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Dell TechCenter what are you interested in learning about today?
Carlos Gil First
Carlos Gil what is Active System?
Carlos Gil I dont know about this
Carlos Gil Second, is included in the warranty of servers, storage?
Carlos Gil and third, what can i do for includen in my propossal to customer
Dell TechCenter Sure - our experts are going to join soon to answer all your questions soon.
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Dell TechCenter also Active System -
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Dell TechCenter @Rasmus, are you staying up late to hang out with us tonight?
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Rasmus Haslund Very excited to learn more on Active System Manager.
Dell TechCenter Excellent - if you guys have questions at any time, feel free to ask
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Dell TechCenter Alright, it's 3 oclock sharp and we have a lot of folks in the chat already.  Let's start off by introducing our experts for today - Scott  Powers is the Product manager for Active System Manager &  Aaron Prince Technical Marketing for Active System
Dell TechCenter Today we're here to talk about Active System Manager and to answer any questions you all may have
Dell-AaronPrince Hello all, thanks for joining
Dell TechCenter Quick poll, are most of the chat attendees partners or customers?
Dell - Scott Powers Hi all.  To start …Active System Manager (ASM) is the overall management and automation platform for Dell's Active Systems family of converged infrastructure.
Carlos Gil Partner
Rasmus Haslund Partner
hypervfan Consultant
Paul Tabara Dell SE
Daniel_Bowers None of the Above
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Dell-AaronPrince Within our converged infrastructure portfolio, we have both pre-integrated systems (already racked/stacked/cabled) and reference architectures
Dennis Smith Hey Everyone!
erson /me starts gknawing on some dried reindeer meat... to fit the stereotype
Lance Boley Hello Erson, welcome
Dell TechCenter Hi Daniel Bowers, I guess I should have included analysts in the list of choices
Dell-AaronPrince Either way, the underlying technology to manage and provision in the architecture is Active System Manager
Dell-AaronPrince ASM uses templates and orchestration to capture the standard settings and configurations that are needed to get your infrastructure into production
Dell - Scott Powers ASM is based on technology from the Gale Technologies acquisition.
Dell-AaronPrince it configures servers, networking, TOR switches, storage provisioning and access, hypervisor deployment/configuration, and even VM deployment into the virutal infrastrucutre
Dell-AaronPrince as part of the templates
Dell-AaronPrince letting you define the process and steps once, then deploy repeatedly
Dell - Scott Powers Automated, template-based provisioning - of most everything (as Aaron mentioned)
Dell-AaronPrince What it really delivers for you, is better operational efficiency, less chance for manual error, and centralizes management across the different silos
Dell-AaronPrince so your IT guy who is responsible for provisioning (server admin, virtualization admin, whoever), can choose a template from a web portal
Dell-AaronPrince Combined with our pre-integrated stacks, you can get a turn key VMware or MS Hyper-V based architecture up and running in your data center drastically faster
Dell-AaronPrince for general purpose virtualization infrastructure, or for specific VM workloads
brian_gautreau@dell It is used in the enite lifecycle of a virtualized system correct? From initial deployment to workload deployment (and clean up), helping with VM sprawl?
Dell - Scott Powers Open question - We are especially interested in what capabilities people are most interested in unified or converged management products (like ASM) that cover the whole stack.
Dell-AaronPrince @Carlos - ASM is part of any Active System architecture. so when you're responding to customer requirements this functionality is part of the solution
Dell TechCenter For those who would like more information about Active System Manager, we have a wiki on Dell TechCenter about the product at
Dell - Scott Powers @brian – Yes, exactly. ASM handles initial infrastructure provisioning and configuration.
Dell - Kevin_Houston @Aaron - do we have any published videos yet that walk through the web and management interfaces?
Dell - Scott Powers And also workload provisioing and deprovisioning - which enables a very efficient, on-demand utilization of resources.
erson @Aaron - does ASM also provide monitoring for the stack as a whole system and not only the parts themselves?
Dell-AaronPrince @Kevin - I'm working on one as we speak. We also have demo capabilities through our Dell Solution Centers today
Rasmus Haslund How is ASM licensed?
Dell - Scott Powers With scheduling and placement capabilities, and unified management of both physical and virtial resources, VM sprawl is managed or avoided.
Dell - Kevin_Houston @Rasmus - ASM is licensed per node
Daniel_Bowers Does ASM itself run as a VM atop vSphere, or is it a stand-alone appliance?
Dell-AaronPrince @Erson - ASM does some basic utilization monitoring that we log and can generate reports on. We can then work with other tools like vFoglight from Quest to do more advanced monitoring and capacity planning
brian_gautreau@dell @Scott that is nice... in my previous life as an IT Manager the sprawl was always a challenge
Dell - Scott Powers Note for licensing, ASM is per node but is bundled with Dell Active Systems, specificaly the AS800 at this time.
Rasmus Haslund Anything on list pricing yet?
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - ASM is a virtual appliance
Dell - Scott Powers @Rasmus - ASM is bundled with Active Systems and is not sold as software only, at this time.
Dell-AaronPrince so not in the data path, just accessing the infrastucture through out of band management
Rasmus Haslund Which platforms does the virtual appliance support currently?
Dell TechCenter for more general invormation about the different Active System products, there are pages on @
Dell-AaronPrince It runs on either Hyper-V and vSphere
Daniel_Bowers @Scott if ASM is only sold as part of a bundled solution, how do reference architectures work?
Dell TechCenter Specifically, the Active System 800 product page is located @
erson @Daniel_Bowers - Good question!
DELLSarah_Vela Everyone, @Scott just dropped, he's on his way back :)
Daniel_Bowers Does ASM interface with vSphere using the vCenter plug-in, or thru some other interface?
Dell - Scott Powers @Daniel - Even for reference architecture approaches, the ASM price is tied to the hardware sale.
Dell - Scott Powers It is basically "included" in Active Systems, whether pre-integrated or reference architecture - which both yield the exact same configuration
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - ASM addresses vCenter directly through a concept called resource adapters. Which are basically modules that translate our actions into the appropriate API calls for what is under management (server, switch, VMM)
Daniel_Bowers @Scott So I can take the reference architecture and basically say "I want to buy this", then Dell will quote/sell me that kit...Kind of like that?
Dell - Scott Powers Good point on Resource Adapters - these are plug-in automation adapters that give ASM a great deal of flexibility.
Daniel_Bowers @Aaron Thanks.  Are those "resource adapters" something that came from Gale?
Dell-AaronPrince its a very modular and flexible architecture. since we dont have to update the code or release a new rev of the software to update or add a resource adapter
Dell - Scott Powers @Daniel - yes, correct.
Dell-AaronPrince Definitely. The foundation of the capability is built around that concept
Dell-AaronPrince which came with the IP from teh Gale acqusition
Daniel_Bowers Can ASM handle the server/storage/networking firmware updates as well?
Daniel_Bowers Is there a list of what "adapters" are available?  Or maybe that doesn't matter, since all the ones 'needed' are included?
Dell - Scott Powers The Resource Adapters did come from the Gale intellectually property, and are part of the product framework.  But new adapters are now being actively built by Dell engineers.
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - yes, firmware updates are part of what ASM does
Daniel_Bowers Is the API/SDK for ASM meant for end-users to write their own automated scripts, or its it mainly for 3rd party developers so they can integrate ASM control in their management tools?
Dell-AaronPrince and you're correct that the list of resource adapters don't matter, as its something that hides complexity. You don't have to know the underlying calls, and we allow you to build orchestrations using what we're doing with teh resource adapter itself
Daniel_Bowers Can ASM manage anything "outside" of the Active System?
brian_gautreau@dell While I know this isn't everyone's daily task, it does things like configuring or reconfiguring BIOS settings and RAID and nPAR and the likes too right? Those repetitive tasks that everyone hates to do manually on numerous nodes...
Daniel_Bowers @Aaron & @Scott thanks for the answers.
Dell-AaronPrince @Brian - exactly. BIOS/RAID, CNA settings, NPAR and DCB configuration, storage LUN provisioning and mapping to a cluster and data store
Dell - Scott Powers ervices or partners for integration purposes.
Dell - Scott Powers @Daniel – ASM does have a complete API for all system functionality but initially it is recommended for Dell services or partners for integration purposes.
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - the resource adapter framework defintiely allows us to extend to third party components, which we will be doing later in the year
Dell - Scott Powers But the API will be offered for end users as well.
Daniel_Bowers I wish Dell called them "NicPARs" instead of "nPars".   Confuses HP guys :)
Dell-AaronPrince How many of you (or your customers) have been looking at pre-integrated solutions for general purpose infrastructure, or maybe specific application initiatives like VDI or UC&C?
brian_gautreau@dell @Daniel I know... i generally dont like that reference either.... I usually like to call the multi-function CNAs, but that confuses other people too :)
Daniel_Bowers If I'm running entirely VMware, what's better about managing with ASM instead of just vCenter with the Dell plug-in?  Or do they not overlap that much?
BVTechie customers are definitely looking for pre-configured solutions, they don't want to go out and try to figure out sizing for VDI.
Rasmus Haslund I would agree with BVTechie, but we are seeing customers coming to us as a partner/reseller for advice rather than requesting a preconfigured solution.
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - They're really focused at different user types. We're focused at enabling tighter integration of the underlying hardware, virtualization, and workloads. The plugin is a great product focused at helping virtualization admin get improved capabilit
 Dell - Scott Powers BVTechie – Do you think VDI is the top driver for converged/pre-integrated systems?  Or what else?
Dell-AaronPrince the idea being we want to enable specific user types to stay in a single console to do their job
Daniel_Bowers @Aaron Lots!  Most struggle to accurately compare their build-it-yourself cost ($ + resources) vs. pre-integrated.
Dell-AaronPrince I totally agree. There is a lot of hidden costs in designing/testing/validating/debugging a DIY architecture that doesn't always show up on the order
Dell-AaronPrince not to mention the benefits of having an architecture that was built to best practices, designed to a specific use case, and supported as a solution rather than piece parts
Daniel_Bowers @Aaron If someone has the expertise to DIY, their question is often "What is the premium above the hardware/software component prices for the integration part?"
Dell TechCenter How did you find out about the chat today?  Let us know in the poll on the right side of the screen
Daniel_Bowers Hard to answer that poll question.  I'd say "Friend", but not sure if I can call @Kevin_Houston a friend if he's never bought me a beer.
Dell - Kevin_Houston @Daniel - ha!
Dell TechCenter @Kevin Houston - thanks for spreading the word about Dell TechCenter :)
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - you're correct. most customers have the capability to. but with IT departments being expected to do more with less, its a matter of prioritizing what is the highest value add for their architects to do
Daniel_Bowers I'm failing at Google.  Any URLs to screenshots of what the ASM UI look like?
Tom This sounds like HP's UDC, Utility Data Center (is that still alive?)
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - I'll be posting a demo video soon online, but I dont have it up yet
Dell-AaronPrince and you can always make your friends like Kevin get you a demo through our solution center demo portal :)
Dell - Scott Powers If anyone is interested in some background on Gale, the Dell page is at:
Dell-AaronPrince Or come to our hands on lab at Dell Enterprise Forum in June
Dell-AaronPrince and get to use it in person
Dell - Kevin_Houston Best thing to do is contact your nearest Dell representative for a demo.
Dell - Scott Powers Yes, I will be at DEF with Aaron - come see us.
DELLSarah_Vela By the way, if you're coming to Enterprise Forum, here is a discount code for 20% off:DEFUS13BL
Daniel_Bowers Cool, did not know about DEF.  Is that an annual event?
Dell TechCenter Good to know that most people learn about our chats through our direct emails - we'll feel less guilty about our mass emails from now on:)
Dell TechCenter less than 10 minutes left in the chat - if you have questions, ask them now!
DELLSarah_Vela @Daniel - it is the evolution of Dell Storage Forum
DELLSarah_Vela Now focused on end to end Enterprise Solutions
DELLSarah_Vela This year it's in San Jose in June.
Rasmus Haslund Wish I could go!
Daniel_Bowers Is the original Gale software still sold stand-alone, or is ASM the only instantiation that will live on?
Dell TechCenter @Rasmus we'll try to get you to some Dell events this year
Dell-AaronPrince @Daniel - The IP from Gale is the foundation for ASM. It won't continue to exist as a separate product
Dell - Kevin_Houston @Rasmus - reach out to your Dell channel rep and do some begging.  you never know what he/she could do...
Rasmus Haslund I will give it a shot :)
Dell TechCenter @Rasmus - it's a little harder to invite you guys to American events - overseas flights are not cheap
Daniel_Bowers @Aaron @Scott thanks again for the answers today.  DTC, thanks for hosting.  Gonna go put on my DTC T-shirt now.
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Dell - Scott Powers I have not gotten a shirt yet
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Dell-AaronPrince Thanks for coming everyone. Enjoyed the conversation!
Dell - Scott Powers Thank you everyone. for your questions  It is a pleasure being a part of Dell.
Rasmus Haslund @Dell TechCenter: I understand, flights are always pricey
Rasmus Haslund Great content tonight, thanks for letting us know about ASM.
Lance Boley Great chat today ... thanks everyone
Dell - Kevin_Houston Thanks to @Aaron and @Scott for the good info.  Good day to all!
DELLSarah_Vela Thanks everybody!
Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining everyone
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