Raj Shresta Welcome everyone!
  Dell TechCenter Hey everyone!
  Dell TechCenter Good to see such a good turnout
  Jonathan Franconi Hey everyone :)
  Raj Shresta Hello everyone !
  Raj Shresta I am the Engineering lead on OME 1.1 release
  Dell TechCenter Hey Jonathan, good to see you here (this is Peter btw)
  Ray Willis Looking to see what all the new update will do for us.
  Jonathan Franconi Hey Peter  :)
  Dell TechCenter Hey! it's been a while
  Shawn (rolltidega) hey everyone!
  Dell TechCenter we'll start the chat in a few minutes
  Dell TechCenter looks like we have a lot of people joining still... 41 and counting
  Dell TechCenter hey Shawn
  Richard Hi everyone.  Will there be voice to this chat session?
  Dell TechCenter no voice - just text
  Richard ok thank you
  Dell TechCenter also we'll have some interactive polls throughout
  Dell TechCenter Thank you everyone for joining, as you probably know, OpenManage v1.1 was released today
  Dell TechCenter there are dozens of improvements over OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1
  Dell TechCenter you can learn about many of the improvements at - http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/b/techcenter/archive/2012/10/30/openmanage-essentials-1-1.aspx
  Dell TechCenter or on the main OpenManage Essentials page at www.delltechcenter.com/OME
  Dell TechCenter today we have several members of the OME engineering team here to talk to you about the new release include Raj Shresta and Travis Zhao
  Raj Shresta We are excited to present OME 1.1 release highlights to all our customers and glad to answer any questions you have today.
  Dell TechCenter we'll also have some interactive polls throughout the chat for you guys to give us feedback
  Dell TechCenter the chat will go for 1 hour
  Raj Shresta I will provide a brief summary and then dive into each one of them...
  Raj Shresta

Release highlights:

  • Agent-free hardware inventory for Dell 11G and 12G servers
  • Agent-free system updates (e.g., BIOS, firmware) for Dell 11G and 12G servers
  • Dell SupportAssist extension for proactive “phone home” hardware issue resolution
  • Discover, Inventory, monitor health, and view logs of Dell clients (i.e., desktops, portables)
  • Discover, Inventory, and monitor health of Dell Force 10 Switches, Dell PDU and UPS devices
  • Discover and collect limited inventory  Linux servers via SSH
  • Enhanced hardware inventory for ESXi servers with Server Administrator (OMSA)
  • Alerts for hardware health status changes (not just when a hardware trap is sent)
  • Ability to forward alerts in original format to support tiered event management
  • A new command line interface (CLI) for automation of server discovery and grouping
  • Calendar style task schedule view
  • Group filtering on portal pages
  • More configurable portal pages
  • Grouped discovery ranges for common protocol settings
  • Custom URL launch points to allow user-defined right-click actions on devices
  Travis Zhao a lot of features.
  Raj Shresta How many of you are already using OME ?
  John_Dimond Is Win2k8 R2 SP2 supported OS to install OME 1.1?
  Raj Shresta yes...SP2 is supported
  Dolan I installed 1.1 this morning
  MichaelD We have it installed, but aren't using it heavily.
  Raj Shresta Much anticipated Agent free support was added in this release
  HoosierCAB needs to be a "I'm still on ITA, but looking to upgrade"  :)
  Franco  Arteseros Just installed this morning
  Tom looking at it
  Raj Shresta ITA customers can upgrade directly to OME 1.1 release
  janet for 11/12G esxi hosts, do we still need omsa?
  Eloy Mandiola I can't download the OME 1.1, the web page gave me an download error
  John_Dimond Download flaky
  Dell TechCenter @ Eloy - where are you located?  I think some of our European servers were experiencing issues and we are making this a top priority to fix this ASAP
  Raj Shresta For 12G ESXi hosts, iDRAC provides everything that OMSA supports
  Raj Shresta you dont need OMSA on 12G ESXi hosts...
  John_Dimond link not working, (USA)
  Ray Willis ftp://ftp.dell.com/FOLDER00973506M/1/OpenManageEssentials_1_1_A00.exe
  Raj Shresta 11G ESXi hosts is bit different...you may still need OMSA
  Eloy Mandiola i'm at south america
  janet so then for 11/12g,  is there any reason I still need OMSA?
  Raj Shresta we are working on the download link issues
  Raj Shresta hopefully it will be resolved soon
  Dell TechCenter the link that Ray sent should work.
  Raj Shresta If you have 11G or 12G servers with iDRAC Base/Express/Enterprise, OME 1.1 will be able to fetch detailed Hardware Inventory, overall server health status and deploy BIOS/Firmware Updates using WSMAN protocol.
  Franco  Arteseros Had some problems downloading too ... Try clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button a couple of times.... that worked for me...
  Tom is this also known as the active system center?
  Scot Needy Does it require OMSA ? Is there a better way of discovery I'm forced to use the import method because I have vm's and Dell's on teh same subnets.
  Tom i mean active system manager
  Raj Shresta @Scot...can you elaborate more ? You only need OMSA on 11G and prior generation servers
  Scot Needy And that's 98% of my deplyment. 11G or lower.
  John Abrams @Tom, no this is not the same as Active System Manager, which is what I think you meant to ask. That is a different tool that is for use with our new converged infrastructure systems
  janet so can I just conclude, for 12G server with idrac 7, doesnt matter what OS it is running, there is no more OMSA needed at all
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 integrates with Dell SupportAssist extension for proactive “phone home” hardware issue resolution
  John_Dimond FTP link works.
  John_Dimond Do you have a direct link to all docuemtnation?
  Raj Shresta @Janet...correct
  Tom thanks John. that helps alot
  Dell TechCenter @Franco - sorry about the download issues we're trying to work it out
  Raj Shresta @John...documentation is being updated...it may take few more hours before it is available for external access/download
  Raj Shresta Let us talk about OME 1.1 and Phone home integration
  Raj Shresta OME is integrated w/ Dell SupportAssist to remotely monitor your enterprise IT infrastructure and enable proactive support. For more info, refer to: http://en.community.dell.com/dell-groups/dell_integrated_support/default.aspx
  Tom does OME help me manage storage also?
  Franco  Arteseros Do we also have to upgrade the Repo Man and other tools to work with 1.1?
  Raj Shresta OME can manage storage as well (MD Array, EMC, EqualLogic etc.)...
  Tom how about the dr4000?
  Travis Zhao OME v1.1 also support SuportAssist which allow customer to auto generate support cases with Dell Tech Support.  Any interest from your customer?  Any questions.
  Raj Shresta More release highlights: Discover, Inventory, monitor health, and view logs of Dell clients -
  Dell Rob-C @Tom Can you help me with that model number?
  Dell Rob-C is that EQL
  Tom yes
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 can discover, inventory and retrieve HW logs for Dell business clients with OMCI 8.x installed.   This includes Optiplex, Latitude and Precision with OMCI
  Dell Rob-C Yes, we should disocver an monitor EQL storage
  Tom if you mean equalogic  :)
  Dell Rob-C yep
  Dell Rob-C They are discovered via SNMP.
  Dell TechCenter New poll available - how many devices do you monitor with OME?
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 also adds support for the following devices : Force10 switches (S series, Z series, MXL and IO Aggregator)
  Jarred The dell active catalog is showing 5/7/2012.  Is that really the latest?
  John_Dimond what is the differacne between PSM and Support Assist?
  janet is there a way I can see the lifecycle controller job queue when pushing the updates?
  Raj Shresta Support for Dell branded metered and managed PDUs
  Raj Shresta Support for Dell branded UPS
  Tom there is an idrac on the dr4000, does that help?
  Raj Shresta Support for Dell Clients (Optiplex, Latitude, Precision)
  Dell Rob-C @Jarred Latest catalog is Oct 19 I think.
  Nilesh @John SupportAssist is going to replace PSM
  John_Dimond Will Support Assist be global?
  Tom help with manging i mean
  Raj Shresta More OME 1.1 features: Discover and collect limited inventory Linux servers via SSH - Agent free story extended further.
  Nilesh @John Yes supportAssist is global
  Raj Shresta You now have the ability to discover and classify Dell Servers with Linux operating system installed (RHEL,  SLES etc.) using SSH protocol and without Server administrator (OMSA). Server health and detailed hardware inventory is not available.
  Dell Rob-C @Tom I think just via SNMP.  But that model might not be officially validated yet
  Tom ok, thx
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 supports Correlated Discovery and Inventory
  Dolan Does the OME MIB Import Util work with 1.1?
  Dell TechCenter John Diamond - we have the Readme file available currently @ http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/m/white_papers/20061471.aspx
  Tom where do i look to see what's validated?
  Dell Rob-C @Dolan yes MIB tool works wtih 1.1
  Raj Shresta If you discover both RAC/iDRAC (out-of-band) and Server operating system (in-band), both Server and RAC/iDRAC will be correlated and inventory data merged into single inventory for Dell server, irrespective of  any protocol used to discover these devices.
  Dell Rob-C @Dolan a new version of the MIB tool is delivered with OME 1.1
  Dell TechCenter The rest of the manuals will go online soon at http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/ome/
  Dolan thx rob
  Raj Shresta For significant changes between 1.0.1 and 1.1, please make sure to read the "Upgrade to OpenManage Essentials 1.1" tutorial in "Tutorials" section.
  Franco  Arteseros Does RepoMan work with OME1.1?
  Scot Needy I edded 100 CentOS servers with OMSA 5.1> installed and OME wasn't able to identify any of them. Does OME really require Licensed RHEL ?
  Scot Needy edded/added
  Rod Bina Yes Repoman works, tested it today...
  victor waelchli @Franco -  Yes  Repo Man 1.4 will import the inventory from Essentials.
  Dell Rob-C FYI, user guide is not posted yet.  But it _is_ integrated it into the online help in the product itself.
  Raj Shresta Another major feature in OME 1.1 : Enhanced HW inventory for Dell Servers with Embedded ESX and OMSA 7.x VIB installed.
  Dell Rob-C @Scot Cent will work ok but is not offically supported
  Dell Rob-C @Scot lots of folks use it.  Did you install OMSA?
  Raj Shresta For all the ESXi customers out there, OME 1.1 has the ability to get detailed hardware inventory, hardware (SEL) logs and health status of Storage software (OMSS) and Server administrator (OMSA).
  Raj Shresta If Distributed web server is configured for these ESXi servers, OME 1.1 will provide an option to launch OMSA console for each of these servers discovered.
  Eloy Mandiola i know the chat is not for v1.0, but i followed the instructions and i'm still unable to see my ESXi servers on OME
  victor waelchli @Jarred -  you can put in proxy information to verify Essentials can talk to the FTP server to get the latest catalog.
  Raj Shresta ESXi 5.1 released in September 2012 is supported as well in OME 1.1.
  Abhijit @Eloy do you have OMSA VIB installed
  Eloy Mandiola yes i do
  Tom what generation is an r510?
  Scot Needy Yes OMSA is installed. I pulled the list of servers that are attached to our OpenManage monitoring profile. So I know it's installed and working on the test set.
  Abhijit @Eloy you can try running troubleshooting tool WS-MAN test to see if you get a response
  Scot Needy 3rd party NMS monitoring software.
  Tom Rob-C where do I find the validated list (re:dr4000)
  Dell Rob-C @Scot if you use the Dell TS tool doing an SNMP test, does the version of OMSA get reported in the result set?
  Eloy Mandiola how can i get the WS-MAN tool test?
  Eloy Mandiola sorry guys, i found it
  Dell Rob-C @Tom the support matrix will be posted on the online doc later today
  Abhijit @Eloy if you are using ESXi 5.0 above you will have to increase the timeout value to 10
  Scot Needy So SNMP and OMSA need to work ?  Can you direct me to where these communication dependencies are documented ?
  Tom Great!  Thanks  :)
  Dell Rob-C @Tom you should be able to navigate to it from Delltechcenter.com/ome
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 also can generate internal Alerts for hardware health status changes (not just when a hardware trap is sent)
  Abhijit It is part of troubleshooting tool protocols
  Gong Wang For the agentless implementation on 12G server, any limitation on server management compared with agent based implementation?
  Scot Needy ready the faq and QS Looking the new UG.
  Dell Rob-C @Scot There should be a Linux tutorial in the OME Tutorial section of the console
  Jarred @victor Everytime i put our port number for proxy in, it says invalid.
  Eloy Mandiola @Abhijit thanks for the tip
  janet how is phone home working? what if OME server doesnt have internet access?
  Abhijit @Eloy you are welcome
  victor waelchli jarred: what port?
  Jarred 8000
  Raj Shresta @Gong...there is not much limtation between agentless and agent based implementation in 12G servers
  Nilesh @Janet Internet access is required for Phone Home functionality to work
  Franco  Arteseros Can we use an export (Systems or IP) report from OME 1.0 or 1.0.1 to create and import a .csv file into a new OME 1.1 fresh install?
  sean k Tom Here's a good reference for server model numbering convention - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dell_PowerEdge_Servers
  Raj Shresta @Gong...\Agentless (iDRAC)...you can get health, inventory, alerts, deploy system updates...
  Gong Wang @Raj, good to know. thanks
  Dell TechCenter New Poll question: Do you use OME to manage ESXi servers?
  Scot Needy Think I looked at that but it does not say anywhere what the explicit depencies are given a device. vmWare (SNMP+OMSA ) (SNMP OR OMSA) etc...
  Tom perfect, thx
  Dell Rob-C @Franco Nope..but good idea
  Dell Rob-C @Franco  Of course, we do support upgrading from OME 1.0.1 to OME 1.1
  Charlie C @Tom, R510 is 11G
  Ray Willis Fanco yes get the ip in the screen right click and export to CSV
  Raj Shresta How many of you plan to use Agent free updates (via iDRAC) in OME 1.1 ?
  Tom so not so far behind ;)
  John_Dimond TY, for the readme.
  Dell Rob-C @John_D yep, lots of stuff in there
  Aaron Friel @Dell - Why is Windows Server 2012 not supported?
  Scot Needy no snmp in 2012
  Aaron Friel Well that's not true.
  Jarred no server 2012?  *facepalm*
  Raj Shresta More features in OME 1.1: Ability to forward alerts in original format to support tiered event management
  Scot Needy 2nd hand info on snmp
  Raj Shresta Users can forward SNMP alerts to another console in original format, (Ex: to another OME instance or third party console like HP SIM, MS SCOM etc.) that will enable tiered event management to aggregate SNMP alerts from multiple 
  Dell Rob-C Come on guys, no love for the Client poll?
  Travis Zhao managing Windows server 1012 is support.  OME will support installation on windows 2012 in next release.
  Aaron Friel When is the next release?
  Travis Zhao Q2 next year.
  Aaron Friel What.
  Aaron Friel Is that a joke?
  Aaron Friel What about Windows 8 client monitoring?
  Jarred Come on Aaron.  it isn't like Dell is a Microsoft partner. ;-)
  John_Dimond Not same group to use OME
  John_Dimond Cleint and servers seperate groups.
  Dell Rob-C @Aaron OME 1.1 will discover and monitor Win 2012.  But OME 1.1 can't install on Win 2012 yet.
  Raj Shresta @Aaron...if you install OMCI 8.x on Windows  8 client...you can monitor it from OME 1.1....
  Aaron Friel Well if I have a Windows 8 workstation and Windows Server 2012 servers - I am SOL?
  Aaron Friel FYI to debunk the SNMP thing :  http://imgur.com/zFdcq
  Raj Shresta More features in OME 1.1 : A new command line interface (CLI) for automation of server discovery and grouping
  Dell Rob-C @Aaron can you run an R2 VM on W2012?
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 supports command line interface that will allow you to automate devices discovery/inventory/health status and device grouping. As of today, you can perform limited set of functionality which is driven by about 15 sets of CLI commands.
  Aaron Friel Yes, is Dell going to buy me the license to do so?
  Dell Rob-C Aaron :-) early OS adopter eh?
  Scot Needy Aaron Friel : Good to know thx. I won't see it until 2013 :)
  Raj Shresta OME 1.1 CLI provides the ability to create discovery range, Run discovery tasks, Add devices to a custom group, Enable/Disable Tasks, Remove Discovery range, Exclude range, Remove Devices from a group
  John_Dimond Will OME 1.1 be using WS-Man to gather health of the servers?
  Jarred Is it possible to export IP ranges from it assist into OME?
  Franco  Arteseros Main concern with most of my current customers using OME are the improvements in 1.1 on detecting and patching current systems on their Inventory list ... Do we have a list of new features that will help improve this process?
  Dell Rob-C Aaron Yeah, we can talk more on the forum...it will take a bit of time, but we are working on it :)
  Aaron Friel I have a client that will be using Hyper-V 3.0 and I intended to use OME to provide alerts for example, when a hard drive fails
  Raj Shresta @John...OME 1.1 can gather health from 11G and 12G servers using WSMAN
  Dell TechCenter new poll - what OME functionality do you use frequently?  you can choose multiple answers for this one
  Jarred I've already upggraded to ome 1.1, but i need to test the updating features.  it hardly worked in 1.0
  Dell TechCenter thanks for all of your feedback, it's helping us understand how you use the product and will help us improve OME
  Abhijit @Franco we have improved logic around detecting and patching systems
  Raj Shresta @Franco...we have made lot of enhancements to our patching/inventory process
  John_Dimond are there WS-Man scipts that can be added to OME or scripts taht can be exported adn used independtly?
  Abhijit there is additional tab which will list the issues and resolutions
  Jarred Does attempting updates and failing count for "use"?
  Dell Rob-C @John_D We are working on a whitepaper for this.  Hopefully mid-Nov
  Raj Shresta @Aaron...Hyper V 3.0 is supported..you can receive alerts in OME...
  Dell Rob-C @John_D you might search DTC for 'recite'
  John_Dimond Sweet,
  Abhijit Jared you should see more success and less failures now :)
  John_Dimond know it well.
  Raj Shresta @John...we will have a whitepaper posted mid of Nov that will talk about WSMAN scripting and OME 1.1...
  Aaron Friel @Raj - the problem is, if they're entirely runing on 2012, I can't install OME anywhere on their system
  Dell Rob-C @Aaron You're killing me...
  Abhijit @Jared we have improved underlying update code to make updates more reliable
  Raj Shresta @Franco...get in touch w/ Travis to know more details about our patching process improvements in OME 1.1...
  janet and my problem is, alot of my customer running linux, no windows to install OME
  Jarred cool
  Aaron Friel Am I wrong in that? Can I set up OME 1.1 monitoring and alerts on WinSrv 2012?
  Dell Rob-C Aaron  No, you are correct?  Need R2 to install.  I'm just giving you a hard time :)
  Dell Rob-C @janet  Yeah, need R2 to install OME 1.1 on.  but we can monitor Linux nodes.
  Aaron Friel Are any older versions of OpenManage supported to install on 2012?
  dellGabe @jarred - ip range export - not sure on export formats of ITA - if it supports csv and puts the ips or host names in a single column - worst case you might have to rename the column to import it in OME
  Dell Rob-C @Aaron  Not that I know of.
  Franco  Arteseros I am planning to update a couple of my customers to OME 1.1 this week... Where can I send my results, issues, suggestions, etc...to share with the Team?
  Raj Shresta In OME 1.1, you can also customize  SNMP port for discovery/inventory and incoming alerts.
  Dell Rob-C If you are Dell internal, use the OME list.
  Dolan I do like the fact you can name the Discovery IP range now
  Raj Shresta Users can now change the default SNMP ports (UDP 161 for SNMP service and UDP 162 for SNMPTrap service) on the OME server and managed devices. Note that port settings are changed in the Windows services configuration file and impacts all the other applications relying on SNMP services
  Dell Rob-C @Dolan  Thanks, that is a nice new feature.
  Dell Rob-C Guys, also check out the cool schedule feature off of the portal page.  Very cool way to view your scheduled tasks.
  Raj Shresta Anyone interested in  knowing more about OME integration w/ Dell SupportAssist extension for proactive “phone home” hardware issue resolution
  Tom @raj sounds interesting
  John_Dimond Yes, been waiting to hear how it will replace PSM.
  Jarred @Raj Yes
  Raj Shresta What would you like to have in the next OME release ?
  Nilesh @John SupportAssist is extenstion to OME..There is not transition path from PSM to SupportAssist...users need to install and configure OME and SupportAssist
  Raj Shresta Tom, @John, @Jarred...refer to this page for more info : http://en.community.dell.com/dell-groups/dell_integrated_support/default.aspx
  Franco  Arteseros Are there any plans to create a "Download Demo OME1.1" from (https://demos.dell.com)  that we can use in the field to introduce OME 1.1 and related tools?
  abdrew d wow.. i slept in.. stupid timezones/daylight savings.. quickly scanning previous chats
  Tom thx
  Raj Shresta @Franco...good question..we will work on that
  dellGabe @Eloy for the esxi issues you might also check the updated 1.1 tutorial as we made some enhancements to that tutorial
  John_Dimond Are there plans for Support assist and vCenter plug-in?
  janet @raj, what is the requirement to use phone home? just pro support?
  Raj Shresta There are some cool enhancements in OME 1.1:  Ability to create and associate Custom URL to device group.
  Nilesh @John yes we are planning to have supportAssist plugin for vCenter next year
  Raj Shresta Enhancements to System Updates portal page – View compliance report by Device groups, Issues and resolutions highlighting servers that is not currently available for system updates
  Nilesh @janet yes jsut ProSupport is required for SupportAssist
  Raj Shresta All Portal pages can now be customized.
  Raj Shresta Remote Task Enhancements:Added Device Capabilities to show only applicable devices for any remote task selected.
  Raj Shresta WSMAN based Scripting using Generic Command Line Task
  abdrew d is there an .ovf /.ova appliance?
  Scot Needy Planned to use my OME Repo to drive vCenter repo over NFS/CIFS any issues with that ?
  Dell Rob-C @abdrew this has been discussed, but not sure
  Dell Rob-C @abdrew I will pass along ask to marketing
  Franco  Arteseros Do we have a " Dell Approved " presentation, on SalesEdge or anywhere internal, we can use in the field for Customer presentations and Demos?
  Abhijit @Scot are you talking about vCenter plugin?
  Scot Needy Yes
  Travis Zhao Franco: we have a approved deck on SalesEdge that you can show to customer.
  Tom will you be posting the tech chat after the call?  I see that my answers in the top are no longer visible :(
  Tom and i didnt take notes
  Abhijit @Scot Repo Man has support for both OME and vCenter plugin
  Dell TechCenter @Tom yes will post the transcript within a day of the end of the chat
  Raj Shresta We have 8 more minutes...open to more questions
  Dell TechCenter you can see transcripts at www.delltechcenter.com/chat
  Tom whew :)
  janet didnt get answer on this one, can i check the update joj queue on lifecycle controller from ome?
  janet job
  Raj Shresta @Janet..not directly...but if you can create a WSMAN script..it is possible
  Raj Shresta you can use recite tool for WSMAN scripting...
  janet thx
  Raj Shresta OME has generic command line task that will allow you to run WSMAN scripts in a 1xmany fashion
  Franco  Arteseros Any plans to integrate OME with other Sys Man products like BMC, CA Spectrum...etc?
  Dell Rob-C Guys, a reminder that we are very active on the OME forum off of DellTechcenter.com/ome
  Dell Rob-C If you are Dell internal, use the OME email list.  Otherwise, feel free to follow up with us on the forum.
  Dell Rob-C Also, be sure to check out all of the whitepapers.  We have a new Compellent whitepaper posted today.
  Travis Zhao Franco: we have OM connections with major console like BMC, CA, etc.
  Dell Rob-C Ok, guys we are wrapping up in 2 minutes
  Eloy Mandiola is the download still unavailable?
  Travis Zhao Thank you for your interest.  Please also check other Dell System Management Tools, like iDrac/Lifecycle controller, OMPC on Delltechcenter.com
  Dell Rob-C This has been a great session.  I hope you guys will give OME 1.1 a try and be sure to give us feedback on the forum.
  Dell Rob-C @Eloy what region are you in?
  Eloy Mandiola in Chile, South America
  Tom what's the difference between equaloigic and servers/storage? re the poll
  Dell TechCenter @Eloy it should be working soon. if not try the FTP listed above at the begininng of the chat
  Franco  Arteseros GREAT INFO!!!...THANKS!!
  Dell Rob-C @Eloy Ok, we will look into it.
  Eloy Mandiola thanks guys!
  Tom yes, great info.  thanks
  Dell Rob-C @Eloy there is a thread on the forum, keep tabs on it.
  Kevin thanks, can't wait to use it
  Gong Wang echo
  Dell TechCenter @Tom MD is PowerVault
  Dell TechCenter Any last questions before we close the chat in a few mins?
  Ray Willis ftp://ftp.dell.com/FOLDER00973506M/1/OpenManageEssentials_1_1_A00.exe
  Kong Yang Great chat everyone! Thank you to the Dell OME team for sharing their time & expertise! And thank you to everyone in our community for participating!
  Dell TechCenter Thank you all for joining and for your great feedback on OME
  Kong Yang And thanks to Peter for putting the show together :-)
  Dell TechCenter See you all  next week, same time for our chat about OpenManage Connections and Integrations
  Dell TechCenter http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/4115.dell-openmanage-connections-and-integrations.aspx
  Dell TechCenter Thanks Kong
  abdrew d Kong, thanks for the coffee mug/tshirt! ;-)