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Rod Mercado - Dell Ok... So we're talking about the PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator today... IOA for short...
Rod Mercado - Dell Hope you've had a chance to check out the links to the right... included are links to some new technical docs along with a video on using an IOA in a FCoE or iSCSI evnironment...
Dennis Smith Here is the link to to the IOA page
Dell TechCenter Link To Converged Infrastructure Video -
Dell TechCenter Link to Converged Infrastructure Wiki -
CiscoServerGeek I watched the video and it looks similar to boxes I draw on my whiteboard - is it similar to a FEX architecture .. seems like no/minimal config on the Aggreagator ... does it do local switching ?
erson yes, it does
CiscoServerGeek cool
CiscoServerGeek support all 10Gbit adapters, which Mezz slots B or C OR B AND C ?
Rod Mercado - Dell yes, it does do local switching... very similar to the MXL switch (exact same form factor, etc)... so no need for a ToR as traffic can be kept local
erson CiscoServerGeek: It support the -KR 10GbE Adapters, not the XAUI
erson so any recent 10GbE then
CiscoServerGeek And can stack between them ?
erson Stacking only possible with the integrated QSFP+ ports
CiscoServerGeek is there a private chat channel I'm missing .. or maybe I'm getting filtered :-)
Dell TechCenter one of our other experts Trent is logging on and will be able to dive a bit deeper
Dell TechCenter Cisco filter activated :)
CiscoServerGeek figured :-)
TrentRocks!_FromDell Stacking is not available yet on IOA. Stacking will be available but only with Activey System Manager
erson It has two module slots with 2-port QSFP+, 4-port SFP+ and 4-port 10GBASE-T module options available
TrentRocks!_FromDell Initially we will provide a two unit stack in order to support the storage blade PS4110
CiscoServerGeek so total of how much possible bandwidth in each IOA ? and can I put 4 in a chassis ?
TrentRocks!_FromDell yes you can put 4 IOAs in a chassis
TrentRocks!_FromDell you could put 6 if you like
TrentRocks!_FromDell Initially the uplink is limited to 160GE
TrentRocks!_FromDell and with only one LAG
Joshua Knofski so stacking is not available in the CLI? it is included in the CLI guide
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes stacking is available through the CLI
TrentRocks!_FromDell the IOA is designed for server admins so we expect most customers to use the GUI. Either through CMC or Active System Manager
erson if you populate the chassi with 32 M420s you need 6 IOAs to utilize all the possible 10GbE ports on the M420s
TrentRocks!_FromDell for 32 M420 you can use two IOAs in fabric A
CiscoServerGeek Interesting
erson I'm not sure I like that a product so clearly defines the boundries between server admins and network admins
CiscoServerGeek I do
TrentRocks!_FromDell If you wanted each M420 to have 10GE LOM and then a 10GE mezz card, yes you would need 6 IOAs. Although I don't think that will be a popular use case
TrentRocks!_FromDell @erson, let me guess, you are a network admin?
erson I'm both :)
Aaron Prince Erson, though it might not be for everyone, we have spoken to a lot of customers who want a clear line between network and server/virtualization admins
CiscoServerGeek Too much of both, you server people keep screwing up the network :-)
TrentRocks!_FromDell The IOA can be used by netowrk admins. They can do everything via CLI if they want. Some network admins may like the preconfiguration
Aaron Prince And with Active System Manager, we make the IOA basically transparent
TrentRocks!_FromDell The purpose of the IOA is so a system admin can't mess up a network
MichaelD From a strict bandwidth perspective it looks like the IOA bests the MXL, correct?
CiscoServerGeek Is Active Systems Manager part of AIM - or is completely different ?
TrentRocks!_FromDell Listen to Aaron. He is a smart guy. My handle is actually ironic
MichaelD in terms of from the chassis to the core
erson So every other I/O module except the pass-throughs are?
Aaron Prince CSG: Completely different. its a management tool we just announced last Thursday
TrentRocks!_FromDell touche erson
TrentRocks!_FromDell Passthroughs are for storage admins??
CiscoServerGeek Ugh .... some guys just roughed me up and said "Hello from Michael"
erson So, tell us about the 16x10GbE external ports limitation
erson 6 QSFP+ with breakouts equal 24x10GbE but apparently that isn't possible
CiscoServerGeek guess I will have to catch the rest of this in the transcript
TrentRocks!_FromDell So a single LAG can have 16 members. I believe that is a limitation of LACP.
erson @MichaelD:The IOA has the same ports layout as the Force10MXL. 32 internal 10GbE and 2 external integrated QSFP+ with two module slots capable of a 2-port QSFP+ in each module slot totalling an external bandwidth of 6 QSFP+
TrentRocks!_FromDell I have a question for you guys. IOA has a single uplink LAG to make deployment easy. Do you have multiple networks you connect to or is a trunking all VLANs sufficient for you
TrentRocks!_FromDell If someone use 24 links (with 6 QSFP+ ports) and connected it to a ToR. 8 of the links would be kept inactive. If one of the active links went down, one of the inactive links would become active.
TrentRocks!_FromDell Until IOA supports multiple uplink LAGs i don't see the limitation of 160GE uplink bandwidth as an issue.
erson @TrentRocks!_fromDell: ok, so only a single uplink LAG is possible?
TrentRocks!_FromDell It is more than almost any customer will use, although I would be happy if your proved me wrong
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes only a single LAG from IOA initially
Aaron Prince it is a single LAG, but is automatically created and configured
erson ok, from that I take that multiple uplink LAGs are in the work then
TrentRocks!_FromDell can't comment too much on the road map
TrentRocks!_FromDell they won't let me back into the chat room if I do
erson ok, I think I need to adjust my view on the IOA
TrentRocks!_FromDell @erson, is that adjusted up or down?
erson definately up
TrentRocks!_FromDell I like to hear that but why
TrentRocks!_FromDell Watch it, I may quote you on my end of year review with my manager
TrentRocks!_FromDell depending on what you say
erson the word aggregator didn't really click for me until now
Aaron Prince yeah, it gives you a simplified networking experience, but still gives you east-west traffic in teh chassis and 10 gig
Aaron Prince and when you combine with a template based provisioning tool like Active System Manager, you cna make the in-chassis networking largely transparent
erson So, how do you compare the IOA with the Simple Mode available on other I/O modules?
TrentRocks!_FromDell So IOA is easier to deploy
TrentRocks!_FromDell it automates FCoE
TrentRocks!_FromDell and Simple Mode does not even support FCoE
erson Will the Active System Manager be available for everyone or only those who buy the Active System (800)
Aaron Prince anyone who has the hardware that falls within Active System. no requirement to purchase the pre-integrated solution (800)
TrentRocks!_FromDell Also in the future we will be able to detect between converged iSCSI (using DCB) and non converged iSCSI (using PAUSE frames) and automatically switch between the two
TrentRocks!_FromDell I would say that IOA will likely evolve past Simple Switch mode.
TrentRocks!_FromDell it will be simpler though and integrated into Activey System Manager
TrentRocks!_FromDell which like Aaron said, IOA practically disappears with Active System Manger
erson This is definately a nod in C***** direction
TrentRocks!_FromDell please explain that last one erson?
TrentRocks!_FromDell how is it a nod
erson That's a good thing since with the ability to automate things even further with the Active System Manager is obviously one step forward
TrentRocks!_FromDell so the part I like from ASM (Active System Manager) is that the server admin creates workload templates. When the templates are deployed, ASM automaticlaly configures the VLANs on the IOA
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes, in the future IOA really will shine with ASM
Aaron Prince Trent brings up a good point. We are really focused at not just centralizing configuraition, but *simplifying* it as well
TrentRocks!_FromDell IOA without ASM will always remain simple. A passthrough like experience that provides Aggregation
erson The strength with Dells solution is that things are optional. You're not forcing users to do this or that and this solution just gave users a whole new option.
Aaron Prince This is true. For instance the single/multiple fabric conversation earlier
Aaron Prince having the choice to do a converged fabric, or isolating fabrics if you want to for security/performance/best practices
erson Well, not entirely new because of the Simple Mode but that option just got a lot better.
TrentRocks!_FromDell Earlier it was asked if IOA was like FEX. This is just my opinion and not Dell's, but I think of FEX and IOA as total oposites. FEX brings all traffic up to the top of rack and is designed to be managed by a network administrator.
erson So, I feel obligated to bring up the missing quad-port 10GbE mezzanines... like in every other chat that in some way is related to that. :
TrentRocks!_FromDell IOA can keep the traffic local or go to the Top of Rack and is meant to be managed by the server administrator
TrentRocks!_FromDell haha
TrentRocks!_FromDell you brought that up last time
TrentRocks!_FromDell Sorry but we can't comment on the road map
erson I've brought it up numerous times :)
TrentRocks!_FromDell unless yo sign an NDA and we have a sales person go over it with you
erson Ok, I'll bring up on the NDA sessions at DSF in Paris, Dell World in Austin, round tour of Dell TechCenter and at the quarterly NDA talk with the Dell Rockstars then :)
TrentRocks!_FromDell yes the M1000e, IOA and MXL are capable of supporting a quadport 10GE adapter in fabrics A, B, C
TrentRocks!_FromDell but we don't have a quadport 10GE adapter
Aaron Prince Yeah, thats the benefit of the IOA having 32 internal ports
erson yeah, I know
TrentRocks!_FromDell althrough the M420 does use all 32 internal ports of the IOA and MXL
TrentRocks!_FromDell Sorry erson
Aaron Prince yeah, whether you want more blades in a chassis, or be ready for more CNAs in a blade
erson yes, that was the point of releasing the M420 and the Force10 MXL at the same time
TrentRocks!_FromDell Like I typed before, they won't invite me back if I talk about the roadmap
erson no problem, I don't want you to get grabbed by the guys in black suits that beat up CiscoServerGeek when he was DellServerGeek :)
TrentRocks!_FromDell It is exactly like that at Dell
erson ...for being a bit too revealing in the chat back then :)
TrentRocks!_FromDell never trust someone in a black suit when they walk the hallways
hypervfan Will we see any of those black suits when visiting the TechCenter in December? :)
erson Do you recommend the S4810 for a ToR with the IOA or the PC8100 series?
erson or do both work with the Active System Manager?
Aaron Prince Active System Manager is focused on the in-chassis networking (the IOA), we as a management tool are fine with any ToR, Dell or 3rd party
Aaron Prince the networking admin manages any of them
Aaron Prince and there will be published best practices and RAs for a few ToR options
erson Is there any video available that goes thru the setup of the GUI in the CMC?
erson s/of/in
TrentRocks!_FromDell That is one point of the IOA, it is ToR agnostic.
TrentRocks!_FromDell Just wanted to share a slide that pointed out one of the reasons for IOA
TrentRocks!_FromDell We wanted to make the device plug and play
TrentRocks!_FromDell on the left are the steps to configure a switch and most switches are confugured the same
TrentRocks!_FromDell at least in a blade form factor
TrentRocks!_FromDell IOA preconfigures and automates tasks so it can be plug and play.
Aaron Prince @erson:I will be posting some videos to techcenter soon about configuration through Active System Manager. I'm not the guy for IOA config through the CMC
TrentRocks!_FromDell yes the slide focuses on CMC
erson So the QSFP+ modules only support breakout, not QSFP+ direct connections?
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes I will work on that video
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes QSFP+ are in breakout mode
erson but they can't be set in non-breakout mode?
TrentRocks!_FromDell if you want to connect up using a QSFP+ to QSFP+ cable then the ToR has to have their QSFP+ ports in breakout mode
erson ahh, ok
erson that is what I'm after, one cable instead of four
TrentRocks!_FromDell so that is the question erson, how do you automate and preconfigure and yet provide flexibility
TrentRocks!_FromDell likely that CMC will always remain a simple deployment, and more advanced features will be provided by ASM where the template process and GUI can make things flexible but still easy for the customer
TrentRocks!_FromDell a lot of future features are still to be decided
erson well, you set sensible defaults but lets the options to do things in other ways be available
TrentRocks!_FromDell The GUI flow is a big consideration
erson ok, looking forward to seeing this product and the Active System Manager developing
TrentRocks!_FromDell But even options can overwhelm customers. Look at the many many BIOS options. Should ASM show all of those to all users?
TrentRocks!_FromDell Just like for IOA we have to consider that. I can't say what will and will not be exposed since we don't knwo everything yet but we will work to make it as easy as possible
TrentRocks!_FromDell I blame the need fo ease of use on Steve Jobs
erson Well, companies that has separate network and server admins departments surely has the skills to handle options
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes I would totally agree
erson I don't think you should dumb it down too much
erson Easy setup is a big plus though
TrentRocks!_FromDell separate networks is a must have even though a lot of customers use one network.
Aaron Prince Can handle them, definitely. But if you can run 1 wizard and select 1 template to do all of that, why not? let you focus on high priority tasks, and less on edge networking access
TrentRocks!_FromDell yes I aggree
erson EqualLogic is a good example. It can be very easy to setup and get going but you can really dig into it and a lot of options are available.
erson For a guy like me running the IT in a small/medium business (by Swedish standards) the Active System is obviously very appealing.
TrentRocks!_FromDell Yes, I am very excited about it myself. i think it is great product. I am happy to be part of it as the IOA person.
Aaron Prince its good to hear erson
erson I don't have the time to sift thru an endless amounts of options, but I do wish I had the time :)
Aaron Prince definitely one of our focus points
TrentRocks!_FromDell It is fun feeling that you are providing something that will really help people in their day to day.
Aaron Prince Keep an eye on techcenter for videos and more information
erson I sure will, and get the DTC peeps to shout it out on twitter as well :)
TrentRocks!_FromDell OK cool
erson Actually, come to think of it there should be a twitter account that just blurps out the TechCenter updates in and endless stream of technical goodieness. :)
Dell TechCenter Thanks for joining the chat everyone. Keep an eye on DTC for more updates
Dell TechCenter Link to Dell I/O Aggregator Dell TechCenter Wiki -
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Dell TechCenter See you all next week for the OpenManage Essentials 1.1 chat!