Dell TechCenter Welcome to the Dell Cloud Client computing chat
Dell TechCenter hello michael D
MichaelD Afternoon, how goes it
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - going well, how about for your self?
Dell TechCenter Hello Tim M
Dell TechCenter Hello Tom
MichaelD Pretty good, trying to stay busy while waiting to deploy vCloud
hypervfan Hi
Dell TechCenter We're getting set up on our side, please give us 3 minutes before we get started with our chat
Dell TechCenter First of all, how familiar are you all with Dell Desktop Virtualization ?
MichaelD Minimally, talked about the hosted (non-XenDesktop) solution some with our account rep a few months back.
Dell TechCenter @hyperfan - how about you Tom, do you deal much with Desktop Virtualization?
hypervfan Getting some questions about it, but for now the cost has been to high
Dell TechCenter I see.
hypervfan But always open for new solutions :)
MichaelD Cost is definitely a factor, best case scenario without sacrificing user experience you spend the same as giving out individual desktops.
Dell TechCenter Well today you'll both have a chance to learn more about Dell Desktop Virtualization
Dell TechCenter we have 2 Dell experts with us today
Dell TechCenter Rafael is the Director of Marketing - Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Dell TechCenter Rick is the Solutions development manager for Dell DVS
Dell TechCenter they'll be sharing a powerpoint presentation relating to Citrix XenDesktop, chatting with you guys today, and answering any questions you may have
MichaelD But the extra management tools you gain, and the ability to work from anywhere while keeping data in the DC is worth it IMO
Dell TechCenter with that I'll turn it over to Rafael, who will lead our chat today
Rafael - Dell Last week we had a very good show; one of our solution won the product of the year award
Rafael - Dell the award was one of many end to end Desktop Virtualization solutions launched
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - are you guys seriously considering a Desktop Virtualization solution, or just investigating at this point?
MichaelD We've had 100 virtual lab seats deployed for about 3 years now, plus a few one off pilots with other departments
Dell TechCenter @hypervfan - are many of your customers implementing Desktop Virtualization solutions?
Rafael - Dell Dell Cloud Client Computing is a team within Dell dedicated to Desktop Virtualization Solutions

MichaelD All using XenDesktop on XenServer; most likely moving to View this fall due to licensing costs.
Rafael - Dell good, we offer both alternatives XenDesktop and View.
Rafael - Dell The reason for considering migrating to View is only cost?
hypervfan More and more are looking into, for now mainly XenDesktop
MichaelD Yes, we had a committee see presentations by both vendors and they have decided the cost difference is too great to not switch.
Rafael - Dell We have seen an update in the adoption of Desktop Virtualization during the last months
MichaelD Even with adding Unidesk into the mix with View, the cost difference is over 50% less with View.
Rafael - Dell hyperfan, I agree with you. In the graphic you will se my view of the reason of this accelerated adoptoin
MichaelD From a tech perspective, I see both as good solutions.
hypervfan And quite a few of them choose to use Hyper-V as hypervisor for it
Rafael - Dell I agree, we offer both solutions and support what the customers need
Rafael - Dell We also support Hyper-V in fact next week you will see in TecEd some good MS server support announcements
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - interesting numbers. that's a big difference
Rafael - Dell Michael, are your plans to start with a small deployment and then scale up?
Rafael - Dell you can dee more details at

Dell TechCenter
MichaelD Our plans are really driven by the demands of other business units and colleges.  This spring we started rolling out desktops to one of our administrative units and hope to see more of that in the future.
Rafael - Dell we see that some of the most relevant benefits of desktop virtualization are security and primarly optimization of IT resources
MichaelD @Dell TechCenter - We were expecting some cost difference, but more in the 1-5% area.
Dell TechCenter hello cmendoza, thanks for joining. you can see our entire chat up to this point by scrolling up
Rafael - Dell Michael, you are right, we see this behavior in many of our engagements. Start small and then scale up
MichaelD A key driver for our initial deployment of VDI was the H1N1 flu scare a few years back. We didn't want sick students going to class/campus, but also didn't want to prevent them from getting their classwork done.
Rafael - Dell that is why we created the Integrated sotorage solution. It is a low cost solution based on a single R720
cmendoza@paqinc hello to all
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - sounds like you got a sweetheart discount
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - that's a very cool story & use case
Rafael - Dell Michel this is a very good driver of adoption. Prevention of natural disasters are always a reason to consider VDI
Dell TechCenter @Rafael - besides disasters, what are some other adoption drivers for Desktop Virtualization ?
Rafael - Dell the integrated storage solution announced last week was created to address the needs of customers that want to start small and then grow to high volume deployments
Tim M. As part of the Quest acquisition, do you have any free tools that we can run on a VM to see what apps might not play well in a VDI environment?  Such as those that are high on the IOPs or CPU intensive?
MichaelD We've had a few hiccups along the way, but mostly with applications (licensing largely, many vendors are ignorant to VDI) and the XenServer hypervisor.
Rafael - Dell In a single server we integrate the manegement and VDI VMs
Rafael - Dell Tim. Typically If the manufacturer of the application certify it into an hypervisor. I am not aware of any tool that allow to do that
Tim M. ok....our implementation right now is a one to one basis so our apps are installed on the VM.
MichaelD Citrix's AppDNA might be what you're looking for if it's not an inhouse app. -
MichaelD but it's only valid for Citrix Solutions
Rafael - Dell For non persisten environmnets this is correct. one to one relation is good for persistent environments
MichaelD What has been Dell's experience using Citrix's Personal Virtual Disks introduced with XD-5 ?
Tim M. We are running Win7 VMs but we ran into a problem with the VHDs growing with an idle OS so we have some lessons learned.
Rafael - Dell PV disk allows persistentcy so you can allocate personal storage to each user. Our experience is positive.. need to watch density
Rafael - Dell Typically we deplloy PV disk volumes in tier two storage
Rafael - Dell one of the main issues we have seen with VDI deployments is the complexity of managing many components of the
Rafael - Dell so we created a pre-configured pre-tested solutions that are easier to deploy
Rafael - Dell this graphic represents the components of our Cloud Client Computing solution.
Rafael - Dell servers, storage and networking combined with Dell Wyse end points, virtualization software and services
Tim M. Is anyone familiar with the Wyse terminals?  Non-VDI related....We use them running Windows Embedded for kiosk solutions.  The pricing of them though sure is pretty high.  We used the Dell fx170 and those were really compact and got the job done.

Rafael - Dell good to hear that you are using Dell products. With the acquisition of Wyse we consolidated all our thin/zero clients under the brand Dell/Wyse
Tim M. Our Dell rep recommended that we step into the Z90 series so we looked at one as an eval but the footprint is alot larger than the fx170.
Rafael - Dell In fact last week we launched new thin client Citrix versions: Xenit 2 adn Xenit pro 2
Chris Almond After briefing at Citrix Synergy last week, I agree with Rafeal's comment "need to watch density" - this is key
Chris Almond fundamentally, PvD, VMware Mirage, Unidesk, etc. are all solutions that add more complexity and potential for instability at scale
Rafael - Dell Z90 is a mid to high tier thin client with high capabilities. We can get a thin client expert and get back to you
Dell TechCenter @Tim - if you wanted to follow up with us, you can contact TechCenter @  and we can get a better answer for you
Tim M. ok, thanks
Rafael - Dell Chris, you are right but if you plan your architecture in advance you can avoid issues. We have a number of reference architectures that help to mitigate the rist when deploying components such as VMware, Unidesk etc.
Rafael - Dell some reference architectures are available at:
Chris Almond Do you know if Dell is partnering/reselling an Atlantis Computing ILIO based solution (yet)?
Rafael - Dell one key elements of our platform is the fact that it is designed  for various deliverable models. Support all the way from DYI to desktop as a service
Rafael - Dell Atlantis is part of Dell S&P portfolio but it is not integrated into Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Chris Almond Ok thx (howdy Lance!)
Dell TechCenter Hi Chris :) long time no see
Chris Almond FYI on this topic I've got an inquiry into our Dell team for more info on your just announced "DVS Enterprise Integrated Storage"
MichaelD Is the Project Ophelia hardware still on schedule to ship this summer?
Chris Almond ...a very smart offering IMO since DAS is the way to go for large scale VDI w/o incurring huge storage capex
Rafael - Dell I believe there is much more to discuss. Let me close by saying that at Dell we are commited to supporting you in your desktop virtualization deployments and we have a end to end porfolio
Rafael - Dell Project Ofelia is on track, we are very excited about this product
Dell TechCenter @chris - awesome :) that's what we like to hear
Dell TechCenter Thank you everybody for your great questions and feedback today
Dell TechCenter unfortunately our experts have to run soon
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Chris Almond MichaelD - Ophelia is very interesting - saw Gartner guy giving his entire preso at Citrix Synergy using Ophelia based key to drive preso - he's experimenting w/it as super cheap way to do any device anywhere VDI
MichaelD Thanks Rafael
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Rafael - Dell thanks to all
Chris Almond cheers!
Dell TechCenter cheers everyone - see you at the next chat!