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Kong Yang Hello everyone!
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stephen spector Good morning or evening
Dell TechCenter @Mattias Sundling Can you please introduce yourself .. and the topic we are going to talk about today?
shawn_rutherford Good Morning
Mattias Sundling 2 Hello Everyone! My name is Mattias Sundling and I am responsible for our free tools  in Dell Software Virtualization Monitoring group.
Mattias Sundling 2 Todays topic is vOPS Server Explorer which is our freeware suite
Mattias Sundling 2 It´s a suite of 5 free utilities at the moment packaged as a virtual appliance
Mattias Sundling 2 It allows VM admins to get better visibility into virtual environments (VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat)
stephen spector @Mattias does that mean I need to run it only on a virtual environment?
Dell TechCenter @All You can find a link to the vOPS™ Server Explorer page in the right bottom corner
Mattias Sundling 2 A virtual appliance means it´s prepackaged with OS + application + DB so you only need to point it to your management system so we know where to collect from and then you are done
Mattias Sundling 2 Runs on any of the mentioned hypervisors
stephen spector ARe there agents rquired on host for this tool?
stephen spector Mattias connection is down;  he will rejoin in a second
stephen spector ANSWER: There are no agents needed to collect the data to be displayed from the tool
stephen spector We will do a demo shortly to provide you a look at the tool and all its capabilities
Mattias Sundling 2 I´m back, sorry. User error ;)
stephen spector lets go to the demo...
Dell TechCenter @All we will now switch to the demo
stephen spector IF you have issues seeing the demo let us know, it should be appearing shortly...
Dell TechCenter Mattias will share his screen in a couple of seconds ..
Dennis Smith Good morning everyone!
Dell TechCenter Hej Dennis
stephen spector Hello Dennis, having people in Sweden, Germany, and US co-ordinate this is a bit tougher than we expected
Dennis Smith I can see how that would be difficult :) How does this tool compare to DPACK?
stephen spector We will work on demo issues in the background, our apologies
Dell TechCenter @All Sorry guys
Dell TechCenter we had some issues w/ the demo ... so we're switching back to text only
Mattias Sundling 2 @ivan can you expand what you mean by DPACK?
stephen spector Does the vOPS tool create additional load on m,y active virtual infrastructure?
peter_tsai Dell DPACK -  
Mattias Sundling 2 The virtual appliance requires minimum 2 VCPU, 4 GB Memory so it´s pretty lightweight.
Dell TechCenter The Dell™ Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) helps you optimize spending and analyze opportunities for virtualization or data center expansion.
Dell TechCenter DPACK runs remotely and agentless to gather core requirements, including
Dell TechCenter Disk I/O (input/output)
Mattias Sundling 2 The additional load put on mgmt systems (vCenter, SCOM etc) is also very modest, like a few % overhead.
Dell TechCenter Throughput
Dell TechCenter Capacity and memory installation
stephen spector Is vOPS a real-time tool that is always showing you the latest statistics as it happens?
Dell TechCenter Server workload and capacity requirements
stephen spector What is the difference between freeware suite and commercial version?
stephen spector of vOPS?
stephen spector Here is a link to the vOPS Tool site
Mattias Sundling 2 freeware version is designed to help VM admins to get a good overview of their virtual environment by analyzing all key metrics and telling them what´s wrong.
stephen spector What are the 5 features the tool providees info on?
Mattias Sundling 2 commercial version will give deeper visibility and customization and gives advice and automation to fix it for you.
stephen spector PARTICIPANTS: Our apologies on the demo not working this morning, please feel free to ask Mattias any questions on the vOPS tool that you have Does  the vOPS  tool  provide any info on the networking performance?
Mattias Sundling 2 Freeware suite contains 5 utilities, each designed with different angles of visibility.
Mattias Sundling 2 Utility 1:Storage Explorer provides visibility into storage environment (datastore and VM) performance and capacity
Mattias Sundling 2 Utility 2:Change Explorer provides visibility into configuration changes (what have changed in the virtual layer and who did the change)
Mattias Sundling 2 Utility 3: Environment Explorer provides at a glance information such as confuration problems, performance problems, inefficiecny and waste, capacity management etc
Mattias Sundling 2 Utility 4: vScope Explorer provides visual heatmaps that represents performance, capacity, efficiency views
Mattias Sundling 2 Utility 5: SearchMyVM Explorer allows you to "Google" your environment and find out specific details you want
Mattias Sundling 2 @ivan, very limited networking views in free version. This is probably the area that causes least amount of problem in virtual environments.
Mattias Sundling 2 @Ivan, any specific networking performance metric you where thinking about?
Mattias Sundling 2 @Ivan, type of virtual NIC is important, E1000 vs VMXNET3 for example. I belive we track that.
Mattias Sundling 2 The area that causes most problems in virtualization is storage.
Mattias Sundling 2 That´s why we released Storage Explorer to give you better overview of datastores and VMs from a storage point of view
Mattias Sundling 2 It looks at both performance (Throughput, IOPS, Latency) and Capacity (Utilization, Allocation, Overcommit) and highlight if anything is abnormal. I was looking for ability to find bottlenecks on the network etc...
Mattias Sundling 2 @Ivan, not possible with vOPS Server Explorer. We have another free (Up to XXX number of devices) tool called Foglight NMS which allows you to monitor your network more in depth.
Mattias Sundling 2 Can´t remember how many devices, beleive it´s 100 but could be more.
Mattias Sundling 2
Mattias Sundling 2 200 devices free
Dell TechCenter @All Feel free to ask questions Great, Thank you!
Mattias Sundling 2  @Ivan, you are welcome :)
Mattias Sundling 2 As I said from the start, it´s extremely easy to download, import and use. You should all try it out for yourself.
Mattias Sundling 2
stephen spector vOPS was top VMware free tool of 2012:
Mattias Sundling 2 No more questions? I got off to easy today ;)
Dell TechCenter @All Last chance to ask your questions ... if you do not have any we will close the chat in a couple of minutes
Kong Yang Folks - now's your chance to ask a fellow VMware vExpert your questions around the goodness that is vOPS Server Explorer
stephen spector Looks like we have a bunch of XEN experts today who keep up with me from the goold old days
Dell TechCenter Ok, guys thank you very much for attending our chat
Dell TechCenter We will post a wrap up blog post in a couple of days at Dell TechCenter
stephen spector Sorry about the demo, I will work with MAttias to get a blog up on Dell TechCenter with the demo on vidoe
Dell TechCenter Feel free to reach out to Stephen Spector, Mattias Sundling or to me in case you have any questions after the chat
Dell TechCenter Mattias, thank you very much for attending our chat
Mattias Sundling 2 Thanks everyone for attending!
Kong Yang Thank you Mattias, Rafael and Stephen!
stephen spector Thank you everyone
Kong Yang Thank you to our community!
stephen spector Be sure to check out the tool today and see how amazing it is for analyzing your VMware environment Thank you!
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