Lee4Dell Welcome Peter, Ken and Jason
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Jason Carter hello
Jason Carter Dennis has no life..he is always here. :-)
Dell-Peter T Hello there
Dennis Smith lol, always here for you guys...plus...I'm the man!
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Jason Carter we should use Lync for this discussion, not Adobe Connect. :-)
Dell-Peter T well my organization definitely uses Lync, I'm listeneing to some awesome hold music right now
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hypervfan Hi all
Lee4Dell We'll give everyone a couple minutes to join and we;ll get started
Lee4Dell Hey hypervfan, thx for joining :)
Lee4Dell Jason w 80% saying they use it so far, that wouold have almost worked :)
Jason Carter installed the Lync 2013 client today against our 2010 Lync server..worked just fine. digging the metro feel..and native IM tabs without that extra MSI to intall
Lee4Dell Ok, we'll go ahead and get started. Today we are talking about Microsoft Lync and how it integrates with IT departments today. We are joined today by Ken Miyamoto, who is Sr. Product Technologist at Dell with a focus on this area. Ken, thank you for joining and thanks to everyone else who is with us on the chat today
Ken Miyamoto Thank you for having me join the session :)
Lee4Dell Ken many of us have heard of Lync or are currently using it, can you give a quick update on the latest news as it relates to how Dell is using it?
Ken Miyamoto Sure, we now have about 60,000 unsers on Lync now and are looking to be fully migrated by the end of the year
Ken Miyamoto we are using everything from basic presence to voice w/ legacy PBX integration
Ken Miyamoto I dont have the latest savings estimate across the company but we are easily over 10 million
hypervfan What did you use before?
Lee4Dell Jason mentioned above how he installed Lync 2013 today, but for many organizations, they haven't even made it to 2012. If I’m running Lync 2007 today, what are my migration paths to Lync 2010?
Ken Miyamoto we used and continue to use multiple providers including Cisco for the voice and presence and microsoft for chat, live meeting and messaging
Jason Carter still Lync 2010 servers here..just wanted to see the new client...will be migrating and scaling out our Lync deployment here once 2013 comes onboard.
Lee4Dell meant 2010, not 2012
Ken Miyamoto from 2007 you can either run an upgrade or you can run 2010 in parallel in a mixed mode
Lee4Dell That's pretty cool Jason. While Ken is getting to my question above, did anything jump out at you with the 2013 version?
Jason Carter and if you have F5 as a load balancer, check out their information on how to get that involved if you want to. great resources
Ken Miyamoto same goes for 2013 preview. I would recommend chatting with someone from our services team for assistance with design and poc if you are not extremely comfortable or if you have a very complex environment
Jason Carter as far as the client goges...native IM tabs is nice....kind of a metro look and feel. but nothing to major from the client side yet. may see more once paired up with 2013 servers
Ken Miyamoto We love F5 as well Jason. Echoing Lee's question do you have feedback on some of the new capabilities yet?
hypervfan With 2013 servers you will get more
Jason Carter figured so..client doesn't look so OCS 2007 anymore
hypervfan No
Jason Carter and it's about time native IM tabs are built in and not a seperate piece to install :)
Ken Miyamoto I hear the presenter / organizer options for the client are a lot cleaner and better laid out as well
hypervfan @Ken, is Dell using voice between sites as well?
Jason Carter read it has complete VDI support for performance...but we aren't running VDI to test that out :)
hypervfan Correct Ken, much better view for all parts. Cleaner
Ken Miyamoto Yes, some voice. Im guessing here but last i head we had 14,000 voice users like myself
Jason Carter our technical sales engineer from Dell loves Lync....his meetings always work now instead of that Go to Meeting stuff LOL
hypervfan How do you compare voice on Lync to voice on Cisco between sites. Interesting to hear experience from other companies
Ken Miyamoto we like many large organizations had failry large and recent telcom investments so we are running in compatability mode to age out some of the older devices
Ken Miyamoto Personally I think they are very comprable. I like that microsoft simplified impelmentation of advanced features into a single client
Jason Carter and updates are a snap with that Lync Server Update ultility
Ken Miyamoto where I have seen some customers have issues is not paying enough attention to foundational network / wan and rolling out all the new features w/o doing a good job of stress testing the environments
Lee4Dell Speaking for myself as a user we had Avaya soft phones before and have migrated to voice on Lync. The quality of call has been better and the ease of use with it being built in to the im client already is nice
Jason Carter we still have Avaya here as well
Lee4Dell Ken if a customer wanted to use Lync for telecom or communications, how can Dell help them?
Ken Miyamoto I'm pretty excited about the upcoming federation with Skype; are any of you planning to leverage it for B2C ?
Ken Miyamoto great question Lee, Dell can assist with pre-sales sizing assistance, the platforms themselves (hardware, software, devices and most importantly with a great services bench
Jason Carter we will be doing virtual on 2013....2010 we have a small deployment (not rolled out university side and use physical
hypervfan Iothers chime in as well her but with 2013 you will have greater scalability, massively improved video (HD, federation with Skype and cleaned up metro interfaces
Ken Miyamoto like anything, planning, planning, planning & lots of testing is the key to a good UC implementation regardless of the platform provider
Lee4Dell Many of us here are familiar with virtualization in one form or another. Can and should organizations deploy Lync in a virtual environment?
Ken Miyamoto Jason, has your org done any cost savings analysis from your prior platforms and if so can you share some of that info with us?
Jason Carter saw some stuff at Tech Ed on virtualizing Lync
Jason Carter eheh...I wish I could..not really my area. I will say from my area, it's MUCh easier to work with, at it's at least saving my time so I can work on other projects more
Ken Miyamoto yes, you can virtualize Lync and I'm a huge advocate of it for it taking advantage of both the native application level redundancy as well as the hyperviser capabilities
Lee4Dell what have been some of the challenges or things to watch out for when running it in a virtual environment?
Ken Miyamoto microsoft updated some of the sizing guides and have a stress tool that helps out immensley with virtualized deployments
Ken Miyamoto the big gotchas ive seen recently is storage i/o contention
Ken Miyamoto nothing that would be specific to lync
Jason Carter give it all the RAM, and IO is needs, and you will be fine lOL
Ken Miyamoto yep
Lee4Dell ha! true
Ken Miyamoto sizing wise most of us stick to 40,000 users per group for virtual deployment
Ken Miyamoto you have multiple groups for larger organizations
Lee4Dell If someone out there is currently a Cisco shop, how difficult would it be to migrate to Lync?
Jason Carter we will be doing virtual on 2013....2010 we have a small deployment (not rolled out university side and use physical
Lee4Dell Have you run into any issues that you had to work through with 2010 Jason?
Ken Miyamoto 2013 will bring even greater scale capabilities per group as well
Jason Carter when mobile client access came out, getting certifiates updated and changed out, but that wasn't so bad really
hypervfan How about TechCenter, are you guys on Lync and allow federation so we can add you?
Ken Miyamoto For Cisco shops that are looking to Lync I would recommend starting with an invisioning session to sample the technology. Having represnetatives from you different business or org groups would be helpfull too so they can give IT direct feedback on what features excite them
Jason Carter the lync server update uility makes patches easy...just had to get the the right format to update the CS databases back to my SQL cluster correct (found notes on a TechEd post on Micrsoofts site for that
Ken Miyamoto from there you can easily set up a pilot environment to experience it in your own organization
Lee4Dell Well hypervfan, we are on Lync. You can try and add me
Jason Carter sadly end of my work day now...I will follow up on the transcript chat once posted...continue the great talk guys!
Lee4Dell Thanks for joining Jason! :)
Ken Miyamoto Thanks for joining us and contributing to the session Jason
hypervfan End of work day. Long after that here
Lee4Dell Your on overtime now or what hyperv? lol
hypervfan On spare time
Lee4Dell Nice! :)
hypervfan Have to do something to earn my Rockstar title
Ken Miyamoto im having title envy too
hypervfan Or keep it is more correct
Lee4Dell Ha! Duly noted
Ken Miyamoto hyper-v 2012 will be game changing
hypervfan That's for sure
Lee4Dell in what way Ken? *in tv game show announcervoice*
@wonder_nerd I feel like the minority...
Ken Miyamoto the additional vcpu's and live migrate anywhere will also help Lync
Lee4Dell are you the one who selected no wn?
@wonder_nerd I think I joined at the wrong time...
hypervfan Yes
Ken Miyamoto Hi wonder_nerd, why are you the minority?
hypervfan VMware
Daniel P Not a HYper-V fan? :)
Ken Miyamoto this is the Lync session
@wonder_nerd I'm a VMware diehard...
Ken Miyamoto I'm a VCP and love VMware too
Lee4Dell And now the chat heats up...
Ken Miyamoto I persoonally beleive that competition is great for everyone. VMware vs Hyper-V and Cisco vs Lync
hypervfan Will have to wait and see what the big changes that are announced on VMWorld will be
Daniel P VCP here too, 100% VMware until Server 2012 / HV 3.0 release preview came out.
Daniel P World changed.
@wonder_nerd gaa
@wonder_nerd lost connection
Kong Yang DTCUG-IP at VMworld 2012 tickets are available now. Chat attendees get 1st dibbs
@wonder_nerd Anywho... I'm a vExpert who drinks the VMware juice and then licks the pitcher... so I'm very over zelous
Ken Miyamoto back to Lee's question I beleive Hyper-V 2012 will be game changing as Microsoft solved the large datacenter challenge... CPU's vcpu's 4 to 64, in guest ram, virtual fc, virtual switches, in guest fc clustering, remore site recovery and live migrate anywhere
Lee4Dell Nice plug Kong! :)
Daniel P And OData extensions for everything! Manage your environ via REST calls
@wonder_nerd thanks Kong got mine!
Ken Miyamoto Wonder, are you running Lync? :)
@wonder_nerd yes we are! :)
@wonder_nerd SIP's and all
Ken Miyamoto great, how has your experience been?
hypervfan How I would have liked to have it in our company as well, but not there yet :)
@wonder_nerd I don't recommend it with POTS lines
@wonder_nerd otherwise really good
@wonder_nerd ohhh and we've virtulized ours
Ken Miyamoto thanks for the feedback
Lee4Dell Ken someone touched on it earlier but what is coming with Lync 2013?
hypervfan Would not expect anything else from you
Lee4Dell lol :)
Ken Miyamoto Iothers chime in as well her but with 2013 you will have greater scalability, massively improved video (HD, federation with Skype and cleaned up metro interfaces
Daniel P I'm running the 2013 client now.
Daniel P Very different to say the least
hypervfan Mainly been looking at Exchange 2013, have to start looking more at Lync as well
Ken Miyamoto I also hear the mobile device entensions are much better too
Ken Miyamoto any feedback on Exchange 2013 hypervfan?
hypervfan Getting much the same view as Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013. And OWA looks much like outlook.com that MS released today
hypervfan And Console is gone in Exchange :)
hypervfan All done through ECP or EMS
Ken Miyamoto Do you use any office 365 and if so how is the new management for hybrid scenarios? :)
hypervfan Getting better
hypervfan Going to migrate a school to the new version in a few days
Ken Miyamoto I'd love to get your feedback on your deployment sometime
Lee4Dell Ken what about byod as it relates to integration with Lync?
hypervfan No problem, can give you that
Ken Miyamoto are any of you considering use of the cloud for your collaboration workloads?
hypervfan Thinking about it, but laws are pretty strict here on what can be saved outside our country and not. So might be more work than saving
Ken Miyamoto byod is good with 2010 and getting better with 2012. Today Lync has cluents for windows, android & ios
hypervfan From what I have seen. Lync is great for byod. As long as the user gets the client installed
Ken Miyamoto the rest of the mobility extension features are platform agnostic. ie dal ring, rollo-ver and hand shake and call out join in
Ken Miyamoto out of curiosity what devices / platforms is everyone supporting?
@wonder_nerd I guess I'm a bit more finiky about byod and lync... at least here at my current job... I get no stipand or anything. I pay for my own device and it's contract... so I'm not going to put the lync client on my phone and be more accessable than I already am. Sounds harsh I know...
hypervfan As long as the policy is like it is in your company Wonder, I agree with you
hypervfan Mostly Windows here, and Android, iPhone and Windows Phone mobiles
Ken Miyamoto I would probably install it and leave my status to away so I can see when people are on or chat with them only when needed
Lee4Dell Good deal. Well Ken, thank you for taking time out of your day to come and chat with us about Microsoft Lync. Thank you to everyone else who joined today. Your support of the Dell TechCenter Community is very much appreciated by all of us here on the DTC team.
@wonder_nerd lol thanks hypervfan
Lee4Dell Hey Jimmy. This is a Dell TechCenter chat but you should be able to get help at Dell.com/support :)
Ken Miyamoto many thanks to everyone for your participation and time today
hypervfan Thanks for an good chat
Lee4Dell Thanks everyone. Have a great day. :)
Lee4Dell Jimmy if you are on Twitter you might also try @DellCares
@wonder_nerd very good chat for what I was able to catch. :-)