'secret sauce' in the Express Flash PCIe SSD was present there.
Dennis Smith Roger can you talk about how the PCIe assignment works?
Daniel_Bowers @Roger thanks
Jeff Sullivan Sorry to hear that Fred... Make sure they join TechCenter.... PartnerDirect is now a part of our community.
Thomas Bryant I love these new VRTX systems, played with the mgmt/config software at TechEd and its so easy to setup
MichaelD @Roger Personally I would love to see a kit to convert a M1000e blade to VRTX
Roger Foreman Since the PCI switch is a shared resource it's managed by the CMC.
aus_effendi Like with the M1000e, are there two CMCs and is Flexaddress supported?
Roger Foreman WIth the Enterprise license of the CMC you can assign up to 4slots to a single blade
@kylemurley @Dennis @Roger. like to hear more re: PCI
Roger Foreman @aus yes, two CMC and FlexAddress
Daniel_Bowers Will VRTX be OEM-able? I'll bet appliance makers would like to bundle with their own logo.
Ignacio Hernandez Are PCIe hard drives supported?
Roger Foreman Can certainly OEM the VRTX but not all the interfaces are customizable so we're looking at that for the future
Didier Van Hoye I can see this work very well in the Mircosoft Cluster In a Box concept with for a scale out file server :-)
Thomas Bryant To follow Ignacio - if PCIe HD is possible, can it also be shared?
Roger Foreman Actually a very cool Star Trek theme video out promoting the Cluster in a Box
Fred Denison Further Disk question, can you mix drive types for different speed arrays: i.e. SSD, SAS, SATA?
@kylemurley Are PCIe hard drives supported? < +1Gues Q is does the blade chasis support the Express Flash PCIe SSD
Roger Foreman To share the SSD you'd need to put it in the shared storage slot
Farouk What happens if I exceed the storage capacity in the Vrtx? Are we able to attach modular disk trays/enclosures for additional storage?
Didier Van Hoye Fred => are you asking this in regards to auto tiering capability ?
Fred Denison Yes if possible
Roger Foreman Yes you can have mix and match SSD and SAS.No SATA though.
Thomas Bryant How many slots can be shared? I thought all of them could be
Roger Foreman So you can build a tiered storage solution.Just manual to create virtual disks at different performance levels
Didier Van Hoye If we can leverage as a CiB builing block we can just add anotherVRTX > storage IO goes over SMb 3.0
Didier Van Hoye that can get you out of that limit
Rick Parker Storage Controller redundancy?
Roger Foreman No external storage expansion today but obviously something we're working on
Thomas Bryant PXE boot the servers or use the SD slot and use all the storage as shared for VMware
Roger Foreman Redundant PERC cards is also an obvious upgrade coming as soon as we can get it out.
aus_effendi In the 1000e, the only thing I'm aware of that wasn't redundant was the backplane. Is that the same case in the VRTX? Asking as I would want to architect for no single points of failure (ahh, and the PERC card - saw that as I was typing)
Roger Foreman @Thomas yes all the drives in the chassis can be shared.But not the ones on the blades themselves
Didier Van Hoye So that's "Shared PCI raid" made redundant
Didier Van Hoye cool
Thomas Bryant @roger - i thought so, not worried about on blade storage :-)
Daniel_Bowers How much power does (can?) VRTX draw?
Roger Foreman @aus a reduncant PERC is coming but unfortunately we ran out of physical space to get a redundant network switch into the chassis
Fred Denison Dumb question, can you boot all 4 blades from a single flash?
Roger Foreman As someone pointed out earlier though you can use the PCI slots for network adapters and get that redundancy
MichaelD @Daniel - The chassis can take up to 4 110v power supplies, haven't seen specs on wattage draw
Daniel_Bowers @MichaelD Thanks.No worries plugging it into 'the wall' in the States, I take it?
Roger Foreman Need to be careful of the 110 though as putting all four PSU into the same power strip could blow a standard circuit
Tim Antonowicz @Daniel I'd still use a UPS, but essentially... yes.
Thomas Bryant @Fred - You could share SSDs across all 4
Roger Foreman I need to point out that we don't support booting from the shared storage at this time.
Farouk Can we attach a tape library (TL2000) to the VRTX for backup connectivity? What connectivity medium (SAS, iSCSI, FC)?
Thomas Bryant Doh!
Khaled Omar how are the load distributed across the 4 PSUs, or there are redundancy ?
Roger Foreman Recommendation is to boot from the internal blade disks or SD
Khaled Omar loads*
Roger Foreman Or PXE boot as earlier mentioned
aus_effendi FYI, the product pages for the M520 and the M620 only show the m1000e as the enclosure
MichaelD If it's like the M1000e, you can configure the PSUs to dynamicly load balance or provide hot-spare functionality
Roger Foreman Yes, the PSUs can be configured in the CMC to be redundant.
Thomas Bryant quarter height blades are coming as well?
Daniel_Bowers @aus_effendi Vendor product pages ought to be Wikis
Ignacio Hernandez Power budget supporte as well?
Ignacio Hernandez supported
Roger Foreman @Farouk tape would be handled by adding an HBA or PERC card in a PCI slot and attaching out the back
@kylemurley how about the chassis capability for the blades to run the "Fluid Cache for DAS", would they be able to use the PCIe slots or SSDs in a drive bay?
MichaelD @Thomas - Doesn't sound like it, at least for v1 due to fabric connectivity
Roger Foreman No Fluid Cache at RTS but we're looking at it.
Farouk Was any thought given to DR functionality and is replication currently supported?
Tim Antonowicz Love the PCIe slot options. Can add GPU card and leverage shared 3D rendering for View VDI desktop clients.
@kylemurley @Roger, Thx. Could see VRTX as great fit FCFDAS. Not (currently) supported or HW limitation?
Roger Foreman No data replication capabiltiy built into the box.Would need to add it running in the OS like Appassure or V Ranger.
Didier Van Hoye Hyper-V Replica
Roger Foreman @kylemurley not following you - FCFDAS?
@kylemurley @Tim +1 Apex cards :-)
@kylemurley @Roger FlashCache for DAS
@kylemurley @Roger, was me being lazy sorry
Roger Foreman @kyle - I'm just the management guy, not a storage guru by any means
Khaled Omar @kylemurley Fluid*
Dennis Smith FYI guys..next weeks chat will be more focused on non-system management questions for VRTX :)
@kylemurley @Khaled, thx!
Khaled Omar u welcome
Dennis Smith so write them down for next week haha
@kylemurley @DS, writing madly ;-)
@kylemurley @Roger, can't fault you for that :-)
Didier Van Hoye Sounds promising
MichaelD With the M1000e and VRTX CMCs being so closely related, will the 'global view' be backported?
Didier Van Hoye Will there be a VRTX at TechEd Europe next week for me to have closer look?
Tim Antonowicz @Dennis I'm assuming you will be running it through the grinder all week long to see how the VRTX stands up to the DTC expectations!
Lance Boley You know it time.
Roger Foreman We're planning on adding support for Geographical view in the future via an iDRAC7 feature.
Lance Boley Tim I mean
Tim Antonowicz @Dennis When you're done with it, feel free to ship it to my house. ;-)
Dennis Smith haha, you an the other 100 requesting it :)
Roger Foreman Let me make a couple more comments on the shared storage
Farouk Any OS limitations, or can I run any OS supported in the M1000e chassis?
Roger Foreman Since it's managed by the CMC and not a blade any alerts will come from the CMC and not a blade
Roger Foreman Only OS supported at launch are ESX and Windows including HyperV.Other OSes would obviously run on the blades but wouldn't be able to access the shared storage as you need a driver
Tim Antonowicz Do we have an ETA as to when it will be available for purchase?
Farouk So no RHEV :(
Roger Foreman The other thing I bring up about the shared storage is that it's based around virtual disks.
Tim Antonowicz Want to get my hands on one so I can start using them in my customer designs.This could revolutionize the SMB vSphere cluster.
Farouk virtual disks - is this based on the PowerVault?
Tim Antonowicz Also, will there be a vStart configuration based on the VRTX?
Roger Foreman When you build the virtual disk you can pick which of the physical disks to use and then the attributes of the PERC that you want for it like which RAID, write policy, etc.
Thomas Bryant @Didier - When I was at TechEd US, folks heading to Europe said it would be there as well
Didier Van Hoye Thx @Thomas
Roger Foreman After creating the virtual disk they can then be assigned or made visible to one or all of the blades.
Roger Foreman Making the same VD available to multiple blades does place the burden on the OS to be cluster aware.
Roger Foreman @Tim we're looking at a vStart but I don't have a date for its availability
Didier Van Hoye Same question for the Hyper-V fast tracks v3 or above?
Didier Van Hoye Looking in to this?
Tim Antonowicz @Farouk From what I saw at DellEF, very similar to MD3200i volume management.However, volumes are presented internally to blades, as opposed to externally via iSCSI.
Farouk @Tim - thanks
Roger Foreman @Didier same story we're looking but don't have a date yet for fast tracks
Dennis Smith Ok guys, couple more minutes..any other management related questions while we have Roger
aus_effendi does the PERC8 in the VRTX support any VAAI offload?
Thomas Bryant Dumb question - CMC is HW, does it by chance have a TFTP/PXE server built into it or some part HW vs. running that on a blade?
Roger Foreman @aus Don't know about VAAI offload.Maybe I can get the answer back to you via Dennis or Peter.
Dennis Smith Alright guys be sure to join us next week...same time...for a general Q&A session around VRTX.We'll have engineers standing by to answer all your questions!
Dennis Smith Thanks for joining us today
Didier Van Hoye Thx for this
MichaelD Thanks Roger!
Tim Antonowicz @Dennis, @Roger Thanks!
Didier Van Hoye AT tech Ed next weel but I'll try to join
Thomas Bryant Thanks guys :-)
@kylemurley Thanks everyone. good stuff here
Roger Foreman @Thomas no PXE support in CMC.Interesting idea though as it could.Currently we use the iDRAC to map an iso to boot a blade
Roger Foreman My pleasure everyone!
carlos caceres thanks to all
Jeff Sullivan Thank you!
Thomas Bryant roger, you in the GAL?
Khaled Omar thanks all
aus_effendi Thanks - sorry for all the hard Qs, but really looking forward to seeing the VRTX out in the wild
peter_tsai great questions everyone!
peter_tsai come back for more VRTX talk on next week's chat :)
Roger Foreman @Thomas sorry I'm so out of it with acronymns whats GAL?
Dennis Smith @aus_effendi..come by the lab :) (in the next day or two)
Dennis Smith Bye guys, see you next week
Thomas Bryant global address list (i work for dsg)
Roger Foreman @Thomas yes