Dennis Smith Hey everyone! Welcome to the chat
Matthew Coblentz thank you.
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Tom hello
Dennis Smith Will give it a few more minutes to join before we start
Tom Hi Dennis, is there audio?
Dennis Smith For today's chat there will be no audio..
Tom no worries, thanks
Dennis Smith Do you guys prefer the audio?
Tom : )
Dennis Smith We have a few guests from our Dell Storage team joining us today for the DR4000 chat today. They are joining now
Dennis Smith While we are are a few whitepapers to go along with the chat today
Dennis Smith Overview: Dell DR4000 Support for Symantec OpenStorage Download this white paper here.
Dennis Smith Dell DR4000 Support for Symantec OpenStorage: Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backup Using a Storage Lifecycle Policy Download this white paper here.
Kong Yang Hello everyone!
Dennis Smith Dell DR4000 Disk Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution: Integrating into Tape Backup Environments Download this white paper here.
Dennis Smith Hey kong
HoosierCAB Hello Dr. Nick?
Kong Yang Hey Dennis!
Dr. Love Hello
Dennis Smith So I see Ray has joined....Ray is the Product Manager for the DR4000...Ray do you want to tell us what we are going to talk about today?
Ray The recent DR4000 1.1 backup to disk deduplication and compression appliance.consists of three key features….1) Symantec OST support 2) Many-to-one replication 3) Additional backup software certifications (Veeam, Networker, AppAssure 4)
Ron Stefani I'd like to thank Sharon Hanson, who was able to knock out these whitepapers on a pretty short timeline.
Sharon Hanson (Dell) Hi All
Dennis Smith Awesome job Sharon!
Sharon Hanson (Dell) Thx!
Ray anyone having challenges in thei backup environment today?
Tony thanks
Abhijit Dinkar One more new feature in Release 1.1 is Full NT style ACLs over CIFS
MichaelD Acquiring enough storage, dedupe database corruption, unamed vendor constantly blaming everyone else when their software has an error
vmpete Can one of you speak to the scalability of the DR4000, and if anything changed in 1.1?
Omar Rawashdeh Nice articalation to the challanges MichaleD
Tom I was wondering about method of deduplication. Fixed? Content aware? Etc.
Ray we sell 4 configurations 2.7, 5.4TB, 9TB and 18TB appliances allowing cusomter choice.
Matthew Coblentz i was wondering about distributed dedupe.
Abhijit Dinkar DR4000 deduplication is backup application format aware. This gives you the best possible dedup savings for the backup application you are using. Ofcourse, we do not support all applications yet but we will gradually.
Omar Rawashdeh Mat, can you elaborate on what you mean by distributed dedupe?
Steve Moore how do you figure out which of the four capacity points you need?
Matthew Coblentz I was wondering if pieces of the dedupe process can be distributed. for example, vRanger supports DD Boost and i was wondering if/when the DR4000 would support something like that; which helps with bandwidth, traffic, etc.
hypervfan You mention it's certified for Appassure 4, what about version 5 that's out now?
Omar Rawashdeh We have a sizing calulator that enables you to project which size to go for
Steve Moore is the sizing calculator online?
MichaelD Can multiple units be pooled together if more than 18
MichaelD TB is needed?
Omar Rawashdeh @ Mat, Yes, with 1.1 release we have OST support, DR rapid data access plug-ing,
Chandan Michael, multiple DR4000 systems cannot be pooled together..
Abhijit Dinkar hypervfan - we are working on appassure 5 support for DR4000. We are going through planning as we speak so I dont have an ETA yet.
Ray Please contact your sales consultant for sizing discussions. They have the capacity sizing tool
Matthew Coblentz @Omar Great, good to hear. What platforms/systems does the rapid data access plug-in support? Or does it work wilth DD Boost also?
Chandan @Michael: how much storage do you need to protect?
MichaelD we currently have 140TB of Equallogic for our backup targets
vmpete Ray, the scaling options aren't so much a sale question as it is an engineering/technical one. I think some of us are looking for when a customer outgrows one DR4000, what options are available.
Steve Moore I noticed on the DR4000 data sheet there is support for this native or optional? How many ports max?
Omar Rawashdeh with 1.1, DR4000 rapid data access is supporting OST, more to come in future releases.
Chandan @Michael, you can use multiple DR4000 as targets.. We will support capacity expansion on the DR4000 in a future release..
Ray capacity expansion will be available in the next release. Today there is no expansion capabilities.
vmpete Thank you Ray for the clarification!
Matthew Coblentz @Omar Thanks for the info. What kind of release rate/schedule are you guys looking to achieve? 1/year? Minor release in year 1, major release every other year, etc?
Omar Rawashdeh @ Matt, with OST support, we are supporting linux, windows, and SUSE, no it does not support DD boost.
Abhijit Dinkar Steve - 10GBaseT is optional. 2 ports max.
Matthew Coblentz OST support is good; trying to see how we could get other backup systems to adopt it (you mentioned Veeam, Networker, and AppAsure).
vmpete Seems like getting certified with Veeam was a big win for you guys. Nice job.
Omar Rawashdeh @ Matt, on average, we are looking for 2 major release and 2 minor release per year.
Tom do you do data inetgrity and if so how?
Steve Moore what happens to the data if there is a power failure during data ingest?
Matthew Coblentz @Omar cool. will I want to upgrade every time or can I skip a release?
Dr. Love with the future release of capacity expansion, could you use any storage(EQL, MD, Compellent) or just add on more DR4000s.
Abhijit Dinkar Matt - we are looking at OST Rapid Access -like integrations with non Symantec applications. We have seen some great throughput numbers with our prototypes.
Chandan @Tom: Yes, we do data integrity.. There is a white paper on it as well
Matthew Coblentz @Chandan Link! Link!
Omar Rawashdeh @ Matt, highly recommend to update to get the latest and greatest. Also keep in mind that we have all inclusive licnesing for upgrades in the DR4000.
Dr. Love Does The DR4000 support WORM?
Abhijit Dinkar Steve - DR4000 has an NVRAM to protect data and meta data during a power loss. The dedup file system is also journalled. So, there is minimal downtime (seconds) to recover data after power comes back.
Matthew Coblentz @Abhijit I'll bite:what kinds of rates are you seeing and when might this make it into the product? No commitments, just general ballparks.
Tom @Chandan where can I find the white paper
Abhijit Dinkar Dr. Love - DR4000 doesnt support WORM. For WORM, we recommend the Dell DX product lineup.
Dennis Smith Dell DR4000 Advanced Data Protection Overview whitepaper -
Matthew Coblentz @Omar LoL. I used to work in the software business too. My stock answer. It's just that an upgrade is invasive on time and always comes with risk to the upgrader. Do the releases have cumulative releases? Will the release notes specify the changes an
Abhijit Dinkar Matthew - The performance numbers are close (within 90%) of what you see with DR Rapid Access
Steve Moore is there any failover capability in case a network cable gets pulled?
Matthew Coblentz @Abhijit 90%-ish? That's pretty good.
Abhijit Dinkar Steve - DR4000 supports multiple types of bonding configurations to allow network link failovers
Gene @Steve The NICs are in ALB so If a NIC fails the other NICs will continue to function
Matthew Coblentz @Abhijit I bite on that last one - can a DR4000 replicate itself to a DR site (and another DR4000)?
Omar Rawashdeh @Matt, if the customer does not want to upgrade then it is up to them, as you know new releases usually contain new features as well as bug fixes and yes there are release notes highlighting what each release contains.
Abhijit Dinkar Matthew - Yes. Replication is supported since the launch of DR4000 (1.0).
Chandan @Matthew, yes, a DR4000 can replicate to another DR4000 in a deduped manner..
vmpete One of the coolest features I might add...
Matthew Coblentz Yeah, I like that. saves on WAN b/w
Omar Rawashdeh Yes, it does, only 10%-15% of the data goes over the WAN/network, very cool indeed. :)
Steve Moore can you backup over a WAN or is it limited to a LAN?
erson hi all
Omar Rawashdeh hi Erson
Gene @erson Hi
Chandan @Steve, yes you can have a DR4000 at a remote/branch office and have it replicate to a central DR4000 in the data center..
Steve Moore So the DR4000 will replicate over a WAN - that's good...but can you do your backups from a media server (OST, BUE, etc) to a DR4000 on a WAN?
Matthew Coblentz @Abhijit @Omar so based on the #2 topic outlined by Ray in the beginning, can multiple DR4K's replicate to a single DR4K offsite? Is that what you mean by many-to-one replication?
Matthew Coblentz Kind of like branch offices replicating back to the main center?
Omar Rawashdeh @Matthew, Yes , with 1.1 release, DR4000 support 5:1 replication, 5 DR4000s replicating to one DR4000. doe that answer your question?
Matthew Coblentz @Omar Yes, it does. Wicked cool idea.
Abhijit Dinkar @Steve - we can do backups to a DR4000 over the WAN using DR Rapid Access + OST. However, the recommendation would be to have 2 DR4000s - one at the remote site and another at the branch office and another at the main center with replication or OST optimi
Abhijit Dinkar Typo in my previous comment - its 2 DR4000s - one in branch office and one in main office
Natascha Jones I'm having issues with my Dell Optiplex 745. It only beeps and has light 3 and 4 light on the tower. It wont load or anything.
Ray reboot
Steve Moore how is the ingest performance using CIFS?
Dennis Smith Natascha this is a chat on the DR4000, you may want to post your questions on the community site
Dennis Smith
Natascha Jones ok Dennis
Chandan @Steve, we are seeing 2TB per hour ingest performance over CIFS
Steve Moore Do you see 2TB/hr on all of the DR4000 models or just the one with max capacity?
Chandan @Steve, all the models.
Matthew Coblentz So we're looking at Veeam to address our virtualized systems (we're heavy into VMware) and I'm wondering if Veeam's compression affects your dedupe rates
Steve Moore if there is a drive failure how long does it take to rebuild the array in the 18TB version?
Abhijit Dinkar @Matthew - Veeam's compression will interfere with DR4000's ability to dedup. I recommend turning off Veeam compression but setting DR4000 compression to best if your goal is to maximize backup footprint
Abhijit Dinkar @Steve - approx. 6 hrs to rebuild an 18TB RAID
Steve Moore Is there any impact to the ingest performance while the rebuildis happening?
Abhijit Dinkar @Steve - Yes. There is an impact. However, I dont have numbers to quantify it at this time.
Steve Moore Can you still do backups during the RAID rebuild?
Abhijit Dinkar @Steve - Yes backups will continue working just at a slower rate.
Tom Is the DR4000 visible in Dell OpenManage?
Chandan @Tom: No, it is not today.. It will be supported in a future release..
Steve Moore If I buy the 2.7 TB entry version, can I add drives later if I need more capacity?
Tom Thanks Chandan, any thoughts on how i will be able to control/view it in openmanage?
Chandan @Steve:No, you will not be able to expand the 2.7TB version. You will be able to expand the 5.4TB version and above in a future release
Matt Lorimer - @virtualhints How are the dedupe/compression levels compared to the competition.
Chandan @Tom: details are still being fleshed out. We will have details to share later..
Matt Lorimer - @virtualhints Is the expansion handled through additional appliances, or additional disk trays?
Tom Thanks Chandan
Chandan @Matt: expansion will be handled through additional tray..
Abhijit Dinkar @Matt - DR4000 dedup/compression rations are at par, or in some cases better, than competition.
Abhijit Dinkar Typo again - ratios not rations!
Matt Lorimer - @virtualhints @chandan/@Abhijit - Thanks.
Dennis Smith Got a few more minutes left...any more questions?
Dennis Smith This chat will be posted on in a few days
Dennis Smith Thanks again to everyone who joined!
Dennis Smith See you next week
Tom Good session ,thanks
Matt Lorimer - @virtualhints Thanks guys.
Ray BTW, to find more information around the DR please visit the product page.
Matthew Coblentz thanks. sorry I dropped out.