Dennis Smith Hey Everyone...thanks for joining us today
GeneAtDell Hi There
Dennis Smith We'll give it a few minutes for everyone to join
Ray Balli Greetings!
Dennis Smith Today's chat will be on the Dell DR 4100 Backup appliance
Tom good afternoon
John good morning
Dennis Smith So far I see we have Ray Balli Storage Outbound – DR Series and Gene ChesserStorage Strategist joining us from the product team
Dennis Smith Hi Tom and John...good {insert time of day/night} to you
Ron Stefani Howdy!
GeneAtDell Hey Ron.  How goes it?
Dennis Smith I'll go ahead and turn it over to Ray and let him set the stage for the chat today!
Ray Balli Hi, BTW The DR4100 is a inline targert deduplication applaince.  It is the follow on product to the DR4000.  We are excited to offer capacity expansion in this launch along with other features.
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Ron Stefani Bueno. Looking at DR4100 training docs as we speak.
karen vance No dial in just IM, correct?
Dennis Smith Can you tell us the difference between the DR4000 and DR41000
GeneAtDell What's new is the new 12g platform with the capacity expansion option
Dennis Smith @Karen correct just text for this one
GeneAtDell everything is a bit faster andbigger
GeneAtDell We now support 3 TB Drives and 10 Gig NICs
GeneAtDell You can add up to two MD1200 drive shelves
Leo Sidilkovskii What PE server it based on?
Ray Balli also increased replication supporting now 32:1
GeneAtDell R720xd
GeneAtDell 12 Drive external & 2 drive internal
Tom Is there a performance impact with shelfs?
Tom chelves
Tom shelves (typing-challenged ;)
GeneAtDell the shelves perform the same as the baase unit
GeneAtDell the drives have to be equal to or larger than the base unit
GeneAtDell thwe expansion shelves just appear as more capacity and operate as a single pool
Ray Balli BTW, The DR4100 will be available in the next couple of weeks.
Phil(SDCC) presumably they're the same disks N/L SAS etc? 3TB max?
GeneAtDell yes
GeneAtDell 1 2 and 3 TB available in expansion
Ron Stefani I know we added a slew of data management applications. For Windows clients, is Server 2012 supported?
Ray Balli with 3TB hard drives now have five capacity points, 2.7TB, 5.4TB, 9TB, 18TB, or 27TB..Capacity expansion is 9TB, 18TB or 27TB.
GeneAtDell Several of the backup apps support 2012
GeneAtDell it's transparent to us of the OS version as long as the backup application supports the OS
Ron Stefani What about OST. The material I have seen said it supports only up to 2008 R2
GeneAtDell That's Syman tec's current limitation
Ron Stefani OK
GeneAtDell they will add it and we'll support it when they do
GeneAtDell OST is cool
GeneAtDell it really speads up backups
Omar Rawashdeh Yes, DR Rapid Data Access is fast and cool :)
GeneAtDell the Application server and the Backup appliance are aware of the dedupe chunks already in the DR4100 and they don't have to send them over the wire if there are new duplicates
Tom how does the performance change with the 12g?
Ray Balli For those who have dedupe installed what are you using?
GeneAtDell The server side is conservatively 5% inprovement
GeneAtDell Ray says 6%
GeneAtDell geez
GeneAtDell details
Tom )
Tom ;)
Omar Rawashdeh :)
MichaelD @Ray - Commvault Simpana 9 currently
Tom How many backup clients can I connect to one server?
GeneAtDell They made me resoot a video that the OST performance was 5.9 TB/hr when I said 6 TB/hr
GeneAtDell details;-)
GeneAtDell Many clients
GeneAtDell you can support 32 threads
GeneAtDell at one time
Sean G How granular is the de-dupe?
GeneAtDell you can actually have 32 - CIFS, 32 - NFS, and 32 OST
Ron Stefani all at the same time?
GeneAtDell yes as long as you don't have more than 32 containers as targets
Omar Rawashdeh @ Sean, what do you mean by granular?
Sean G is it file level or chucked?
GeneAtDell chunked
Omar Rawashdeh it is chunked
behrooz what is avg dedup rate(video, images,txt, office apps)
Sean G what is the chunk size?
GeneAtDell Sliding window variable length block dedupe
Sean G perfect thanks!
Omar Rawashdeh variable block, sliding window based dedupe
GeneAtDell Depends on backup config and retention time
Ron Stefani and data type, right?
GeneAtDell Normal father grandfather son with fulls is about 15 to 1 with 2 mointh retention
Sean G has it been tested with AppAssure and NetVault?
GeneAtDell If you have longer retention and more repetitive data 20 to 40 to 1 is possible
Omar Rawashdeh Yes, AppAssure 4.7 but AA 5.0 is not supported currently
Tom support is included with the license
Omar Rawashdeh NetVault is certified with DR4X00
Ray Balli For supported DMAs can refer to under tech specs
Dennis Smith Is there support for Quest?
Sean G is there a DR4100 at the DSC in Herndon, VA?
Omar Rawashdeh With NetVault  both SmartDisk and nVTL are  certified (V.8.63)
GeneAtDell Don't know as yet
GeneAtDell probably not as the RTS hardware is just about ready
Omar Rawashdeh NetVault/vRanger are both Quest DMAs
GeneAtDell However you can upgrade a DR4000 to V2.0 code and get all the features
Tom Can a 4000 replication to 4100?
Dennis Smith opps didn't see the netvault comment above my question
GeneAtDell If both are the same version of software
Dennis Smith thanks Omar
GeneAtDell Just upgrade a DR4000 to 2.0 and it works fine
Omar Rawashdeh BTW, with NetVault, we will have DR Rapid Data Accesss support soon, just like we do with OST
Omar Rawashdeh @ Dennis, U r welcome :)
GeneAtDell You can also add capacity expansion to DR4000 after you upgrade it
GeneAtDell The only DR4000 that can't be upgraded it the 2.7 TB version with 300 Gig drives
GeneAtDell It does not have the H800 Controller for the expansion
Tom how do you think it compares against hp, quantum and data domain
GeneAtDell Everything else can be expanded
GeneAtDell much better
Leo Sidilkovskii Does DR4100 competes with DL4000?
GeneAtDell of course
Omar Rawashdeh We have better pricing, all inclusive licensing and better warrenty model...
GeneAtDell Be actually outperform all
GeneAtDell Data Domain products except their monster that is hundreds of thousands of dollars
Ray Balli we are seeing rates of ingest around 5.9TB/hr
Ron Stefani not 6 TB/hr? :-)
GeneAtDell TD & DL are for different environments
GeneAtDell DR & DL sorry typo
GeneAtDell You really don't need DR if you have DL
GeneAtDell The dedupe and compression in AppAssure is all that's needed
GeneAtDell DR is excelent for most any other backup application
Omar Rawashdeh With DR you have many more choices in terms of Backup applications. with DL all all in one backup appliance with the ISV installed from the factory.
Dennis Smith How many TBs can be expanded to?
GeneAtDell You can have a total of 81 TB in the base plus 2 expansion shelves of all 3 TB Drives
Omar Rawashdeh how much logical capacity is that?
GeneAtDell with a 15:1 average ration you can protect over 1 Petabyte
Tom can you mix and match drives in the shelves for different sizes?
GeneAtDell No
GeneAtDell All same size drives in each shelf
Sean G How many different compression algorithms are included with DR4100?
GeneAtDell 2 algorithme
GeneAtDell Best and Fast
Omar Rawashdeh how is the process of adding expansion seleves, it is difficult ?
GeneAtDell Both are LZP derivitives with Dell Ocarina proprietary code
Phil(SDCC) presumably the shelves are SAS? or can they be iSCSI?
GeneAtDell Thery are SAS
Tom will appassure 5 be supported soon?
Ron Stefani Does Ocarina have any plans for releases of more specialized algorithms in the future?
GeneAtDell AppAssure team is working on what is logical
Omar Rawashdeh AA 5 is on the roadmap but with not committed release date
GeneAtDell Normally you don't turn off dedupe in AppAssure
GeneAtDell so the combination doesn't make a lot of sense
GeneAtDell They are however looking into how to optimize the solution
Omar Rawashdeh @phil, iSCSI support is on the roadmap...
Ron Stefani @Gene, but the advice would be to disable dedupe on any software if targeting the DR, right?
GeneAtDell Sorta...;-)
GeneAtDell I've run tests with both
GeneAtDell but the savings are only aboout 10-15% more in a windows environment
GeneAtDell Not normally worth having dedupe at different places
GeneAtDell Sometimes the Additional Compression helps
Tom will this work for databases like oracle and sql?
Omar Rawashdeh Yes, it will
Phil(SDCC) how does it deal with Exchange 201xs lack of SIS/dedupe?
GeneAtDell The Exchange support depends on the Backup App
Tom what is included with the 3 yr support and is that 24x7?
GeneAtDell We accept anything the app sends up
Omar Rawashdeh Yes, 24x7 call in support
Tom great
Ray Balli 5yr support is an option as well.
Omar Rawashdeh and for replacement the speed depends on the support purchased, 4 hours or next day are both available
Tom how much extra is 5?
Ray Balli it is proportional to the service.  Sales rep could give you more details.
Tom ok
GeneAtDell @Tom How many do you need;-)
Phil(SDCC) Are tape options still on the table with a DR4100? or is the use of tapes pretty much redundant? :)
GeneAtDell The app has to support tape
Tom ;)
GeneAtDell but NDMP support is on the roadmap and will make tape easier
Omar Rawashdeh @Tom, we also support D2D2T workflows with OST
GeneAtDell Tape is a good options for quarterly and yearly backups that you want to expier off the DR4100
Omar Rawashdeh please refere to DR4000 OST WPs for details, this will help centerlize tape management using optimized deudpe
Tom do you think ndmp will be this year?
GeneAtDell good question
GeneAtDell good question
GeneAtDell It's been on the roadmap for a while
GeneAtDell no date as yet
Tom so much to do and so little time
GeneAtDell Priorities
GeneAtDell The team has been digging hard on the capacity expansion as first priority
Omar Rawashdeh @ Tom, still you can use NDMP to the backup server then backup to the DR, this is supported
Omar Rawashdeh i.e. back to the DR via CIFS/NFS/OST
Tom good idea
GeneAtDell It looks like everyone understands?
GeneAtDell One point we foound out about compression performance
GeneAtDell You can use Best all the time for now
GeneAtDell the CPU is fast enough that you don't see a drop in performance withBest.
GeneAtDell We are still keeping both settings as compresion will improve in the future and there may be a performance difference in the future
Dennis Smith We have about 15mins left.  Do you guys have any other questions?
Tom can i use RMAN?
GeneAtDell yes
Tom cool, gowing direct to dr4100
Tom ?
GeneAtDell RMAN is supported for both linux and windows environments
GeneAtDell yes
GeneAtDell Just create a container and mount it as a share
Ray Balli - Dr4100 product page
Tom with the update will the 4000 be expandale and will the 400 still be available after the 4100 is released?
Ray Balli a slew of WPs at
GeneAtDell eventually 4000 goes EOL
GeneAtDell when we run out of stock;-)
Ray Balli DR4000 just needs to be updated with the 2.0 firmware and will have same features as DR4100
Tom sounds good
GeneAtDell thanks for the questions
Ray Balli BTW, the firmware will be posted on
Dennis Smith Okay, if there aren't any other questions we'll let these guys get back to making the DR even better :)
GeneAtDell cool thanks
Dennis Smith Thanks everyone for attending...we'll have the transcript up in a couple of days on
Omar Rawashdeh Thanks all for your great questions and your time!
Tom thank you
Dennis Smith look there for some DR 4100 product videos too
Ray Balli Many thanks for joining.
GeneAtDell byue
Dennis Smith See you guys next week!