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Dell TechCenter Loving the big turnout today! Let's get this thing started
Dell TechCenter If you haven't heard already, General Availability of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 was announced today on the TechNet blog @
Dell TechCenter On today's chat we have the Dell Operating systems engineering team, who are the OS experts at Dell. They have been working with Microsoft for years to ensure that Server 2012 is optimized to run on Dell hardware, so they know the OS inside and out.
Eric Where can I find the OM 7.2 download?
Lance Boley Hey everybody ...
Dell TechCenter You will notice on your right hand side we have links to various resources available on the Dell TechCenter wiki:
Dell TechCenter There you can find out about best practices, Dell support status, Important information, installation guides, blogs and more.
Dell TechCenter Leading today's chat will be Dell-MikeS from the Dell OS Engineering team, who will guide you through the conversation. We have a tentative agenda also published to the right
Dell TechCenter We'll also have a few interactive polls during the course of the chat, so look for those on the right side of your screen.
Dell TechCenter Without any more delay, lets turn the chat over to Dell Mike-S !
DELL-MikeS Welcome Everyone! We're excited to talk to you all about Windows Server 2012.
DELL-MikeS First, I'd like to point out a few links where you can find more details on Dell and WS12. We'll have a transcript available afterwards where you can reference these links.
DELL-MikeS Dell/WS12 Main Page-
rolltidega Hey everyone!
Dell TechCenter @rolltidega - Hi Shawn!
Dell-syamapoluri @Eric OM 7.2 is not released yet. It will available when WS12 shipped as pre-installed from Dell factory
DELL-MikeS Base Platform and BIOS Support for Windows Server 2012
DELL-MikeS Ok. Let's cover the platforms that will support WS12  (There are a lot!) and that are currently under validation with the final Windows build.
DELL-MikeS Here you can view the complete list along with the minimum BIOS version needed
for WS12. Keep in mind some of these BIOS versions will be released at our launch.
Dell-syamapoluri @Eric OM 7.2 will available in couple of months
DELL-MikeS You can also see the Dell platforms that have already completed the WS12 MS logo process here. More platforms will follow soon-
DELL-MikeS Certified for Windows Server 2012 - We'll have close to 40 servers logo'd for WS12!
DELL-MikeS We have an Important Information Guide for WS12 available that provides information on any known issues and other important items -
DELL-MikeS We've worked hard to have our extended teams and vendors provide drivers to Microsoft to include in the WS12 media. Here is the current list of drivers available
in the Windows Server 2012 media (Inbox Drivers)-
Sheila Vives @itmaiden I was trying to pull this up on tweetgrid. missing out here
MichaelD Missing the 'already deployed' option for us early adopters :)
Dell-TomC wow! lots deploying soon! very impressive!
RParker Beta doesn't count..
Dell TechCenter @MichaelD - haha my bad. negative 0 to 3 months for you
DELL-MikeS Any out of box drivers (drivers not on the media itself) will be published on at our launch so stay tuned for those.
DarkingDK Im going to make a test hyper-v installation at a minimum
Dell-TomC what's compelling enough to warrant the early deployment?
Lowell online snapshot merge
DELL-MikeS Throughout the development cycle we've published blogs along the way covering various roles & features of WS12. You can find these here:
DarkingDK i also want to get rid of xenapp if possible
MichaelD Testing it out to ensure compatibility for a wider deployment later this year
MichaelD And for our file servers the built-in dedupe is a very appealing carrot.
Matthew K already been playing with hyper-v replication (on dell workstations) and would love to make use of it asap in production.
DELL-MikeS Next we'll cover Hyper-V 3.0. Anybody a Hyper-V 3.0 fan?
RParker dedupe was in Windows 2008 R2
John Denton Yes.. HyperV is the bomb
hypervfan My name says the most about that :)
Dell-syamapoluri WS12 dedupe works when Data is at rest
Kevin Bishop when is Dell launch of server 2012?
DELL-MikeS Before i start what do you like best about hyper-v 3.0?
Dell TechCenter @hypervfan - when are you going to add a "3" to your screenname?
DarkingDK That it has c
Anthony C Shared Nothing Live Migration
DarkingDK gotten feature "cin
DarkingDK complete
DarkingDK sorry!!
hypervfan Fan of all versions, so going for one name only :)
Blake being able to assign more than 4 cores lol
ceri The VDI enhancements sound interesting. Hoping licensing matches.
DELL-MikeS The new scalability improvements in Hyper-V 3.0 really jump out at you. Your VM's should not be limited by the amount of resources allocated. 2008 R2 VMs supported 4 virtual processors now with WS12 you can go up to 64 vcpus for larger sized workloads.
hypervfan Live merge, storage move is two improvements I like
Dell-TomC how many vm's per server in your deployments?
RParker yeah live migration on local storage is cool
kannan Hyper-V Replica
Blake 15-20 is the average
Dell TechCenter new poll available on the right side
hypervfan Come on @Delltechcenter, you must take into account us early adapters as well :)
Matthew K 10 per node, with resources for 20+ per node
DarkingDK that is better than my 1:12:S
Kevin Bishop is there a link to a quick list of all the updated features of Hyperv 3.0?
JeffHengesbach 15/node
Dell TechCenter @hypervfan - that's my bad (Peter) - I made up the poll responses :)
RParker we are hoping to match the 60 to 80 per host we have on vmware now
Dell-syamapoluri Building Desktop Virtulization Solution with Dell and WS12
DarkingDK but i run xenapp, and they are resource hogs
hypervfan Aidan Finn got a pretty good overview of the updates on the link I posted
Kevin Bishop Thanks Hypervfan
ceri Thanks for that, Dell-syamapoluri.
Blake my xenapp servers run on 2 cores and 8 gigs of memory - it's the apps you publish, not xenapp itself
DarkingDK oh i agree :)
DarkingDK git
DarkingDK got 26 xenapp servers
DELL-MikeS Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) -
Blake only about 10 here
DELL-MikeS SR-IOV is another big Hyper-V improvement. SR-IOV allows your VM to talk directly to the network card bypassing the virtual switch which increases network throughput and lowers host CPU processing. This is designed for those network hungry VMs like SQL Server.
Dell-TomC anyone already deployed SR-IOV? If so, experiences?
Dell-syamapoluri Enabling SR-IOV on Dell PowerEdge Servers :
DELL-MikeS Testing with the Intel X520 nics, we saw throughput improvements close to 50% and it really decreased the CPU utilization as well.
DarkingDK is it 10gbe tech?
DELL-MikeS You have to make sure you have a supported chipset.
Dell-TomC yes
DELL-MikeS Yes, its primarily enabled on 10Gb NICs.
RParker is SR-IOV similar to VMware passthru? It's not limited to network, right?
DarkingDK i saw some infiniband tests, quite impressive
DELL-MikeS SR-IOV Supported Platforms-
kannan Does SR-IOV help if x520 connected to PS6110 for iSCSI traffic?
PaulF I'd be interested in building a clustered shared volumes solution w/ 2 R520s and a storage box
PaulF is that doable?
Dell-syamapoluri @RParker it is some what similar to passthrough but WS12 supports live migration with SR-IOV
RParker iSCSI is still network so yes
Dell-TomC @DarkingDK - 10GBe for SR-IOV
ceri Loosely re;ated, is the NPIV/virtual HBA stuff supported on Dell systems?
RParker NPIV is on the HBA card, not the systemitself
RParker so Dell is NPIV agnostic
Dell-syamapoluri @kannan :SR-IOV for VM.. if you are connecting VM to ISCSI then yes
ceri rparker, yes, but Dell resell HBAs so question stands :)
DarkingDK Im looking forward to ODX alot though
DarkingDK ive been using eqlcpx and the speed is amazing, so if its builtin its going to rock
DELL-MikeS Next up Dynamic Virtual Machine Queues (DVMQ) -
DarkingDK Sorry jumping ahead!!
DELL-MikeS Another supported feature Dynamic Virtual Machine Queues in Hyper-V 3.0, the physical nic sets up separate receive queues for each vnic (VM) then dynamically distributes the incoming network traffic to the processors.
Dell-TomC great feedback and info - thanks to all!
RParker ooh nice.
DELL-MikeS This results in better processor efficiency in relation to the network load of your VMs.
RParker Normally people don't adopt Windows this early, we wait until at least SP1. Hyper-V3 and Windows 2012 seems to have changed people's minds..
Dell TechCenter @DarkingDK - no worries - we'll get to ODX soon :)
DELL-MikeS Most of the 10Gb nics (Intel & Broadcom) have VMQs enabled by default.
erson hi all
RParker hi erson
hypervfan Hi erson
Dell TechCenter @erson glad to see you here!
DELL-MikeS Next up Networking
DELL-MikeS Consistent Device Naming (CDN)-
hypervfan Windows 2012 Hyper-V moves Microsoft to the same level (and on some parts over) as VMware both for SMB and Enterprise, so going to very interesting to see what the future will be like for Hyper-V deployments
Dell-TomC what workloads do you virtualize? Ex: exchange, sql, etc?
Dell TechCenter New Poll question on the right side of the screen "What percentage of your workload is virtualized?"
DELL-MikeS Many may not be familiar with CDN. If you've installed an OS then noticed that network port one on the server doesn't match network port one listed in the OS. Has anyone seen this behavior before?
ceri Happens all the time on Linux.
RParker VM ware pushed us with their "genius" VRAM price model.. they have since removed it, but too little too late..
DELL-MikeS Yes happens on many OS's.
hypervfan @RParker , agree
Dell-syamapoluri Dell CDN blog:
DELL-MikeS Thanks to our BIOS team and MS this has been addressed and the pain is now gone.
DELL-MikeS The main benefit is you no longer have to identify & rename your nics in some cases. This feature works on slotted cards as well.
DELL-MikeS It's available on our 12th Generation Servers.
hypervfan @Dell-TomC, in general I virtualize almost anything
Dell TechCenter @ceri - I understand that a lot of the pain has been relieved on Linux as well
RParker for those of you with WS2012 early adopters..umm..where is the start button :)
John Denton @Dell-MikeS - Just 12g server or will be available on legacy systems as well.
DELL-MikeS Deterministic and Predictable network ordering..they way it should be.
hypervfan Never missed the Start button
ceri /etc/path_to_inst fixed it for Solaris since forever; we fixed it on Linux by virtualising it all :-)
Dell-syamapoluri CDN is only on 12G servers
DarkingDK Only thing we do not have virtualized is oracle... because they are crazy :D
MichaelD windows+x will get you to most everything you need
RParker ok get a command prompt.. stil don't miss the start button? :)
Matthew K CDN sounds like a big help... configuring clusters with 12-14 NICs was painful !
RParker @MichaelD even in a VM?
MichaelD If the windows key passes through, yes
Dell-TomC on discrete nics, need 2012 certified nics to get the inf changes necessary
erson I'm missing UEFI on the agenda
DELL-MikeS Next up NIC Teaming-
hypervfan Since Vista I only used the windows key and searched for the programs/features I wanted, so no big change for me
DELL-MikeS I'm happy to report that there are now more options when choosing which teaming vendor you would like to use. Broadcom, Intel and now Microsoft.
Dell-syamapoluri Dell 12G servers support UEFI but not required for WS12
Dell-TomC @erson - UEFI was supported on Dell 11G - is there some specific question you have?
DELL-MikeS WS12 natively supports NIC Teaming using Server Manager or PowerShell. Anyone else excited about this feature?
DarkingDK always exited if i can get rid of 3rd party
hypervfan Like the new NIC Teaming yes, the previous solutions have not been to stable
DELL-MikeS With our 12th Generation servers with network daughter cards, you can select which nic vendor and port speeds that best suits your teaming needs. Maybe all four ports with 1Gb or 2 with 10Gb and 2 with 1Gb ports.
Jon Thomas Broadcom teaming we have done seems pretty stable
DELL-MikeS Ok. Let's go to Storage-
DELL-MikeS Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)-
Lowell lacp cross switch teaming?
hypervfan Broadcom have been more stable as the drivers got better, but not to good in the beginning
DELL-MikeS Yes on LACP.
DELL-MikeS When you perform copy operations on a server they can get bogged down with a lot CPU work and network processing. This can really slow down the critical apps and services running on the host.
DELL-MikeS With ODX enabled technology on EQL & Compellent storage, you can offload the heavy lifting directly to the storage array. This feature is a gamechanger and can really shorten your migration times.
hypervfan ODX and SMI-S is great. Just need the new HIT in place so it will work :)
DarkingDK how well is it incorporated into the gui? the CLI util in the hitkit did not show any copy statys
Dell TechCenter More on ODX performance gains on Dell EQL
DELL-MikeS For EqualLogic & ODX support all you need is version 6.0 firmware and WS12.
John Denton ODX reduced copy time on my PS5000E by 4x, but reduced network utilization from 75% to 0% and CPU from 23% to 0%..
kannan whn is FW 6.0 expected?
Dell-syamapoluri @DarkingDK ODX operation is automatic no UI
hypervfan But is todays HIT supported on WS12?
John Denton ODX turned on by Default in Svr2012 and automatic with V6.0
DarkingDK Yeah but i mean, does it give accurate copy times in the ui then? since it cannot calulate it from amount of data copied over the wire
John Denton v6.0 on EQL. (Beta is on support site now)
DELL-MikeS For Compellent & ODX- it's supported on Series 40 and SC8000.
Jon Thomas If you have an old MD3000i series storage you are probably out of luck here then huh
RParker Compellent is totally rockin.. btw.
Dell-syamapoluri @DarkingDK: Data is tokenized and OS is aware of tokens
kannan whn is FW 6.0 for production expected?
erson @syamapoluri/TomC:Yeah, have been using it on both 11G and 12G. Been hearing about issues with most current UEFI implementations from Michael Niehaus (MS MDT Team) and Deployment-MVPs Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nyström.
DarkingDK Im looking forward to it, when 6.0.0 is out of EPA
DELL-MikeS next up Storage Management-
Dell-DaveW @Jon Thomas: currently we don't have any announced plans on the MD series. It does not currently support ODX.
hypervfan Any news on when HIT will be supported in WS2012?
Jon Thomas Yeah I knew it did not
erson any news regarding HIT 4.5 so we can get official support?
DarkingDK we forgot smi-s ?
Dell-TomC @erson....interested in issues you are seeing with UEFI.....11G is 2.1, 12G is 2.3 support for UEFI
erson Compellent has SMI-S, Eql wil use SMP Provider instead
DELL-MikeS Yes, we're about to cover SMI-S in Storage got moved :)
DELL-MikeS back step- 6.0 EQL firmware is expected to go live very soon.
DELL-MikeS Two points for Erson - Compellent has SMI-S, Eql wil use SMP Provide.
DELL-MikeS Let's speed up to Systems Management-
DELL-MikeS To better help deployment and monitoring for WS12 we'll be providing support for OpenManage 7.2.
DELL-MikeS Cluster Aware Updating-
DELL-MikeS Anyone who has had to perform a lot of updates on their cluster will appreciate this next feature - Cluster Aware Updating (CAU).
DELL-MikeS CAU is a feature that automates the laborious job of updating your cluster nodes while maintaining availability. WS12 now supports 64 node clusters.
Dell-syamapoluri Dell Update package (DUP) can be used in CAU
erson @TomC:apparently UEFI 2.3.1 is the preferred version right now but still has deployment issues. Will talk with the two deployment MVPs next week. Can give you more information then. Or you can reach them on twitter @mniehaus, @jarwidmark and @mikael_nystrom
DELL-MikeS iDRAC/PowerShell CIM cmdlets-
Dell TechCenter @erson - feel free to email me later (Peter)
DELL-MikeS We're currently working on some CIM cmdlets that will allow you to send common management tasks to you iDrac cards from a PowerShell 3.0 shell.
DELL-MikeS For example, you can enable or disable a particular BIOS setting remotely from your PowerShell 3.0 client. This is great for co-locations where you simply don't
have time for server face time.
hypervfan WS12 also supports 8000 guests in a Hyper-V failover cluster, so CAU is nice to have :)
Dell TechCenter 3 minutes left everyone. last chance to get in your random questions :)
DELL-MikeS We'll have these scripts published and available sometime after our WS12 launch.
Dell TechCenter ask now!
Dell-syamapoluri With CAU+DUP one can fully automate BIOS and firmware update for all cluster nodes
RParker ok that's great
DELL-MikeS makes life easy.
Dell TechCenter Thank you for joining today's chat! To keep up with Windows Server 2012 and Dell, keep checking our Windows Server 2012 on DellTechCenter@
Dell TechCenter Feel free to join the community and drop a line in our forums once you are there.
Jon Thomas Thanks for your time
Dell TechCenter The transcript of this chat will be live at  in the transcript archive tomorrow - thanks again for tuning in!
RParker With hyper-v if you reboot the host, the VM's don't seem to shutdown gracefully.. Hyper-V3 / WS2012 has this abeen addressed?
Dell-syamapoluri using cimcmdlets one can use powershell to talk to Dell IDRAC
DarkingDK Have a good night!
Dell TechCenter Also, for more data center and end user computing best practices and solutions, go to
Dell TechCenter @DarkingDK - thanks for joining us tonight (in your time)
Dell TechCenter @RParker - more details about your shutdown issue?
DELL-MikeS Thanks everyone!
Dell TechCenter @RParker - feel free to elaborate in the forums and we'll try to get an answer for you
kannan any improvement on creating VHD
Dell TechCenter @kannan - unfortunately our guests have left to another meeting. please leave a comment in the  forums and we'll get back to you
Dell TechCenter thanks again everyone.
hypervfan Good night
RParker yeah if you shutdown the host
RParker the VM's don't shutdown first.. they just power off.
RParker even if integration tools are installed
RParker that happened this past weekend.. with a host
RParker due to unexpected updates..
hypervfan @RParker, I have not tested this is my 2012 lab, but write on the forum, and I will test it one of the first days
Dell TechCenter @RParker - thanks, I'll pass the information along
RParker ok thanks
Dell TechCenter @RParker - yes please write in the forum - @hypervfan - thanks Tom!
Dell TechCenter goodbye all!