Rasmus Haslund Hi all!
Dennis Smith Hi! How is everyone doing?
Rasmus Haslund Fantastic here in Denmark. Very excited about todays topic!
Rasmus Haslund How are you Dennis? Ready for a super TechChat?
MichaelD Doing good, deploying the vCenter Log Insight beta to pass the time.
Rasmus Haslund How is the install process so far? easy?
nsustai1 hello
Dennis Smith Doing great, just back from vacation, ready to find out what I missed at DEF
Dennis Smith Hi nsustai1
Rasmus Haslund Very nice Dennis, did you travel?
Rasmus Haslund Hello nsustai! :)
nsustai1 hi i have been having some problems with my dell inspiron 2020 screen can anyone help me out
MichaelD So far it's a breeze, just powered it on.
Dennis Smith Took a cruise...it was awesome!The wife is already trying to book the next one :)
Lance Boley Hello everyone
Rasmus Haslund Mr. Boley in da hoouuussee!
Rasmus Haslund Dennis > First time cruise?
Dennis Smith @Rasmus yes this was our first cruise
Rasmus Haslund Sorry I forgot, am I supposed to dial in to get audio or will it also be available trough here?
Cy @ Dell Once you go on a cruise it is hard to travel any other way. :)
MichaelD Brave man taking a cruise after all the horror stories from Carnival this spring
Dennis Smith It wasn't bad....made sure it was a ship with no priors :)
Cy @ Dell There's always a first time though.
peter_tsai Hi everyone!
Rasmus Haslund Hey Peter!
Lance Boley Just a couple more minutes and then we will get started ...
peter_tsai Hi Rasmus, I think it's is text only this week
Dennis Smith I was fine with anything as long as the ship doesn't sink...just give me my free cruise :)
Rasmus Haslund Peter > ah ok
Dell-Dylan L Howdy peeps, Dylan (Dell Storage - EqualLogic guy here)
Rasmus Haslund Hi Dylan
Dell-Dylan L Hi Rasmus, what's going on?
Lance Boley So last week we had the annual US Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose
Lance Boley We had several annoucements around storage and other products, but wanted to have a recap chat today about the storage products
Lance Boley espically for those that could not make it out the the event.
John M at Dell I heard there were 1200 customer and partners. Good turnout for the first year as Dell Enterprise Forum.
Rasmus Haslund Thats quite impressive!
John M at Dell A lot of interest in SSDs and NAS. Most of those breakout sessions were standing room only.
Lance Boley @nsustai1, we are talking today about our storage products from last weeks event.You might want to talk with someone in support about your issue.
Lance Boley For those that could not attend, who watched the event via the livestream feed?
Rasmus Haslund I was on-site with customers, so not easy to live stream :(
MichaelD I watched most of it.
Dell-Dylan L Talked about some EQ SAN HQ awesome-sauce at DEF. SAN HQ v2.6 is out now.Initial launch of SupportAssist for EqualLogic via SAN HQ is live - (automating creation of some support cases).
Lance Boley What was something that you like about what we annouced last week?
Rasmus Haslund VRTX!!!
MichaelD Easily VRTX
Rasmus Haslund haha
Rasmus Haslund :)
Lance Boley Besides VRTX ... we are here to talk storage today
Sarah Cook VRTX certainly opens up some interesting possibilities for use
Dennis Smith I may be getting one for a few days next week....you'll know when I tweet out the pictures :)
Sarah Cook but yes...let's talk about storage!
Cy @ Dell Glad to see I'm not the only one excited about VRTX. :D
MichaelD The Compellent announcements were nice, but being an Equallogic user it felt kinda like being left out.
Dell-Dylan L Don't be sad
Rasmus Haslund I talked to DK channel engineers and they are trying to arrange one I can loan. Very excited about that.
Dell-Dylan L W've got a lot of good EQL stuff coming. The timing was just a little off to talk about it here in June.
Rasmus Haslund I have to follow up on Michael, especially when I heard EqualLogic VSA being dropped I was bummed...
Dell-Dylan L Well... So you heard what Pete said, but there are some other things we're looking at in that space.
Dell-Dylan L I had some really good conversations with Eric Schott as well as some customers who would have some good use cases for such an EQL instance for test and dev.
MichaelD It also seemed like the storage side of announcements were lean overall.No PowerVault or DAS news at all, minimal Equallogic and a small amount of FS series information
Dell-Dylan L what would you want do do with such a VSA - Rasmus and Michael D?
Dell-Dylan L What are your use cases?
MichaelD Primarily testing of in-house written scripts; it always makes me a bit nervous (and my boss really nervous) when I test against our production arrays.
Sarah Cook MichaelD, we have some EqualLogic in the works that we can talk about later this year
Rasmus Haslund Use case depends on pricing :)
Dell-Dylan L I hear ya, MichaelD.
Dell-Dylan L set aside pricing...
MichaelD So far I've managed to not break anything :)
Dell-Dylan L If you could have everything and anything you wanted in a virtual storage appliance - what would that look like?
Sarah Cook Michael...glad to hear that!
Dell-Dylan L Pete K!
Pete Koehler Sorry for the late arrival.
Rasmus Haslund Hi VMPete :9
Sarah Cook better late than never!
MichaelD Ease of management, integration with vCenter, minimal resource overhead.
Sarah Cook sounds like EqualLogic;-)
Rasmus Haslund I have had the chance to play with the eql "test" tool some times available in a time limited version.
Rasmus Haslund Remove the time limit and basically I will be happy.
MichaelD Possibly some of the FS series features (dedupe & compression, SMB shares, quotas) as well
Rasmus Haslund Dedupe would be nice
Rasmus Haslund For me the FS features (other than dedupe) and not a must.
Sarah Cook I'm assuming you would like a side of compression with that dedupe
Dell-Dylan L idedupitably
Sarah Cook I'm in a diner right now...hence the waitressing vernacular
Rasmus Haslund Sarah > Not bad.
Sarah Cook if only you were all here to eat pie ala mode with me
Rasmus Haslund Good noone is watch Yoda currently
Pete Koehler Just loaded up SANHQ 2.6 earlier today.It did it's job well, showing me I had some drive firmware that was out of date.Nice.
Sarah Cook I love the waiting when multiple attendees are typing...suspense!
Dell-Dylan L OK, so test & dev is one definite use case I'm hearing, and Rasmus, you'd like it as-is, in terms of the 'demo tool' or 'simulator' that our partners have and our HoLs run today.
Sarah Cook Pete, glad to hear it
Sarah Cook Are you planning to use the new SupportAssist feature?
Pete Koehler And yes, for the VSA, it is an absolute must have.
Rasmus Haslund Dylan > I also see it for very small customer deployments
MichaelD Installed 2.6 last week and enabled SupportAssist, though I hope it will be a long while before I get to test it out!
Dell-Dylan L Great. Me too.
Sarah Cook lol...me too!
Rasmus Haslund Completely unrelated, I am seeing a REALLY annoying bug in the new SAN HQ with warnings on async replications when you set it to only 1 snapshot.
Rasmus Haslund For big volumes its fixed, but for small volumes it seems still an issue...
Dell-Dylan L Thanks @Rasmus.
Pete Koehler Also look at it at it from the Channel partner side.An SE may not have much experience with say, a Compellent array, but they are paid to go deploy it quickly and correctly.A VSA would help a lot in training and testing.
Dell-Dylan L In 2.6?
Dell-Dylan L @Rasmus - a bug in SAN HQ 2.6?
Rasmus Haslund Yes
John M at Dell VSA for training, good idea. We've got some people looking at that.
Rasmus Haslund it was also there in previous version for larger volumes. Thats fixed in 2.6, but not for small volumes
Dell-Dylan L Hmmm. I'll check out the fix list and ping Sustaining. Thanks.
Rasmus Haslund What should I inform the customer with the issue? Ask him to open a new case?
Dell-Dylan L Actually, that would help. When support logs a bug as "customer experienced" it gets a higher priority/attention
Rasmus Haslund Great, I will make sure that happens. I might log it myself on behalf of the customer.
Rasmus Haslund Do you want the case id when its opened?
Dell-Dylan L Sure. I can forward it on my end.
MichaelD Are connection limits to a pool/group one of the items being looked at?
Dell-Dylan L  @MichaelD We look at a lot of things :-)
John M at Dell At DEF, I heard there might have been a spontaneous roadmap discussion at Original Gravity Public House. Can anyone comment on that?
Sarah Cook If there was, I missed it!
Sarah Cook I keep telling people not to have fun without me...but they do it anyway
Rasmus Haslund Lifting connection limits to a pool would be nice. We are having customers on 10 gig boxes with issues. I have talked to local channel engineers about this, but seems difficult to get it raised.
Dell-Dylan L MichaelD - have you looked at VMware's vVols plans? (googled it to make sure, and they're talking about it publicly)
MichaelD I have not
Rasmus Haslund Dylan:That will not help Hyper-V customers…
Dell-Dylan L That is true, Rasmus.
Dell-Dylan L MichaelD: I wouldn't be your expert on this, but you may want to check it out. Http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/10/virtual-volumes-vvols-tech-preview-with-video.html
Rasmus Haslund While on the subject of Microsoft, are there any Dell storage boxes out with support for Server 2012 Storage Spaces?
Dell - Emily At this time, we don't have plans to support Storage Spaces on Dell hardware
John M at Dell I've heard none of the major server vendors are supporting Storage Spaces right now.
MichaelD That sounds like it would help alleviate our connection count problems some, but having Exchange, SQL, various file servers, etc it's not an end all solution.
Rasmus Haslund Originally the limit was 512 connections. Now its 1024. I think its time to reconsider lifting it again...
Rasmus Haslund (and soon)
Dell-Dylan L We have to see how the final implementation comes out.The vision is compelling.
Dell-Dylan L Duly noted.
Pete Koehler I've found that with a little re-architecting ofVMFS volume sizes, and reducing the number of guest attached volumes, I've been able to greatly reduce the connection counts.Not everyone has that luxury to do so, but...
Pete Koehler Definately can still be an issue as the environment grows though.
Alex I was recently reaching the limit of connections to a group.My envinronment was setup to where every host was connected to every volume.I also noticed that when I had a problem with one of my arrays, every host was subject to hang.So I segmented them to where only certain hosts connected to certain volumes.This solved the problem of not enough connections on the group, and also if one array has a problem, only a subset of my hosts were affected
Rasmus Haslund Alex > This is great if you are not dealing with server virtualization.
Alex I am dealing with server virtualization
Alex 400+ VMs, 9 Equallogic arrays in 3 eql groupls
Rasmus Haslund ESXi?
Alex Yup
Rasmus Haslund How many clusters?
Alex 3, one for each equallogic group
Rasmus Haslund Typically you would want all hosts in the cluster to have access to all volumes in the group for use with DRS?
Rasmus Haslund You had all 9 EQL in one group before or?
Alex Well you would think yes.But with the problems that I mentioned above, that didn't work out once I started getting above 9 or 10 hosts.Just had problems that segmenting my hosts into smaller clusters solved nicely
Alex No, I only have 3 equallics in a single group.But I previously had a single HA cluster with every host connected to every volume on every group
Alex My groups are tiered with 2 members containing 15k SAS drives + 1 member having 7.2K SATA
Pete Koehler Same here.Once I split out a seperate cluster with VMs that only had access to a handfull of LUNs, I made sure they only connected to those LUNs, and hte connection count went down accordingly.
Rasmus Haslund Alex/Pete: If the connection limit was lifted, would you change back or keep your new design?
Alex I would not.We had two cases last year where one array was having disk I/O problems and it affected every single host.That was very bad for us
Pete Koehler For me, I like my design right now.My high connection count showcased what I needed to address a bit better.Some of it was a legacy arrangement from when it was smaller.
Rasmus Haslund Maybe someone can confirm, but if I remember correct EQL does not perform auto tiering over 3 members per volume (by default?)?
Rasmus Haslund over more than 3 members per volume
Pete Koehler I believe 3 is the max that it will tier, which is one of the reasons why you see arrangements with three.But I could be wrong on that.
Alex I had a long conversation with one of the equallogic engineers, and he said that 2-3 members was the right number when tiering.That fit with our setup
Dell-Dylan L Typically yes, our load balancers will spread a volume across up to 3 members in a pool. In some instances it will go beyond that,.
MichaelD I have seen a span up to 5 members occasionally, but not often
Alex I personally wouldn't want a single group with mroe than 3 members (or at least a single pool).If you lose a member, you lose all your data.
Rasmus Haslund Is there any plans to open up for an option to FORCE a volume to SSD on the hybrid units?
Dell-Dylan L Hmm, Rasmus - interesting idea, but it kind of violates the principle of Auto-Tiering, right?
Rasmus Haslund You already have that option today for auto teiring
Rasmus Haslund just have different raid levels and then force volume to specific raid level
Rasmus Haslund Seeing customers complain about less performance than expected. One even went as far as installing local SSD in one ESXi to handle the load... not recommended but he was desperate and needed the IOPS...
Pete Koehler I think what Rasmus might be getting at is that some have experienced performance issues with the hybrid.If there was a way to pin a volume, then one could isolate the matter a bit better.
Dell-Dylan L Understood - if you have more hot data than fits in the SSD tier, you may want to consider a full-SSD array, but by having some presumably not-hot data outside of the SSD tier, more of the hot data lives in the SSD tier - regardless of volume.Dell does offer full SSD EQL arrays, if you want to go to more of the fixed tiering model.
Rasmus Haslund Pete is hitting it right on the money, I am not talking about TB volumes here, but fx a 50-100 GB volume but pinned to SSD
Rasmus Haslund and then let auto handle the rest.
Dell-Dylan L OK. Got it.
Rasmus Haslund typically it will be a small database or something like that.
Rasmus Haslund Most likely ERP system
Pete Koehler Or linked clones in View.
Rasmus Haslund Anyway, this was a WIDE side-track. I feel like we hi-jacked the chat lol. Please tell me more from DellEF :)
Sarah Cook with 3 minutes left...
Sarah Cook go Dylan!
Dell-Dylan L Compellent had some great announcements!
Sarah Cook and overall, the event was quite informative and really fun
Sarah Cook who all was there?
Pete Koehler It was a great reminder of the power of face-to-face interaction.That seems to be one of the things that I take away from it each year.
Sarah Cook yes...the conversations are key
MichaelD I appreciated how the team handling the live feed responded to suggestions/criticism throughout the week to improve the broadcast for us stuck in offices.
Lance Boley Yes, conversations are key and we had a good one here today.
Dell-Dylan L DEF next year: Miami, Florida, June 24-26, 2014.
Sarah Cook and Germany in January 2013!
Dell-Dylan L Right!
Lance Boley We hope to have more about the products that we announced last week up on TechCenter in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.
Sarah Cook I hope to be at both
Rasmus Haslund Ohhh Germany 2013!
Sarah Cook yes!
Dell-Dylan L Sunny Frankfurt!
Dell-Dylan L Jan 2014...
Sarah Cook It will be cold
Lance Boley I think we are out of time for today.Thanks to everyone for joining in today ...
Sarah Cook sorry
Sarah Cook bad on that whole year thing
Sarah Cook and time zones;-)
peter_tsai DTC does Miami Vice
MichaelD Thanks Dylan, Sarah, et al
Rasmus Haslund Thanks all for a great tech chat as usual
Dell-Dylan L Good to chat. Take care.
Rasmus Haslund Crossing all fingers and toes for a EQL VSA soon ;)