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Kong Yang @Shawn - nope but you will see LB and Jeff :-)
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Dell TechCenter We have a poll question on the right - about how familiar you all are about the subject
today so we know how to proceed
hypervfan Hi all
Dell TechCenter no audio on the call today - we are doing text only and we'll have a powerpoint
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Dell TechCenter We'll get started in 3 minutes - we have lots of Dell Lifecycle
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Dell TechCenter feel free to ask questions throughout the chat.we'll be text only
Dell TechCenter The conversation will be led WayneL@Dell - a technologist at Dell and PIyer - an engineer at Dell
kevin_houston Greetings all.
WayneL@Dell Hello
PIyer@Dell Hey everyone
Will West Hello
Ignacio Hernandez Hello
Dell TechCenter Hi Kevin, glad to see you here.
Shawn (rolltidega) hey Kevin
Bryan Belman what were R720's shipping with say 6 months ago, what version of LCC
WayneL@Dell We will be talking about a few new features in Lifecycle Controller (LC) today
WayneL@Dell Probably 1.1.0
Bryan Belman OK, in bundle v450 most likely, now at v460
Bryan Belman tks
WayneL@Dell This features are available in the 1.35 iDRAC
WayneL@Dell And version 1.2 LC
Bryan Belman our repository is still locked at v450 but we update every 6 months so will go to v460 and
make sure we have v1.35 on iDRAC or newer
WayneL@Dell iDRAC 7 and LC are embedded Systems Management application on every PE Server
Vance@Dell LC = LifeCycle Controller
WayneL@Dell It supports features such as Firmware Update, Platform configuration, OS deployment, and logs
WayneL@Dell Today we will discuss some new feature for FW Update and Server Configuration
WayneL@Dell These are some other aspects or functions supported with LC and iDRAC
Dell TechCenter

New poll question available on the right side of the screen.what systems management
feature do you use the most?Updates, configuration, OS Deployment, import / export server profiles?

WayneL@Dell So on to FW inventory and Update
Dell TechCenter If you wanted to download the slides - we have them available at
WayneL@Dell Firmware Inventory is the firmware version of a given device
WayneL@Dell This is a few of Firmware inventory from the iDRAC UI
Shawn (rolltidega) can idrac6 be updated to idrac7?my blades have idrac6 today.
WayneL@Dell You can also export this inventory using the iDRAC UI or from the LC UI
kevin_houston @shawn - no, the LC is on the server board, not a separate card
Shawn (rolltidega) ah ok
kevin_houston iDRAC resides within the LC
WayneL@Dell BTW....I use "LC UI" to mean the GUI available via F10 during boot
YogeshPK@Dell @Shawn , iDRAC6 and iDRAC 7 are different hardwares so can't be updated
WayneL@Dell This same inventory can be remotely accessed using WSMAN or RACADM
Ignacio Hernandez I had an issue trying to use as repository.Is there any particular consideration for using this site?
WayneL@Dell You can use this inventory as a basis to determine which components need a FW update
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Ignacio :were you trying the update from F10 Lifecycle Controller GUI ?
Ignacio Hernandez That's correct
Raja Tamilarasan @Dell @Ignacio, that should work as long as you have access to the internet (ie, the proxy
settings are configured in LC)
SteveW@Dell firewalls can really slow down the LC access to the ftp site.
WayneL@Dell This is a view of the new firmware update page in iDRAC
WayneL@Dell Previously, this page would only allow you to update iDRAC firmware
Ignacio Hernandez First thing I checked was firewall, then tried from the OS accessing to the ftp site. No problem, but still, the LC was unable to access the site.
WayneL@Dell (or the USC repair pack image)
Nick We have some servers that have 16+ NICs and it seems to be very difficult to try and find
the specific adapter to configure an IP for external access.
kevin_houston @Ignacio - check out this TechCenter page for some comments / ideas about ftp issues
Nick And the LC controller does not seem to be capable of supporting VLANs
SteveW@Dell @nick - Vlan support is coming for the F10 interface
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Nick, you should be able to configure any one of those 16 NICs to perform the update
using Lifecycle Controller
WayneL@Dell It has now been updated to support Windows Update Packages for firwmare update
Nick the problem is that only one of the 16 has external access, trying to find the right one is difficult
WayneL@Dell One note, this feature requires an Express or Enterprise license in order to use the
Windows Update Packages
WayneL@Dell It supports 32 and 64bit Windows DUPs (Dell Update Package)
WayneL@Dell You must first download the DUP to your local system
WayneL@Dell And browse to your local system from this UI
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Nick, There is a Test Network Connection that you could use to determine which one is actually connected to the internet
Dell TechCenter Any questions about firmware updates? according to our poll, 77% of you use Lifecycle controller the most for updates
WayneL@Dell The package will upload, determine if is it applicable to the system, and provide the detail about tthe DUP.
Bryan Belman can we touch on the express and ent. lic topic
Bryan Belman who is applying the lic. file, factory?
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Nic This does require you to configure the NIC and then use the Test Network Option for each port thats connected...
Bryan Belman is there a lic. file?
Ignacio Hernandez @kevin thanks I'll try to see if it does the trick
WayneL@Dell Servers should come from factory with an installed license
kevin_houston Here is a good comparison of Express vs Enterprise iDRAC:
WayneL@Dell It is possible to update a license though
kevin_houston YES, you can update an Express to an Enterprise license via a license key
Nick That is what I have had to do is use a process of elimination and set the IP on each
interface one at a time until it works.It seems to stop working after you set the IP on about 10 or 12 interfaces and then you have to reboot and try again.
Bryan Belman we always purchase ent. but some of the smaller counties get the order mixed up and they do not get it
WayneL@Dell Once all the updates have been uploaded, select install on next boot or install and reboot now
Bryan Belman and I thought updating 6 nics was bad.....
Nick :)
Vance@Dell License whitepaper:License whitepaper:,d.eWU&cad=rja
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Nick, this does seem to be an issue, can you contact Dell support or post in the systems management forum on TechCenter
WayneL@Dell Most firmware updates will require a System reboot, but not all.This normally requires only 1 system boot.
Ignacio Hernandez @vance broken link
WayneL@Dell Again, these features are in the iDRAC UI as well as RACADM and WSMAN (programmatic)
WayneL@Dell When the updates are actually being applied, there is an associated Job created to track progress and success / failure
SteveW@Dell @Nick - configuring machines with 16 nic's would be a great use for the XML feature. More on that later.
WayneL@Dell These jobs can be viewed from the Job Queue page in the iDRAC UI
WayneL@Dell The Job Queue can also be viewed with RACADM and WSMAB
WayneL@Dell WSMAN...
WayneL@Dell You can also delete jobs that are not currently running.
sfahey Sorry if I misssed it.Which versions of iDrac contain the firmware update component?
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Sfahey :starting iDRAC 1.30.30, we support firmware updates for all components from the iDRAC UI
Bryan Belman like the gui job queue
Wilbert Hollins 2 We have a Dell Latitude E6520 and the laptop monitor will not display image but when I connect an external monitor everything shows fine.serv tag 66H9WV1 how to get this repaired.
WayneL@Dell NEXT TOPIC is Platform Configuration
Bryan Belman better then running the dos command lines
WayneL@Dell PIyer will be leading that conversation
Dell TechCenter @wilbert - we're talking about Dell Lifecycle Controller today. for those concerns either
call support or contact @DellCares on Twitter
PIyer@Dell Server Configuration via XML is a new feature that helps to reduce the complexity of hardware configuration
Dell TechCenter @wilbert - or go to
Wilbert Hollins 2 Thanks
PIyer@Dell With this new feature, a system administrator can get a snapshot of the entire system configuration in a human readable XML format
PIyer@Dell The system admin can then make changes to the exported XML and then import it to one
or more target servers
PIyer@Dell This is supported via RACADM and WSMAN interfaces
Will West Does the configuration include RAID configuration?
Bryan Belman so, use racadm to connect and upload the XML file
Bryan Belman where does it pull the updates files from ?
Dell TechCenter Here's a working link to the iDRAC7 licensing white paper
SteveW@Dell The intention is that you would configure a server as a refrence point, take the XML snapshot, then push the XML file out of other machines to replicate the configuration.
Bryan Belman ok, tks
Vance@Dell Yes can use RACADM
PIyer@Dell yes - you could use WSMAN or RACADM to generate the snapshot, make changes and use either interface to apply the changes
WayneL@Dell @Bryan -- updates meaning FW Updates?
Bryan Belman yes, but once the other files know what fw revs they should be at they would need an
http path to get the correct files from like repo manager directory structure or something.
Bryan Belman file servers
PIyer@Dell So the slide on the right shows you a quick comparison
PIyer@Dell Previously, we would need to issue multiple commands (RACADM / WSMAN) to identify what the current hardware configuration is like.
WayneL@Dell @Bryan -- The current feature pulls updates from your local system (the one you used to connect to the iDRAC web UI).
WayneL@Dell The WSMAN or RACADM will pull from NFS or CIFS share
YogeshPK@Dell There is a blog on licensing as well :
PIyer@Dell Likewise, to get to a desired "end state", you would need to know the right commands and also the sequence of issuing those commands
Bryan Belman OH, a one to many update method.
PIyer@Dell There might also be multiple server reboots
Dell TechCenter We have a video covering XML Configuration on Lifecycle Controller 2 using WS-MAN @
Bryan Belman humm, different than using OME, nice to hit upto 9 things at once
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Bryan, yes that is correct, You can perform a one to many update using WSMAN or RACADM
Bryan Belman great, will watch
Bryan Belman will this also do CNA chips, mezz cards and the like
John A. - Dell @Bryan - curious, what do mostly use OME to do?
Bryan Belman we use ome for fw updates
Bryan Belman complience check and update, but one at a time
John A. - Dell OK, thanks for that info
Bryan Belman this would be 1 to many., yes
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Bryan, yes, we do support one to many updates for CNA, NICs, BIOS, RAID, CPLD, IDRAC, Lifecycle Controller and Diagnostics
WayneL@Dell We have a large library with WSMAN scripts on Dell TechCenter.
Bryan Belman our support guys will be loving the cna and LPe12000 chip set update ofemulex HBA's
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Bryan, you can refer to the update white paper for more information on how to perform one to many updates
steven_zessin Scripting the Dell Lifecycle Controller
WayneL@Dell @Bryan -- One note is that we are talking about Firmware updates, not OS Driver Updates
Bryan Belman yes
Bryan Belman fw
Dell TechCenter for all of you who are not aware of the WSMAN scripting library, follow the link from steven_zessin above
Bryan Belman I need to start cutting and pasting these links, next slide please
YogeshPK@Dell @Bryan yes we do support a large set of CNAs and FC HBAs , however need to check if LPe12000 is supported
steven_zessin Other scripts under Web Services Integration Tools:
PIyer@Dell So the slide on the right shows you a sample snapshot of hardware configuration
PIyer@Dell As you can see, it has RAID, BIOS, NIC, System, iDRAC and FC-HBA configuration
PIyer@Dell You have the option to leave the server shut down post configuration
Dell TechCenter @Bryan - this chat will be archived and posted at
Dell TechCenter also, the Lifecycle Contorller slide deck in it's entirety is located at
PIyer@Dell You can use the XML to create a VD, configure multiple BIOS or NIC attributes, and have
all this run via one job with a single host reboot
kevin_houston Another good link to bookmark is the Dell TechCenter iDRAC page at
RajaTamilarasan @Dell @Bryan, you can also figure out if a particular device is updateable using Lifecycle Controller
by enumerating the Software Inventory using WSMAN and looking at the Updateable field... for example,
RajaTamilarasan @Dell DCIM_SoftwareIdentity BuildNumber = 0 Classifications = 11 ComponentID = 159 ComponentType = BIOS DeviceID = null ElementName = BIOS FQDD = BIOS. Setup.1-1 IdentityInfoType = OrgID:ComponentType:ComponentID IdentityInfoValue= DCIM:BIOS:159 InstallationDate = NA InstanceID = DCIM:PREVIOUS#741__BIOS.Setup.1-1 IsEntity = true MajorVersion =1 MinorVersion = 4 RevisionNumber = 8 RevisionString = null Status = Available SubDeviceID = null SubVendorID = null Updateable = true VendorID = null VersionString = 1.4.8 impactsTPMmeasurements = true
PIyer@Dell The whitepapers we have here address some of the complicated workflows,such as RAID stacking, setting Hard drive to boot first
PIyer@Dell Here are the links
RajaTamilarasan @Dell the Updateable = true for BIOS tells us that Lifecycle
Controller supports BIOS update
kevin_houston Here's another great site (non TechCenter) that everyone should bookmark thta highlights all the things you might need to find within Dell's sites:
PIyer@Dell RAID stacking = Create VD, Initialize it and assign a hotspare
SteveW@Dell you can use an editor to modify the XML file you have pulled from the server, if you feel confident editing XML.. If you mess the XML file up, the system will error out..
Dell TechCenter 10 minutes left on the chat with our Lifecycle controller experts - any questions
before they have to go?
Will West Is version 1.2 live?
Dell TechCenter Any feedback on how often you perform firmware updates?once a quarter? once a year?
YogeshPK@Dell @will if you mean LC 1.2 yes
SteveW@Dell @yogesh - LC2 1.2
steven_zessin Licensing
Dell TechCenter Any final questions?
Dell TechCenter ask anything :)
Jim will the recording of this tech chat be available for viewing at a later date?
Dell TechCenter yes
Dell TechCenter we are going to post a transcript which will include all the text and links
Dell TechCenter at
Dell TechCenter should be live tomorrow.check back at that address
Dell TechCenter Thanks everyone for joining - if you have followup questions feel free to drop into the systems management forum on Dell TechCenter -
Ignacio Hernandez Thanks folks!
RajaTamilarasan @Dell Thanks everyone...
YogeshPK@Dell Thanks