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Dell TechCenter Welcome to the Dell iDRAC chat, today we are want to hear your feedback on
how iDRAC & Lifecycle Controller can be improved
Dell TechCenter Welcome erson
Dell TechCenter I'm sure you have lots of suggestions for the team :)
erson hi
Dell TechCenter @erson - How's everything in your world?
Sully hello
Dell TechCenter Hi Sully, where are you joining us from?
Sully Atlanta
Dell TechCenter Cool - I (Peter) used to live in Atlanta for 12 years
erson Pretty great, doing a big project connecting our offices with redundant IP-transit,
our own PIv4/PIv6/AS and p2p transparent ethernet tunnels.
Dell TechCenter Used to work at Bellsouth
Dell TechCenter Hi Robert
Sully eh, i have a friend that worked in the field there doing IFITL
Robert Pound Hello
Dell TechCenter @erson that sounds like a cool project
Dell TechCenter @erson does Dell or iDRAC fit somewhere into that solution?
Dell TechCenter @HoosierCAB - welcome, good to see you back
HoosierCAB had to put a reminder back on my calendar, been missing these.
Dell TechCenter We'll wait 5 more minutes to give folks time to join the chat
Dell TechCenter @hoosierCAB - do you have plenty of free time now that kids are leaving?
hypervfan Hi all
Dell TechCenter hi hypervfan, Michael D!
HoosierCAB I wish, we're moving workstations around and getting ready for the summer
conference season.
MichaelD Anymore higher ed is year round
HoosierCAB my best chance at a slow time is July, and we just scheduled the payroll system
upgrade for then.
MichaelD Christmas break/new years and spring break are the slow times for me; office
is a ghostland during those times.
Graeme Bray Is there audio for this conference?
Yogeshpk@Dell @Bray there will not be audio
erson  @Dell TechCenter: sadly no, but our new network setup enables us to deploy
and manage Dell hw at the company we recently bought with ~100 employees.
They currently have a bunch of brands, so we're going to gradually replace
everything with Dell hw.
Meghna@Dell @Graeme - No audio
Dell TechCenter we'll start in a couple minutes - feel free to answer the questions that will be
appear throughout the chat
Dell TechCenter no audio on this - it's text only
Graeme Bray Thank you
  Dell TechCenter OK we're getting ready to start the chat
Doug - Dell @Michael - ActiveX is the option instead of Java
Dell TechCenter The purpose of today's discussion is really to gain feedback from you, the users
of iDRAC
Dell TechCenter to understand how you use the product, understand your pain points, and how
we can improve future versions of iDRAC / Lifecycle controller
MichaelD @Doug Only if you use IE
Dell TechCenter We have many of the engineers that work on iDRAC present in the room today
and they will be listening to your feedback & answering your questions
Dell TechCenter if you have a suggestion at any time, feel free to either put it in the main body the
chat here, or to provide a short answer in the poll windows
Doug - Dell @Michael - what other option are you thinking of?
Dell TechCenter We'll be talking about various features of iDRAC during the chat, and will be
asking some poll questions as well
Graeme Bray I had posted earlier that we are trying to replace the functionality of Avocent
DSView to utilize the extended functions of iDRAC5,6 and 7.  We need a
console (that is not OME), that can replace this same functionality.
Dell TechCenter Meghna@Dell will be leading the chat for the next few minutes, presenting a
powerpoint deck on Agent Free Monitoring on iDRAC
Meghna@Dell Let's get started on Agent Free Monitoring
Meghna@Dell Agent Free Monitoring is the ability to manage server hardware with embedded
tools.–      No need for CDs or DVDs&ndash No need for OS instrumentation and
Meghna@Dell This can be managed in 2 ways : Staged and Run Time
Meghna@Dell – Staged :configuration and firmware updates are stages and applied at the
next server boot
MichaelD @Doug Not sure what the viable options are, just that IE isn't always an option
and java is a security risk I'd rather not install.
Doug - Dell @GB - what is it about OME that won't work?
Meghna@Dell – Run Time :Monitoring of the end device is done while the system is up and
Meghna@Dell Just to calrify staged = while host is running
WayneL@Dell So updates and configuration can be staged without interruption to the OS
Meghna@Dell We can manage :– Hardware inventory and firmware version–        Firmware
update–        Configuration–  Monitoring–     SNMP Traps-     Web Services API
and WS-Eventing Subscription/Notification service
BCS Is Agent Free Monitoring already included in iDRAC7?
MichaelD With iDRAC 7 yes  @BCS:Yes, it is already part of iDRAC7
BCS thx
Graeme Bray OME provides good functionality, but we are required to scan our rather large
network environment weekly to pull this in.  It doesn't automatically remove old
systems that have been replaced.  We have to have 4 different environments
based on our datacenter locations/firewalls that prevent one OME console from
doing what we want.  And its slow...and silverlight..
Doug - Dell @MD - right now, only options are Java and ActiveX.  Working on other options,
but they are down the road
Jon Hass @ Dell @BCS iDRAC7 with Express or Enterprise license supports Agentless
Meghna@Dell Let me talk about how staged operation is performed
BCS oh that's interesting, so you gotta need the 'better' license to use.... i think we do
have a couple of enterprise licenses actually
Doug - Dell @GB -- we'll need to discuss changes coming up for OME but we don't have the
right folks in this forum
Meghna@Dell Remote Operation:- Remote console sends WSMAN/RACADM commands to
iDRAC to check Driver/firmware inventory, update firmware, and configure
hardware–        iDRAC stores and stages requests until the next reboot or at the
time scheduled–        System is rebooted to UEFI where configuration and
updates are applied
BCS oops both Express and Enterprise have it. got it
Meghna@Dell Here are the devices/components that can be managed.–     BIOS–   Storage
Graeme Bray Doug - Thanks.  Do you know an approximate ETA of the new OME?
Sully watching
Meghna@Dell oops caps was on
Jon Hass @ Dell @BCS Agentless monitoring is available for RAID storage, NICs, CNAs, and FC
HBAs.  THese components are in addition to the traditional baseboard devices
like Fans, PSUs, CPUs, DIMMs, etc.
Dell TechCenter @Graeme - a little birdy told me that a new version is coming out within the next
few months, but that's just a rumor
Dell TechCenter expect official announcements on Dell TechCenter
Meghna@Dell In Real/Run time monitoring :–   iDRAC polls devices via a direct PCIe
connection for inventory, status, and error reporting
BCS thx
Meghna@Dell and –     Errors logged to Lifecycle Log (LC Log)
Meghna@Dell and  –    SNMP Traps, emails, remote SysLog, WS-Event Notification generated
when configured.
Graeme Bray Thanks a bunch.
Meghna@Dell The devices supported are : –     PERC–   NIC/LOM/NDC–    FC-HBA–  
Baseboard components (Sensors, Fans, PSU, etc.)
Graeme Bray Can you improve the update time on iDRAC via the CMC/online updates?  They
can take up to 10 minutes which is a long time to just wait.
Meghna@Dell any questions on real/run time monitoring
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @Graeme,  are we talking about updating the iDRAC itself ?
Meghna@Dell In the next few slides we will go through some screen shots of the iDRAC Web
Interface that show the NIC and Storage Devices
BCS i was wondering about that since we have several dozen iDRAC6 in place and
the person responsible for it is complaining about not being able to monitor or
get notifications when HDD failure occurs. So iDRAC7 DOES actually support
PERC/HDD monotoring now.
Graeme Bray Yes Raja
Meghna@Dell This is the page shows the NIC and network related properties , any questions
on this ?
Graeme Bray Meghna - Can they clean up that side bar in general on the iDRAC?
Jon Hass @ Dell @BCS Yes - iDRAC7 directly monitors PERC storage controllers, HDDs,and
Enclosures without the need for OS based agents or applications.
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @Graeme, we have optimized the iDRAC update starting 1.35.35 and you
should see the performance improvement on subsequent updates starting
Graeme Bray Nothing seems to be consistent between the CMC (AD login requiring
@domain), DRAC (provides drop-down), and the layouts are different
Meghna@Dell @Greaeme - it is coming up soon
Doug - Dell @GB - understood, and we are working to better align this.
Meghna@Dell This is the page shows the NIC and network related properties , any questions
on this ?
Graeme Bray Thanks.  We've voiced our concern to our OSE.  I'm glad it was heard.
Graeme Bray Meghna - are you going to review the memory information page as well?
Meghna@Dell @Greaeme - Not today ;(
Jon Hass @ Dell Besides the iDRAC GUI, the real time monitoring information for RAID storage,
NICs, CNAs, and FC-HBA is also available via RACADM, SNMP and the
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @Graeme, sure, starting 1.35.35 iDRAC updates doesnt require a host reboot
and hence should be multiple folds faster than what you are currently
Meghna@Dell This is the Storage Summary view , any questions ?
Meghna@Dell And now the Controller , any questions on this ?
Meghna@Dell And finally the Physical Disks , any questions on this ?
Doug - Dell What do you like best about Disk View? What's missing?
Graeme Bray Drive Speed - 10K vs 15K
Sully yup
Sully maybe response time as well
Meghna@Dell @Graeme - Coming up sooon
Graeme Bray Maybe any errors that have been detected on the disk but not yet flagged as
predictive failure.  Not sure if that's possible, but I've seen it send Dell
SupportAssist cases
Sully i was about to say SMART
BCS me too SMART
BCS not just dumping SMART values, but convert them in a readable
comprehensable way  @GB: We do log predictive failures
Graeme Bray Choudary - I understand that, but a DSET can pull some specific information
that Dell Support detects, but we don't know what drive it is as it hasn't hit a
threshold to mark the drive as Predictive.  Talking real-world experience here  @BCS: The new log format supports both detailed description and correction
Sully maybe a status lnk that says disk health, with a healthy or unhealthy status
Sully and that link goes to the log or wherever to show what the failures are
Sully i see the green check, but does it do that  @Sully: In storage specific page we have a log that only shows Storage events
BCS i'm sorry I have to go; thanks for the information. have a nice day/week
WayneL@Dell Question:Does anyone use the Firmimg.D7 image to update the iDRAC
through theUI or do you use the Windows or Linux update package.
Meghna@Dell That concludes the power point slides !
Graeme Bray Wayne - I use that to update via the CMC (unfortunately not iDRAC7, but
previous version).  Other than that, the Windows update
BCS I used the iDRAC GUI through the browser to update an iDRAC6 with the D6
image. Same with D5 image. Worked fine.
BCS bye Would you like anything added in the Quick Launch sections of the web
interface of iDRAC ?
Graeme Bray the iDRAC 7 requires an SD card to update via CMC for the M620
Dell TechCenter For the rest of the chat, we're pretty much open mic - feel free to suggest
anything in terms of iDRAC & Lifecycle controller.  We'll be asking some
questions of you as conversation starters as well
Graeme Bray Can the Dell iDRAC/CMC team work on more comprehensive documentation
for the RACADM commands?  The only way to find what you are looking for is
either a) Google B) Guess C) Forget it and do it manually
WayneL@Dell @Graeme -- That is correct from CMC UI.  Do you use the Windows DUP from
the CMC or iDRAC UI?
erson Does Dell provide any documentation regarding integrating DRAC into SCVMM
2012 SP1?
Graeme Bray We use the DUP when we build servers using MDT, other than that we use the
drac EXE to extract the files normally, to get the .b7 file or whatever it is
Sully It doesn
  Meghna@Dell  @GB - for racadm we have detailed dcoumentation for racadm - RACADM
Reference RACADM Command Line Reference Guide -
Sully It doesn't do that, just checked
Dell TechCenter @Erson - let me follow up o the SCVMM 2012 SP1 documentation question with
the engineering contact in charge of that
  RajaTamilarasan@Dell You could also "remotely" update BIOS, Device firmware, Apps etc on your
PowerEdge servers using WSMAN... you can find more information at
/download.aspx  @Sully: is this DRAC7?
Graeme Bray Can DRAC be set to DHCP automatically instead of when it first
shows up?  That would help for auto-deployments, especially for rack mount
Sully yes
Sully R420  @Sully: This is what you should see Recently Logged Storage EventsSeverity      Date/Time       Description            
Tue, 14 May 2013 20:37:25       Login for root from using GUI.
Sully yes DHCP would be great
  Doug - Dell @GB - yes, we will offer a DHCP option from the factory in June-ish timeframe
WayneL@Dell @Graeme - The 1.35.35 firmware, with Express or Enterprise license can use
either the Windows DUP or the D7 image.  Same interface will accept either
Graeme Bray Wayne - Not from the CMC.  We deploy mostly M620 blades that require an SD
card.  Is this a specific card or could it be any type of card?
Sully C@D, yes I see that, but it would be good to have the smart status info
presented when you click the green Check or say Red X by health
Doug - Dell @GB - Dell suggests Class 10 SD cards  @Sully: I see, good suggestion.
MichaelD @Graeme - Only SD cards bought from Dell are supported, but there is nothing
keeping you from using a 3rd party card
Sully I have a question, where can I set the hostname of the DRAC card itself
Doug - Dell DRAC6 requires Dell SD cards.  CMC is open, as well as DRAC7.  Again, Class
10 preferred for wear leveling
Graeme Bray Sully - from Windows - racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgDNSRacName
Sully can that be put in the gui, lol @Sully iDRAC Settings-Network->Common setting
Graeme Bray In the GUI its under Network Settings
erson Is the ability to able to record remote console sessions planned?
Sully ah
Graeme Bray We use that command (as well as others) in a script that configures every
DRAC during deployment.  Prevents a root/calvin situation
Sully that calvin  @Erson: Yes it is comming Are you aware that no BIOS set up  changes  required  to redirect Serial over
LAN with iDRACC7 1.30.30 or later ?
Graeme Bray This quetsion is to anyone at Dell, whether its iDRAC or OMSA team.  Can you
please include something, somewhere, to show the actual speed of the
memory, whether its PC3-10600 or PC3-8500, etc?  When you buy memory,
you have to know this otherwise the system can choke on the new/old stuff
erson Does the latest DLCI for SCCM support SCCM 2012 SP1?
Dell TechCenter @erson - what feature/functionality are you interested in from an SCVMM2012
SP1 perspective with iDRAC?
Doug - Dell @GB - we show speed -- what is PC3?
Yogeshpk@Dell @erson DLCI 2.0.1 has support for SCCM 2012
Dell TechCenter @erson - as I understand it, they are currently working on documentation but I
might be able to get you an answer now if you are more specific
Doug - Dell @GB -- we show speed in MHz in the GUi
  Yogeshpk@Dell  @erson
Meghna@Dell RACADM now enables you to configure BIOS , NIC attributes – have you
considered using it ?
Graeme Bray Doug - No you don't.  Its the actual memory speed on the system.  Our Onsite
Engineers from Dell haven't been able to find it
Graeme Bray Meghna - already use it - Power Management and Hyperthreading. 
Works great!
Meghna@Dell @GB - Good to know !
Graeme Bray Doug - There are different types of DDR3 RAM that don't show which is which. 
We've run into the issue that we buy new memory per what Dell says, and its
the wrong speed compared to what came in the system.
erson  @Dell TechCenter:The OOB functionality and for bare metal deployment in
SCVMM is what I'm specifically interested in
Meghna@Dell 3)        Have the improvements in web interface of iDRAC7 simplified usability?
Graeme Bray Any improvements planned to allow more chassis' to be managed by Group
Sully as far as memory, they may not be able to show speed, but part # or serial of
the memory stick would help
Sully im not sure what can be shown, but one of those would help
Graeme Bray @Sully - Agreed.  You can't trust the online configuration piece to get the proper
module.  More information will never hurt the end engineer.  We will gather what
information we need.  @Sully: This is what we show BankLabel           ACurrentOperatingSpeed          1333DeviceDescription          
DIMM A1FQDD  DIMM.Socket.A1InstanceID   :0     :DIMM.Socket.A1LastSystemInventoryTime          
2012-09-26T17:28:0:22ManufactureDate      Mon Apr 23 07:00 2012 UTC
Manufacturer        Hynix SemiconductorMemoryType           DDR-3Model      DDR3 DIMMPartNumber     HMT351U7CFR8A-H9PrimaryStatus           OKRank          Double RankSerialNumber         41CFAD10Size    4096 MBSpeed    1333 MHz
Graeme Bray Where are you pulling that from Choudary?
Doug - Dell What is on screen is the memory page
Sully yeah where
Sully i am in one of the idrac7s myself and thats all i see is what shared on the screen
Dell TechCenter @Graeme - about the CMC, I'm not aware of increasing the number of Chassis
you can manage at this time - you have more than 9 in your environment?  @GB:Server->System Inventory
Sully maybe make a link for more info on the memory page that shows that info
Dell TechCenter We're coming up on time for the chat - if you have any final questions, ask them
now for the last few minutes
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @Graeme, the image thats shared on the right is from the IDRAC GUI, Server
--> Hardware --> Memory, this gives you details about the memory thats
installed on your server
Dell TechCenter you can always also leave comments on or email us
Graeme Bray Where did you pull the information on what model and part it was?
Graeme Bray I see that on my iDRAC7 R820 that was just installed
Graeme Bray Ohh I see now.  Can you port this back to iDRAC6? pretty please?
Sully lol
RajaTamilarasan@Dell In addition, you can also navigate to the Server --> System Inventory -->
Hardware Inventory tab, which will give you detailed information about every
memory module thats installed
Sully it would be nice
Dell TechCenter @Graeme haha
Graeme Bray There is still a large installed user base of iDRAC6.  This would be very helpful
to your end users.
Dell TechCenter @GB - understand your needs - thought your "pretty please" was funny -
checking on iDRAC6 status right now
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @GB, yes we do support this in 11G (iDRAC6) also
RajaTamilarasan@Dell sharing a screen shot...
RajaTamilarasan@Dell @GB, the screen shot that you are seeing on the right is from a DRAC6, System
--> System Inventory --> Hardware Inventory
Dell TechCenter @Graeme - see the screen to the right
Sully oh nice
Graeme Bray Thanks.  Mine gave me a hardware error.  I'll try a different one
Graeme Bray My last question - any chance of adding support for Chrome in a future release? @GB Wait for some time and try again.
WayneL@Dell @GB -- You do need to have Collect System Inventory on Reboot (CSIOR)
Meghna@Dell @GB - We already support Chrome since 1.30.30 , Q4 release
  Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining everyone - at this point let's close out the chat - we have gone
over by a few minutes. Tomorrow we'll have a chat transcript posted on
RajaTamilarasan@Dell Thanks everyone...
Dell TechCenter if you have further questions leave us a comment on Dell TechCenter in the
systems management forum
Graeme Bray Thanks Everyone.
  Dell TechCenter or email
Meghna@Dell Thanks everyone !
Dell TechCenter thank you for the great questions and suggestions
Dell TechCenter we appreciate your attendance
Dell TechCenter also, see you next week for our Power & Cooling chat!


iDRAC7 Memory Page 


iDRAC7 System Inventory


iDRAC6 Memory - System Inventory